how to block youtube popup and banner ads

Hello Friends, my name is Amit Singh and in today’s instructional video am going to tell you that how could you turn off the popup ads and banner ads in youtube while playing your favourite video. For this you can try to reload the webpage once, this might help but not always To stop all those ads there is another option on the current video you can go to setting and click to open and turn off the Annotations for current video but if you want to turn ads off permanently so you can go to your profile ID pic and click to open settings after opening the setting you can navigate to the Playback option In playback option there is there a check box for “Show annotations and in-video notification” need to uncheck that but do not forget to save the settings. Let me go and check if in-video ads are gone but still banner ads are there on screen intact so there is another option but for that you’ll need to add an extension to your web browser Am currently working on google chrome, so for this you can go to Chrome settings In setting tab, go to the Extension option and click on the Get more extension link there you can search for the “YouTube ad blocker” in the search result you can see that in the “Extensions” there is an first resulted extension for blocking ads am going to use this one as I do prefer this one coz its been good for me and effectively block all the ads In Firefox and in mozilla browser also you can add such extensions and find the in plug-ins Now you can see as my extension has been added so let me go and check my video and reload the page Now as you can see my YouTube player is working without any ads clearly As the popup and banner ads are used by the site for earning money from the advertisers I would request you to disable your extension after watching your favourite video just disable ads in cozy nights when you doesn’t wanna get off the bet to skip them. Thanks for watching the video

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