How To Advertise On Instagram – Instagram Advertising Tutorial (2019)

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video, I’m gonna break down how to advertise on Instagram even if you’re a complete beginner You’ve never advertised on Instagram Facebook or any of these other platforms before I’m gonna break down Step-by-step how to do that right here Now the first thing that we got to take note when we’re advertising on Instagram whether it’s in the newsfeed or in the stories Which are the two placements the two location that we can actually set ads up are What are the specs of each one of those locations? so what I mean by that is How long can the video be so if we have a video that we’re trying to market? How long can it be in? Seconds in the Instagram newsfeed and how long can it be in the Instagram story? So this is the actual official specs website link right here Which I’ll link down right below this video because this will keep up to date with everything that Facebook changes with their Algorithm if they change the length of video time or anything like that This will all be up to date because it’s not some outdated blog or anything This is directly from Facebook as you can see right here So as of right now You can see down here. Like your your video length on the actual newsfeed is 60 seconds Whereas if we come over here and change our Instagram ad placement we come down here to stories and we can see we’ve got a 15-second option. We got a 60 second option and a 120 second option now another thing that we need to take note before we actually dive in and set up the Instagram ad is When you’re on stories when someone’s like popping through they’re usually holding their phone Vertically just like this so you want a vertical image or a vertical video of whatever you’re trying to promote? Versus if we come over on here to the Instagram newsfeed, you usually want a 1080 by 1080 or 1000 by 1000 square image or video because that’s going to maximize the amount of real estate that people are seen as they’re scrolling through on their newsfeed and Your ad pops up. It’s just gonna work a lot better for you. All right, so let’s jump over here into Facebook Now guys really quick. You can actually set up Instagram ads inside of the Instagram app If you have a business count you can set up inside there however, if you want the most effective way of setting up these Instagram ads I still highly recommend setting them up Just like I’m going to show you guys right here inside of the Facebook Ads manager right this just there’s a lot more that you can do inside there and Facebook bought Instagram a few years back so that you’re able to run everything from Inside of that ads platform have all the same tracking you’re gonna have on Facebook on Instagram on everything So right here on our main Facebook profile if we come down here to the ads manager And we just click on that Okay This will kick us into the ads Facebook Ads manager where we can set up a new Facebook ad campaign or in this case It’s going to be an Instagram advertising campaign Now what we’ll do is you can see this is a list of any existing campaigns that you’ve got Now this is obviously just a demo account right here. I’m just gonna click on create and This is gonna have us choose. We’ll just start over right here. What is our marketing objective? Like what do we want to accomplish with this Instagram advertising campaign now for this one? let’s just say let’s just keep it basic and simple and Let’s say you want to get more people to Click on your Instagram ad and go to your website or your blog or your Shopify store whatever is you’re trying to do so we’re gonna click on traffic and So we’ll just give this a name right here. We’ll say Instagram Advertising demo Notice click continue and now so we’ve got this this hierarchy of your Instagram ad campaign right here So you’ve got your campaign, which is basically like what do you want to accomplish? Okay, and we want people to click to our website and then your ad set. This is choosing Who do you want to actually target? So who is the audience are you a local business? And are you wanting to target people in your local area? Are you a national brand that you want to target people that like basketball? Whatever it might be and then here is where we also can choose where we’re actually placing our ads So we’re gonna place them on Instagram on Facebook on both. Are we going to do some split test? What are we gonna do and then also our budget and then after we choose all that will actually create the ad That’s going to actually be displayed inside the newsfeed and the stories or wherever you okay now It’s really important to give this a name now. This really is up to you This is basically a way that you can keep track of all of your facebook ad campaigns your ad sets what’s going on here? So we’re just gonna say IG for Instagram demo Okay, and then coming down here like for this traffic campaign, you don’t need them touch any of this. We’ll just come down here and Let’s say that you are a local business. Now. I work with a lot of real estate agents And so let’s just say you are a real estate agent. So let’s just say We’re gonna target people in Portland, Maine okay, so we’ll come down here click on Portland, Maine and We’ll just do a 10-mile radius there. Okay, so we’re gonna like zoom in and you can see it’s about 190,000 people over here now another thing I’d like to do if I’m a local business This could be if your realtor if your chiropractor dentists like whatever it is you come over here and say everyone in this location well If you’re a local business and you’re not a restaurant and you have people that are gonna be coming back to you on a regular Basis you only want people who live in this location Okay which is gonna drop it a little bit more right here and and that’s important to keep and keep track of because you know If you’re a dentist, or if you’re like a personal trainer, like somebody just visiting they’re not gonna keep coming back to you, right? So coming down here if we wanted to come in and add some detailed targeting options We totally could like let’s say it people that are interested in Zillow or Trulia Or anything like that. So let’s just say they’re interested in Zillow, which will narrow it down a little bit more We got about 30 thousand people there. So we’ll say also Trulia because we want to open it up a little bit more Maybe it’s like get about 33,000 and so we go through and we kind of like kneel down our targeting right which I have a lot of other videos guys Dialing in all of the Facebook or Instagram advertising targeting So if you guys want those videos just drop a comment down below and I’ll be able to share those with you as well now this is where we get to the part where we’re actually going to be advertising on Instagram or Telling Facebook that we want to advertise on insta, okay So this placement is basically saying hey, where do you want to show your ads? Okay. Now they have automatic placements recommended already checked Which basically means when you run this ad it’s going to show up on Facebook on Instagram On their audience network on Facebook messenger everywhere. They can possibly show it because there’s more and more advertisers on Facebook and Instagram Every single day and so because of that they need to spread the wealth of where they’re actually showing the ads Now if you just want to advertise on Instagram and Instagram alone, that’s where you’re really building your business Maybe you’ve got a big Instagram profile or something like that. You want to click on edit placements right here? Then you come down here and you can see these four segments. You’ve got Facebook like the news feeds right-hand column The stories you’ve got Instagram you have audience network as well as Facebook Messenger now Let’s say we just want advertise on Instagram. What we’re gonna do is just uncheck all these other options and What you could do is you can create one ad set where you’re just advertising on Instagram Another one where you’re just advertising on Facebook and kind of compare them and see how effective Instagram is versus Facebook and then you can also go through and create an ad set where you’re just advertising on the Instagram newsfeed and then you duplicate that ad set and then you create another one where you’re only Targeting or you’re only placing your ad on the stories. Okay Now for this example, we’re just gonna say hey, we’re gonna show it on both of them But it’s cool because you can do the split testing and seeing like okay, like if we’re gonna be showing on Instagram We just want to do the news feeds Versus the stories and see how effective each one of those are and if you are doing that The way I would do this is come up here and in this name, I would say the IG and then I would say feeds or IG stories and so, you know Which one is which but we’re just gonna say demo for this example because we’re gonna choose Both of them, which you could also put both up there But it’s just an easy way to go through and kind of like nail down which one you’re targeting on became so now we just got the Instagram feeds Instagram stories and Our daily budget this really depends on what your marketing budget is what you have that you can go through and use on advertising But I usually like to start out about $10 a day if I’m a new business just getting started 10 to 20 if you do Have $20 per day even better And then if you don’t want to do like a daily budget, but you’re like hey I’m just gonna do a lifetime budget and for the next month. I’m willing to spend a hundred and fifty dollars or $500 or 550 or whatever. The number is you can go set a start and an end date now I don’t love this option The reason being is because if this campaign is performing extremely well well May 15th it ends and then I have to restart it and I’m not always it’s not always a given That it’s going to perform as well as the previous campaign. Okay, so I always like to do a daily budget and Then run my ad set continuously and then if it continues to perform well I just can keep letting it run and if it doesn’t then I can pause it. Delete it do whatever I want with it Okay, so now we just come down here we’ll click continue and then this is where we actually choose what we’re gonna be showing on the news feeds inside the stories and So right here if you guys have a if you don’t have an Instagram account What they’re gonna do is leverage your Facebook business page and that’s gonna be the account that is gonna be displayed in the app Now if you do have an Instagram account, you can see right here You’re just gonna add that Instagram account. And then when it’s shown inside the newsfeed people can click on your account They can go in they can follow you. They can like your images check out your profile all that stuff So if you do have an account, it is definitely beneficial to go and run your advertising from your Instagram ad account there Okay now moving down here You can either do a single image or video ad which I would highly recommend this and this is probably what I’m gonna just show you guys here and so here what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna upload an image and remember how inside the news feeds I like to do a Square image okay. Now you can see a lot of these a square image is basically 1000 by 1000 1080 by 1080 800 by 800 and so if we come down here Let’s see if we can find one of these images that’s gonna be a perfect square Okay, this one right here 960 by 960, so we’ll just click on this So we click on this and so you can see when it shows up on Instagram It’s like a perfect square and there’s it’s taking up a lot of room right here And so right here, we’ll put in our website URL for this example. I’ll just use Google Just to make it nice and easy and then we’ll write a little bit of text here So this text is gonna show up like what your caption would say on Instagram? Okay, so Click here for more info or whatever It’s gonna be and you can see that’s gonna show up right there And then as far as your call-to-action, I like to just do learn more Okay, because it’s not like it’s not like super threatening of like sign up now or download our get sorry now It’s just like hey, I’m interested. I want to learn more on what’s going on and then coming down here we just hit confirm and Then it usually takes like sometimes if your ad account is like you’ve been running ads It can take just a couple of minutes to go live But Facebook will review the ad and then once it goes live and they approve it It will be live on Instagram and the news feeds as well as the stories for this particular ad set. All right so Anyway guys if you have any questions like and also if it takes a little bit of time and it takes a few hours or even 24 hours 48 hours like that can’t happen. If you have a brand new Facebook Ads account, so don’t worry about that It just takes a little bit more time with a newer ad account because I want to make sure Everything’s compliant. Everything’s good to go But with that all said guys if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead. Give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Actually drop a comment down below if you guys want my 100% free Facebook Ads mini course I have over 4 hours of content in there covering everything with Facebook Ads Instagram ads how to get all the marketing set up and I also have a little cheat sheet there for you guys 100% for free So just comment down below and I will hook through you guys up with that also Make sure you like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe and hit that note Ocation Bell because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I hope to hope that helped you with advertising on Instagram

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