How to fall for an affiliate marketing scam- Beware! Don’t do this!

you guys Rachel Isley here and in this
video I’m gonna share with you boy a billion marketing is a scam and why you
got scammed so perhaps you’re finding this video on YouTube or maybe you were
searching affiliate marketing scam or maybe you posted something in my group
or something saying something doesn’t work or as a scam or sent me an email or
a facebook messenger and maybe I sent this video back so I’m gonna share with
you guys the so first I want to know if you really think that there would be a
good get-rich-quick scheme that you can be a part of like oh so I’m opportunity
that you could be a part of that promises just making money overnight
because if you found one if you found it but what I want to know like oh let me
see it because I’ve never found one I’ve never come across one and I’m running
and looking for one that’s the thing like because I already know it doesn’t
work like that so often times when people say always it’s a scam and
because they gave up the they gave up and they definitely in the work and they
weren’t adaptable and they didn’t look for answers where they didn’t look hard
enough for answers or they gonna ask the right questions people who say this
first of all they might be embarrassed if they did go all into a scam if they
didn’t sign up for a scam or buy something like a course or something
that wasn’t good I’ve even bought into software’s and it
or like a course and I wanted like a refund and maybe their support didn’t
even get back to me about a refund it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam
I mean maybe like they are just like straight up stealing but usually like
it’s not it’s because you didn’t put in the reckon if that does happen you know
you don’t get a refund and there was a reading policy that’s
when you talk to your credit card companies but it’s good to work with
sort of work with the company so anyway people they look for any excuse other
than themselves and that’s the real issue they say oh well it was the supper
oh it was the instructions it was the training I didn’t get an help I asked
them help and I didn’t get the help when you have an affiliate marketing business
you are an entrepreneur and you are in charge of everything you are responsible
for everything so even me I have a whole team of people I work with virtually and
if something doesn’t happen if I ask them to do something they do it still
with my responsibility because my business so you’ve got to do what you
need to do to make sure that doesn’t it doesn’t happen again but you move
forward and you’re adaptable gonna be so adaptable the technology and online
marketing and affiliate marketing it changes so rapidly that will pay you
might watch a tutorial training of something and of course that you bought
or like a web class or a live stream or like email on YouTube and then you’re
going to do it and it doesn’t look the same like the website doesn’t the same
in the instructions just don’t work anymore don’t cry about it don’t worry about it
people cry I swear people are they crying like we may be sometime tight so
frustrated or something and I’m like so emotional maybe I’ll like cry a little
bit but I’m more crying tears of joy and happiness seeing what things are working
and seeing the potential of things seeing things scale and seeing other
people learning things and helping other people and then appreciating it and then
taking massive action I cry tears of laughter when I see people complaining
and calling it a thing as a scam like online marketing in general so also
these people that fail at affiliate marketing or they think it’s a scam it’s
also they let the text scare them it’s like you get to this part and okay maybe
you don’t have a step-by-step video tutorial to watch where it changed or
just doesn’t work anymore you still like find the answer if there’s you know any
nerds there there are on the internet you know what even a little smarter than
you that are on the internet maybe you need to invest in your business and pay
for a coaching session with them you can do that you can some of these nerds on
the internet you don’t even know what a coaching session is or that they’ll get
on the call with you for free and help you you can also offer them money or
something in exchange so that kind of ties to my point is these people do not
invest in their business or invest in themselves or they’re like I will try a
two-week trial and it doesn’t work by the end of the two weeks I’m just over
it like what did you do in the two weeks
did you even do anything like literally how much time did you put in yes you can
get a lot done in the only business with an hour a day or two hours day you
really can imagine if you got seven hours a week put into this business
versus if you put in twenty hours in the week on learning and
focused learning and implementing and having focused infinity and then helping
others in re teaching it because that’s going to help you to understand it even
more another another reason people end up sabotaging themselves in affiliate
marketing or any online marketing business is
they’ll get their Commission’s and then they’ll spend their Commission’s like
yeah I made a hundred dollars in commissions that means I can go spend a
hundred dollars at the bar or shopping when really if
you want the business to scale and keep growing compounding on each other your
numbers and your results then you need to reinvest in the business put it back
right in the business and keep spending more in their business the more you
spend in your business and the machines working properly and the more you’re
going to get out I know a lot of affiliate marketers they they’re my
business machine it’s such a high return on investment from the income producing
activities that they do that they don’t even want any other investments why
would I invest in real estate right now or like stocks or whatever other kind of
investment opportunity that there’s because they see they made an investment
fund and people ask me often like exactly how much do I have to spend to
make this much there’s one question I can never answer for years how much time
do I have to spend to make this much like I don’t know how you process
information and and implement and execute
how much money do I have to spend it really is going to also depend on your
learning the right be learning the right things and you execute it the right base
so you could spend a ton of money and don’t even make anything that’s
impossible to like I don’t even know the stats like don’t quote me on this I just
see all around like 97% of all no markers don’t ever make a dollar online
and actually when I look at my group like I have a free group on Facebook
right at the time of this recording there’s over a thousand people in the
group and if I did a poll I wouldn’t even know cuz the poll would be biased
because everyone’s engaged but I was assumed how many people have made money
was affiliate marketing in that group 5% base was 95 I can probably safely say 3%
and first super came wise because they’re in a free group you’re in a free
group so it doesn’t necessarily I love you me recoup I engage in it but those I
learned that the funnel hacking conference it gets forget this guy’s
name person Amy says there’s free pool these are free pull like free things and
they don’t actually want to invest in their business so yes a majority of them
do not make money online and then I look at Mike might be a group like the
approaching group a program pay money to be in there and I analyze those
percentages and it’s like you know people in the group because they’re know
they have any money online yet but they’re totally going to cause it
already invested in like their accountability by it’s getting coaching
and in their education and then the software’s so they’re like dedicated to
it they’re putting in the time and money into their business but I would say and
this number probably will become similar like 30 percent of the people in the
group are making money with affiliate commissions or have started to know but
the 70 percent is still going to keep moving it’s just as new people come in
and you know what they’re always is going to be
but they just don’t they just don’t they just don’t make money online I don’t
know I don’t think it would be left I really don’t I don’t think it’s like
this was God’s plan for you to not make money online I mean it could be that but
it’s usually because who gave up and you didn’t put in the work and you didn’t
show it’s from not showing up to work on the thing that you need to work on a
loan and then showing up to opportunities where you could work with
people in a group that learn as a group with people and get coaching with people
or maybe have an accountability partner and a buddy and Friends and surrounding
yourself with community a supportive community not a community of three
people and other people saying this is a scam it’s a scam info please cancel
please I’m never doing anything you want to surround yourself with people who are
succeeding and are taking massive action every single day and they are getting
results and learn from them and start asking good questions how to learn how
to make money how many times negative I get the insta group that DM on Instagram
or on Facebook can you help me with affiliate marketing obviously I can help
with affiliate marketing because my entire channel is about affiliate
marketing and my website in my facebook it’s all about foliot marketing so you
get it as a dumb question if you check out all the free reasons
many of the three resources that I have sent of YouTube videos and trainings
that are free and then add a specific question about the free thing then maybe
I probably will be able to get to you because I’m dealing with a baby people
and their questions too but it’s fine because I’m growing my team if you do
have like a questionnaire you want to come on here I heard a comment back and
I try to handle all the messages that I can’t or have my virtual assistants help
but all the times you can just ask like in the group to and someone will help
you but it’s because as like specific questions after you’ve already opened
something up and started watching content no study the people in my paper
they show up to the calls they watch the videos
not everybody but a lot of people those are the ones that are going to get
results the ones that want to hear the info and then want to implement the info
so in closing why of affiliate marketing a scam why did you fail at making money
online because you gave up you didn’t put them in the work you’re looking for
a get-rich-quick scheme you let the text scare you you’re not investing you’re
going to start to invest in your business for yourself a lot of most of
my students they still have jobs so they can fund this sign hassle and hopefully
maybe make it their full-time hustle or get a second song or they can they just
look for any excuse other than themselves and really want to avoid
excuse makers like Italy okay guys so hope you enjoy this video I’m a really
nice girl but no fluff no fluff so if you want to see more videos be sure to
subscribe to my channel and leave a comment in the comments and we’ll get
back to you

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