How to Make a Banner Ad (Explained in 4 Minutes) | Tutorial

Aloha from the beautiful big
Island of Hawaii! Your prospective customers want your product or service but they might not be searching for it yet. Anticipating your customers’ needs
early on by displaying banner ads and their favorite websites is a great way
to acquire them and beat your competition. Lea will now show you how to
create awesome banner ads that stand out Aloha! Thank You Kalea, aloha Kolaus.
You’re reading your favorite newspaper online. Do you notice that
banner ads displaying all around? Chances are you do. Do you ever click on any
though? Most likely you don’t. Over 95% of all banner ads are irrelevant or fail to
stand out enough to persuade web users to click on them. When the opposite
happens banner ads become one of the greatest customer acquisition channels. One. Banner ads need to be relevant. Kolau’s technology takes care of it by
displaying your banner ads only to people fitting a certain profile, only to
those likely to be your potential customers. We split them in two groups:
People interested in your product but not looking for it just yet. Anticipating customer needs ahead of the
competition is a great acquisition strategy. Banner ads done the right way make
for the best channel to succeed at it. Or people who have visited your website
but left without taking any action. this second group of people, although
smaller, makes also for a great target for banner ads. Most web visitors do not
take any action the first time they visit a web site. Banner ads make for
great reminders and are very effective bringing them back to your site. Two. Banner ads need to look professional. For banner ads to catch people’s
attention they need to look sharp, professional and well-designed. As a rule
of thumb, great banner ads have a colorful picture a big sized and catchy
headline highlighting an offer or benefit of the product followed by
call-to-action buttons featuring striking action-oriented text. Consider
replacing boring words like “visit” or “more information” for more action-packed
words such as “get”, “reserve” or “try”. Let’s see a couple of examples of good banner
ads and not-so-good banner ads as well. First example. This banner ad from a popular hotel chain is an awesome example of a good banner ad. It’s well-designed, uses striking colors, the
headline is big and highlights an offer. The image is impactful and the
text in the call-to-action button is very compelling. All in all a great
banner ad. Second example. This banner ad from a clothing store is
also a good example of how to design awesome banner ads. The design is neat
with a clever image that sure stands out alongside a persuasive headline and
call-to-action button. A great banner ad which leads to great results. All right!
Let’s go see now the not so good banner ads so you can see the difference. Third example. This banner ad does not stand out at all.
Does it? The image is just a generic stock
picture that doesn’t tell the story. The text is way too small, it can barely be
seen, actually, and the call-to-action button does not inspire much of an
action. We need to avoid boring wording such as in this case “visit site”. A
textbook example of a bad banner ad. Fourth example. Here another textbook example of a
lackluster banner ad. You could argue the design is actually clever and professional-looking, but take another
look at it. This ad is missing key elements like a call-to-action button or a clear depiction of the products’ benefits. The wording “built forever” is
intriguing but falls flat because the meaning isn’t clear.
Banner ads help you widen your customer base becoming one of the most effective
marketing channels. For banner ads to work, however, they need to target the
right people and meet certain design criteria. Kolau’s technology takes care of the former.
You just need to take care of the latter. Aloha!

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