How to Create and Submit a Term Plan in Banner

Making a term plan is an essential part of the pre-registration process. Before you can register for classes, your major advisor must view your term plan and approve it. Otherwise a term plan hold will prevent you from registering. This instructional video will show you step-by-step how to create and submit a term plan to your major advisor. It will also provide information on the importance of the term plan and the advisor’s role in that process. Begin by going to Scroll down and click the registration icon R’web. Once the new page loads, find the term plan button and click it. You will then be prompted to select the term for which you are planning. Choose the quarter that applies to you. Now click create a new plan or view the degree audit plan. Navigate to find classes and enter in your desired course In this example, we will be using Biology. However, more than one entry can be entered into the field at a time. Then press search. Press view sections and add relevant lectures discussions and or labs for the classes you intend to take. Do not forget to add all relevant components or else your term plan will not be approved. Use the view linked button to view discussions that are linked to your lecture. In this case, I know that the below lecture is linked to this discussion and added them to my plan. Repeat this process for the remainder of the classes you want added to your term plan. In order to submit your term plan to your advisor, you must save it and name it. There is no submit button. If you are an undeclared student, save your turn plan as the major you are working towards. A complete term plan will look similar to the below example. If you click on the classes in your schedule the class details appear with sidebar information such as linked sections and prerequisites. Click them to screen those details. By verifying the prerequisites and the linked sections for your courses you can ensure that you have acquired all necessary components for your term plan to be approved. Once you have completed the above steps you can submit your term plan by clicking save. In order to ensure that your term plan is approved before your registration date, please submit it as early as possible. We recommend submitting it in three to five business days before your registration appointment. It is important to note that students cannot meet with our academic advisor, unless they first submit a term plan for review. We kindly request that you do not e-mail your advisor that your term plan was submitted or that there is a hold on your account. Your advisor will review term plans and order of enrollment appointments. While you can submit up to three term plans your advisor will only review your preferred plan. Thank you for watching

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