How to Create Banner Ads in Animatron

Here is how you can create a banner ad using Animatron, in under 2 minutes! first choose the size of your banner ad in project settings click here to choose from popular banner sizes now I can click on the import button to import images onto animation, I will have this first image zoom out a bit and then rotate out of view at the 2 second mark then just add some animation easing by right-clicking between our new keyframes and choosing an easing style now let’s move onto adding text i’ll select my text tool, click on the canvas and type in my text then i’ll look through my font library, choose a font I like and click on the star to save it to my favorites list this lets me choose it quickly later on to animate my text, I can easily add a preset text effect, here now let’s add an animated icon from the content market i’ll go to my marketplace and type Facebook into the search field now I can just drag and drop the icon onto my canvas, position it and even change its color simply repeat the previous steps until you’re finished click on download and choose HTML5 Code and export it for use in Google Adwords see how the estimated file size is under Adwords’ 150 kilobyte limit? by the way, you have also just made a project template that you can easily duplicate and swap out the images to create alternative ads in a jiffy! I can’t wait to see all of the amazing projects you make! now go have fun working in Animatron! Animatron Tutorials

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