How to Determine How Much to Charge for Your Marketing Services | #AskGaryVee with Kai Greene

46 thoughts on “How to Determine How Much to Charge for Your Marketing Services | #AskGaryVee with Kai Greene

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  2. I swear, after this interview, Kai has been making big moves. He's currently filming a new movie, has more sponsorship deals with diff companies and it was super cool seeing his cameo on Stranger Things!

  3. LOL! I loved this answer the first time round. I’m still making mine up, I think I like the experience too much! 😂

  4. I was in a conference call with a counselor from school, she had clout with other folks and she loved my ideas, so she invited some folks to the call and it was wild I was throwing ideas out left and right, and they love most of them. Alot about how brands can do better on the consumer end. Alot of things which came to pass, eventually. And in the end I was like so my fee is going to be a lot. Like ALOT ALOT. 1MILLION ALOT. They hella laughed at me. I guess I assumed I got a job. But I know my worth. SET YOUR PRICE FROM THE BEGINNING

  5. Yet another value-filled upload from Gary, thanks so much. there are gems in every one!! Really appreciate it – be blessed x

  6. Gary this is gold! This is one of the things I had some trouble with when I was trying to learn the social media marketing space.

  7. I hate the price question! I always panic and do my budgeting by the least I can do it for and always end up screwing myself over, any tips on negotiating/pricing are greatly appreciated!

  8. Great minds think alike! I referenced this clip on Twitter an hour before this post.

  9. Really helpful video! I've also started to run into this problem and this answered everything I need. Love and respect thanks ❤!

  10. If you get 5000 bucks for a sale on 1% conversion rate …. Every No = 50 bucks… godda love the rejection    thanks for the $50…Next !

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  13. This is exactly what I needed! I have a client meeting next week, the biggest I will have ever worked with. Thanks for the video!

  14. Gary's awesome but throwing a random number should never be the case. You're never going to charge a Dentist $10,000 a month for getting him 2 clients each month. This is a rough outline for 99% of us out there that's in the SMMA business model. This is how it should be done:


    Average Value of Customer (Yearly) × # of customers you believe you can bring them = your value ÷ 2 = Your service fee + ad spend

    Example: Your client's customers on average spend $2,000 a year. Based on research (or previous work) you believe you can get them at the very least 4 customers a month. $2000 × 4 = $8000
    $8000 ÷ 2 = $4000

    Now depending on your niche, it can cost $50 or even $100 per lead.

    If 10 leads equal 2 customers than 20 leads equal 4 customers.

    You believe you can get them 4 customers a month.

    If it cost $50 per lead, you'll charge them $3000 for your service and $1000 for the ad spend which equals to $4000. The reason for $1000 in ad spend is because $50 per lead × 20 leads = $1000.

    So in the end, you charge them $3000 for your service and $1000 for ad spend.

    Imagine your client asks, "Why $4000 a month?" And you say, "That's just the cost." And inside you have absolutely no idea.. You should have a reason behind your numbers and it should make mathematical sense.

  15. Gary is so cocky he can't even answer the question of how much to charge intelligently. Make it up? Great advice… 👍

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