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I said this to my son, and
he’s doing pretty well. And I’ve said this to
thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people, and whoever takes this advice
generally does pretty well. Backstory is I was a young buck,
probably like 21, 22, 23. I got involved in whatever
job I could get, right? Anything I could do,
whether it was vacuums or door to door this or
anything that I could try to make a few dollars
to pay some rent with. And one of those things was telemarketing. Anybody ever, ever, ever
been on the phone trying to sell things to people
that they don’t want, and they don’t wanna talk to you? Anybody ever tried that? Yes or no? I’m trying to look for it here. Yeah, Iman says, “Yeah, a
lot of us have tried that because it’s like– it was
the only job available.” So tried that. Was not
doing so good at it. Didn’t like that whole scene. A friend of mine was in Philadelphia. He was from Toronto
originally. My best friend. And he was doing the
same thing I was doing, and he was killing it. And he was also selling the
same product that I was selling, which is stationary to
companies. You know… pens, paper, ink, cartridges, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah,
staplers, all that stuff. I was making maybe $200 a week, and he was making close to $2000 a week. Literally 21 years old. And I’m like, how? That’s impossible. How could that be? He asked me to come down and visit. I went down, I visited, and
I noticed something very, very different about the two companies that were involved here. My company I was working with and his. And the biggest difference
was… number one, I was using a telephone
book to call people. It was called the Yellow
Pages at the time, just had the listings of all the businesses in the city. He was using cue cards that
had the name of the person, the name of the company, the name of the person
that did the buying, and actually even what they had purchased before in this arena. Believe it or not, some of them
even had, like yellow ones, even had a little bit about the person. They have two kids named Joe
and Sally, blah, blah, blah. It was… what? How did you get this? And the second thing that
was different was the script. Like the script, you know,
the pages. The scripting here of what you said to people.
Radically different. And the product was identical. And so, my friend,
Harold, he said, listen, it’s all about this. And
I’ll tell you the word after. And he said, I want you to try
it out. Take five of my names and use this script and see how you do. Now, in five names normally, I probably wouldn’t get any sales. It would probably take 30 or
40 names to get a single sale, and it might be for literally
a $15 or $20 commission. I got four sales out of the five names with this script and these cards. And it was triple the commission. Literally, he wasn’t giving me the money, but I probably would’ve
made somewhere about $250. On those four sales. And it
took literally half an hour. And I was like, “What
have I been missing here?” And he showed me this,
and I recognized it. And I said, “You know what?” It’s all about marketing. That script was freakin’ phenomenal. It was emotional. It
hit the points properly. It was the right order.
It had the great close. It had a second close.
It had a third close. None of them were high pressure. It was written professionally.
Magnificent script. The cards… A two-step is where you put
some type of communication out about what you got or
some type of benefit, and ask people to raise their hand if they have an interest in this. If they do to get back to you or show you that they do by making a
call or getting a report, or whatever it is, and
putting in their name. It’s kind of like what we
do online, where, you know, if you want this report or
this talk about T. Harv Eker on how to make a million
dollars in 10 seconds, put your email on here, and da, da, da. Okay, so now you know.
You got this and that. You got the email, and
that person’s interested in making a lot of money. Okay, it’s called a two-step. Understand? So with this two-step, I’m
getting the information of qualified people. See, I was selling to
non-qualified people. all stationary at 90% off. Six days only. Well, people would go,
“Oh, how do I do that?” Call 1-800 da da da da,
leave your name and that, we’ll get back with you. And they did. Not everybody did. Not
that many people did. But the people that
did were ready to what? Buy, if you gave them the right situation. And they could get 90%
off, if they registered for a subscription where every…
well, how much do you use? We’ll just send it you. Keep it easy. I don’t have to make
these stupid phone calls. If you want me to change
it, just change it anytime. We’ll just send it to you every month. The guy who owned this
was making a killing. The guy who owned my company in Toronto was hardly making anything
either, because he was a shitty marketer. But
none of us knew that, because we didn’t know
what good marketing was. So I would say, as I
said to my son, he said, Jesse came to me before, basically
before he went to college and literally first year and said, “Dad, you know I have so
many different interests, I’m not sure what to get
involved in.” Blah, blah, blah. The words I said is, “Jesse,
you gotta do what you love. It’s totally up to you.
And all I can tell you is what helped me is very simple, is if you become a fantastic marketer, you will be successful in
any arena that you choose. And if you are a shitty marketer,
you will have a hard time in every arena that you choose.” So, it’s not about the vehicle. It’s about your knowledge
in a specific area. Become a great marketer. I think it will really be able to allow you to spread your
wings and kind of choose any field that you want.
Because great marketers are always, always, always in need. Why is that? Why is that? It’s simple. No money is transferred, you see This person’s money for this person’s money Do, do, do, do, do.
Here, give him the money. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do. Here, give him the product or service. See, that’s the business.
Money has to be transferred. For that to happen,
there has to be a sale. For a sale to happen, there has to be marketing before the sale. See, that’s how people get exposed to you and know that you even
exist so they can maybe do some business, do, do, do, do, with you. It’s very simple. And, by the way, one of the reviews said, “How did you do so well training?” Well, you have to get great at whatever product or service you’ve got. That’s gotta be number one, as well. But I would make no money if I didn’t offer things at the end
of my talk, would I? You know, at the end
of all of my webinars, what do I do? I offer a program. When I was doing live, I
offered during three days, I offered, five different
times, I made an offer. So, how did I get so rich? Because of those offers. Hello. It’s not just from teaching. Teaching is great. But I’ll tell you what, I could be the best
teacher in the world — and some people say that
the courses and the programs are the best in the
world. I appreciate that. I attempt to do that.
We attempt to do that, make them the best in the world. Which is what we tell you to do. Be the best in the world at what you do. But I guarantee at the end of each one of any one of those programs, if there’s a thousand people in the room and there was another program. It says part two of XYZ program. And there’s a registration
form, if you’re interested. Ten people might sign up. Ten people. Don’t ask me why. It’s
psychology. But they will. But if I make a full-on
offer, and I spend 20 minutes on that offer. And I
give people a rock ’em, sock ’em opportunity and
deal and use the right copy. I write them out fully. I
write those offers out fully, word for word for word.
It’s like copywriting. It’s the same as writing an
ad out. It’s the same thing. Or a sales letter. I write them out fully. And we work on those. I work on those as long as I work on the actual course. That’s right. Why? Because that’s where the money is. For me and everybody else. To do that, you have to have Very, very, very strong marketing. Jesse spends probably 80% of his time… Of what we’re putting out there. Why? Because that’s the marketing. And if you’re not good at that, forget about it. As they
would say in New York. You’re gonna be broke. Everyone understand, right? Because there’s a lot of information out there about marketing. We have some extremely
strong marketing programs. We have a free webinar. I think it’s call the 500
Million Dollar Secret. Is that a good name? The 500 Million Dollar Secret. The webinar is all about marketing and teaches you about marketing. And guess what’s gonna happen
at the end of the webinar? Here’s the program. How do we market it? Let’s give people a great
taste of the program. and if they like– and we’ll
give it to ’em for free. If they like that, they might want more. “This is the best material I’ve ever heard in my life.
I would like to learn more and get some more advanced stuff. Hey, I’ll spend a couple of
hundred bucks with you. Great. And if they say no, no. No big deal. On to the next one. It’s okay. Right? Don’t freak out about it. “If you want this program or
product, you can buy anytime. Anytime you feel like
it, just go ahead online, and the offer stands. You know how many sales you’re gonna make? Zero, zero, zero, zero. What we mostly do in our offers, and you should go on 500
Million Dollar Secret and you’ll learn about that, but what we moved on
our offers is we teach. I teach just as much during the offer as I do during the webinar
or during the seminar. I teach. I teach, I teach, I teach. And then I say… basically I say, so this is who it’s for,
this is what it’s about, this is why I wrote it,
this is who it’s for, if you’re in this
position or that position, if you want to learn this and this. Here’s what you’re going
to learn in the program. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. If you’re interested in that,
we have a special offer. If you’re gonna do it
in the next seven days, if you wanna take advantage of it, do it. If you don’t, don’t do it.
Then people do it or don’t. And at the end I say, “For those of you who
didn’t decide to do it, there’s a good chance you’re probably going to continue to be where you are right now.” “If you do wanna make a change in that, you might want to reconsider.” That’s it. I just did our
whole big schmickin’ deal in 30 seconds. You gotta go with Are you a heavy hitter? Are you just a spiritual?
Are you emotional? Are you helping people
with their relationships? What are you? What’s your brand? What do you wanna communicate? and how do you wanna communicate it? What energy and vibe do you
wanna give out and get back? That’s all. Don’t make it more than
it is. It’s just talking, writing, communication.

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