How To Make More Money Being A “Marketer” Not A “Doer” – Dan Lok

(inspirational music) – When the moment you switch,
put on a different hat and switch from just being a doer of what business you’re in to the marketer of what you’re doing. Not just I’m in the mortgage business. No, you’re in the marketing business but happens to be mortgage. In the marketing business
but whatever you say, happens to be coaching. So ask yourself on a day to day basis how much time you’re spending
on marketing what you do versus just doing what you do. For most of us, we’re not
spending enough time marketing what we do. Because we think nah, I don’t need that. The more marketing you do, the
less selling you have to do. The more marketing you do, the
less selling you have to do. Because by the time someone comes to you and they want to do business with you, if you’ve done your marketing properly, they just want to do business with you. There’s not much selling because it’s like your partner, when someone seeks him out, they already know I wanna
do business with him, right? He doesn’t have to sit down, well let’s do coffee, let me
convince you why I’m so good. No, right? ‘Cause the marketing he’s been doing for many years, it works. So from there, then they’re happy that they got in touch with him. And say yeah, now I have time for you and let’s do some business. So spend a majority of time
thinking about marketing not just doing whatever you’re doing. See yourself as a marketer
of what you’re doing. That little mind shift will
shift, will change your income. Just a little mind shift
and say you know what? What am I focusing on? What am I doing everyday to
get marketing my business? And I’m not just talking
about going to networking and getting it out there. I’m talking like what am I doing, am I implementing some systems in place that will attract a
consistent flow of clients? Does that make sense? Yes? – [Audience Member]
There’s a marketer I met and she’s about 400 dollars a month, do you think it’s cost justified? We’ve been up and running for
about seven, eight months. – Yes, good question. Very good question. There’s so many other marketers
you could hire but again, you should be the best
marketer for your business. Because no one cares about
your business more than you do. And no one knows your
business more than you do. So I’m the best marketer for what I do. – [Audience Member] I’m
the most passionate. – Yes. – [Audience Member] I’m the most invested. – Yes. – [Audience Member] Does
that mean I’m the best one? – Yes, and marketing, don’t be so afraid. Marketing is not like I’m a good marketer, I’m not a good marketer. Marketing, it’s actually quite formulaic and quite systematic. Marketing is not like people … Have you ever watched the show Mad Men? Mad Men? Nobody, nobody watches
TV here, what’s going on? No, okay anyway, marketing,
people say oh, marketing. Is it a whole bunch of guys sitting in the board room smoking
weeds and coming up with ideas. That’s not marketing. (audience laughter) Like, that’s not what it is, okay? Marketing is very, very systematic. There’s system, there are certain rules that you just follow. And knowing you could use other people, but if you’re a good marketer … I use other people, I use copywriter, I don’t write copy anymore. I use social media people,
but I’m the best marketing guy for what I do. But because I am, I’m able
more to better utilize them. Because they can’t bullshit me. Like you said, you know, Dan
she charges 400 bucks an hour is it worth it? – [Audience Member] 400 a month. 400 a month, is it worth it, I don’t know. But if you’re a good
marketer, you will know. You will know. Let’s say I hire SEO Company to do my search engine optimization, I know SEO, I just don’t
have the time to do it. But I would talk with
them, I interview them, hey you know what, what are you gonna do to optimize our website? Oh I’m gonna do the title
tags and this stuff. If I can sense you guys don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about then I know it’s not a good company. But if they’re talking about da-da-da-da, on page ranking, off page
buildings and all this stuff, okay, you guys know what
you’re talking about. You guys are good. ‘Cause I know what I’m talking about. Does that make sense? So the better you are, the less you would be taken advantage of. So you should know your stuff,
then you can delegate it. If you don’t know it, then you don’t know they’re
doing a good job or not. Then you would get frustrated ’cause then you would spend the money, 400 bucks a month, for three, four months. Ah, then maybe I’m not getting results but you won’t even know why
you’re not getting results. Are they not doing their job? Are they talking to the wrong people? Maybe the wrong media? Like, what is going on? But if you know the big picture strategy and you say oh, do this
and this and this and this, then you can adjust and correct. Does that make sense? Yeah? – [Narrator] 10 times your finances. 10 times your business. 10 times your marketing. 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.

14 thoughts on “How To Make More Money Being A “Marketer” Not A “Doer” – Dan Lok

  1. Learn the marketing formula, systemize your brand and offering, learn the key elements, subcontract as earnings and your ability to focus on your core business dictates. Work hard at the front end to reduce the sales cycle and resistance. Marketing intelligently is working smart.

  2. I like how you talk about the shift in mindset to being the best marketer for what you do and not just the doer of your business.

  3. How could no one in the audience know about Mad Men? I don’t watch much television, but that was one of my favorites. I was sad when the series ended.

  4. Hi Dan,

    I am a graphic designer from India. I hv a question ?

    Can we scale (not growth) service business or product selling rapidly ?

  5. Hello Danlok,

    Am in health and wellness servicing sector, we are organising the medical camps in the corporate onsite and public onsite & off-site for paid and as well as complementary too now we are facing finical curious in our business pls help me how to over come from this

  6. Hey Dan!
    Love your content. I have a request. When you are answering questions in a conference setting, could you either repeat the question or have the questioner use a mic? I can't hear the question asked most times. Thanks in advance. 😎

  7. 4:31 I had a chemistry instructor in school say something that stuck with me… "Once you know and understand it… everything is easy."

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