How to Gain Momentum for Your Project While It’s in Progress

When you’re doing something that is new and innovative, you are all in for the work, and you do not have the time or ability to go out there and talk to people about the work. That said, in the normal course of living, you come across people, and because you love your work, you find ways to talk about it with people. And when they hear about it, they’re like, “Oh, wow! Can I come and see you do this?” Or, “What about this, have you thought about this?” It’s a spark that gets passed along to others. And the hope is that during these conversations, other people just like us—we’re just normal people— come up with their own ideas through observing the world around them, and think, “Oh, can’t we do X? Can’t we do ‘this?’” I think that as humankind, we are intelligent, and we are able to come up with ideas and implement them and work together. And these are things that we need to do more of; we need to be constructive with our challenges, and we need to find ways to do more of it. So, I love the work. I welcome other people to our work; we will contribute to their work. We just need to amplify all of our efforts.

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