How to advertise your website on the internet using content marketing

Content marketing: A technique used to create
contents in online settings, available in multiple formats and on different platforms.
Advantages: Advertisements are not aggressive. Displays the knowledge of the business and
its professionals. The pieces created can go viral. Increased site visits and greater
customer loyalty. Disadvantages: Requires a lot of dedication.
Requires the use of specific tools and channels. Requires social media managing. Results are
seen in the medium and long term How does Content Marketing work? Define a
Strategy. Create Contents. Distribute Contents. Analyse the Results
Contents characteristics: interesting, new, unique, useful, consistent.
Types of contents in a content marketing strategy.
Photographs. You can show:  Interviews.
 Reports.  Useful recommendations.
 Lists of tools, requirements, necessities…  In-app reservations.
 Online purchases.

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