How to Launch a Successful Teaser Campaign

– It’s not a teaser if
you just put “coming soon” on your regular poster. (rock music) – It’s not a teaser if you
include all the details about the project either. Here are a few of our favorite teasers. Fun, light, catchy! – “Of course!”, you’ll say.
They’re made by big brands with big budgets and fun products. – But how to do a teaser
if you are a small team in a large organization and you work on a topic
that people think is boring. We’ve done it many times in our six plus years
together at the World Bank. Happy to share our experience with you. – But before we dive in, please take a minute and
put in the comments below what was the most boring
or ‘not sexy’ topic you had to work on? I’m sure you have some. You know why? The truth is, that’s what most of us have to work with on a daily basis. – Tip one: get excited! It may take a lot of coffee or chocolate or something else, but do whatever it takes. Try to find the big picture. How is this project helping people or fitting into the global
strategy of your organization? Once you find what’s exciting, share it with the most
supportive friend you have. If you don’t have a friend like that, then share it with us. We’ll always support you. – Tip 2: Do it in series of 3 visuals. We recommend you do your
teaser campaign in 3 steps. So this is the visual 1. It should be purely attention
getting, nothing else. That’s your only goal at this stage. Design has to be very
minimalist, 4-6 words. You can include some surprising
or even shocking elements, but no other graphic elements unless they are grayed out or hidden. We need to maintain the mystery. Here is the visual 2. Let’s call it ‘partial reveal’. We can share 1 main feature of the project or of the event and include the link to more
information on this one. And here is visual 3. Full reveal and boost! So on this visual, you deliver your message and
engage with your audience by promising something more. Don’t close the door here. Include a very clear call
to action in this phase. Here is a quick summary of
the steps we just discussed. You can screenshot it and
share with your friends via email or on social media. – Tip 3: include a cherry, or a few of them. Find something that will
make your teaser campaign memorable and unique. A cute mascot is a great way to create an emotional connection. Also, make sure your design elements are extremely consistent
throughout the 3 visuals. That will make your campaign
easily recognizable. Be sure to include some
playful or witty element(s). Humans usually appreciate
having a little humor throughout the work day. And please don’t forget
to put in the comments, what was the most boring
or challenging project or topic you had to work on and how did you come
up with transformative and exciting words to describe
your project in your teaser. You never know who you may inspire and who you may help with the words that you are going to put in the comments. – We developed these tips based on our challenging situations. If this video was helpful to you, please like it and share
with your colleagues! – And subscribe to our YouTube channel because we are making more videos. See you in the next one! As I film this video here in Paris, we are facing major heat
wave, never seen before. We are almost 40 C or more than 100 F. Climate change in action.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think somehow I never found the topics I work on boring… Well, ok, maybe the campaign on "windows 10 update" for the whole office, haha.

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