How To Make A Youtube Banner On iOS and Android

100 thoughts on “How To Make A Youtube Banner On iOS and Android

  1. so I have changed the size on the pics art then I have saved it but I can't upload it by my phone so I have to get it onto my Mac when I do this and then go to upload it to the banner it says it is too small, for some reason its not saving to the size I change it too and its doing my head in lol

  2. Thanks man this is dope that's for helping ur a dope YouTuber i finally got the back ground i wanted even though it's 2019

  3. Thanks again, Dee!! The PicsArt app worked great for me…. I use the Thumbnail Maker app and that works really well for me also…. appreciate your videos!!

  4. #new and not the smartest. This is going to take me a long time. Thanks for speaking so clearly and praying I can eventually get it right.

  5. So its 12:04am and watched a bunch of videos of how to do the banner and failed!! Now im on this one ill lets you guys know if t works

  6. Hey Dee , i've bin watching your video about making a banner. Somehow i can't upload my banner in mij mobile device( Huwei) on my youtube channel -don't have the camera no option at all. I find that weird. Also not on my Iphone alsoo.. I have it on my PC but it is not what it should be. mis all the tekst. Any way maybe you know why that is on my Youtube (mobile)??
    Thank you for your help by the way on Picsart.The tryout version don't give it all but i managed. Try to get on youtube but everything is not going smoothly:) May be its in my brand name,hahaha,..Thank you.

  7. Hey Dee, I went to my YouTube app to my channel, but it's not allowing me to have the option to upload my channel art.

  8. It says it's too small i did exactly what u did please help it helped me last year I don't know why it doesn't work this year please help :(((

  9. 4:41 if u guys can't find the draw button and see "start editing" instead, just scroll down until you see draw and click the pick canvas

  10. Thank you Dee! I was at a complete loss as to how to make a banner for my channel and I'm so grateful for your instructions! Very easy to use and I'll be rocking a banner in 10 minutes 😉

  11. After frst edited pic saved in my phn after that I came again to picsArt preess plus button but it takes me to my picsgallery of my mbl I didn't find draw option wt can I do?

  12. Hey , I know this video is a year old so things might of changed but I tried to upload a banner and I don’t get the icon you had when I click on to change profile , is there a new way of uploading a banner off your iPhone or is it totally gone now

  13. I'm on andriod and I have 2 problems..

    1.when I upload the picture of the template to my device, (tablet) it wont
    show that picture on picsart in my photos…

    2.I used a screenshots of the template since I can't upload it, and cropped it but when I resize it it wont work.

    Please respond. I'm tired of using this boring gallery selected banner!!!!

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