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– [Instructor] Hello, today
I wanna talk to you about retargeting ads, in particular
Facebook video advertising. Remarketing video ads for
Facebook can be very powerful. One of my most favorite
channels, Remarketing, can be very powerful when combined
with other search channels. In this particular screen cast we’re gonna go over campaign setup. In particular we’re gonna go over how to build an audience
list from the views of another video ad that’s converting, with view engagement being the focus. One tip to keep in mind is
you wanna build an audience from a campaign that
is already converting. What I mean by that is if you create a particular campaign,
in this case Facebook, that you’re getting great conversions on based on that demographic of people. If you wanna extend to see
if there’s more conversions that you can get out of
that, one way to do that is build an audience on top of that and run another ad to that
segmented group of people. In this particular
case, we’re gonna target people who have watched our video that we’re getting great conversions on to a certain length of time. We’re also gonna look
at different ad types, what I feel is most effective. We’re gonna look at exclusion lists and why it’s important
to have those in place, and go over syncing leads to your CRM, in particular this case
with Facebook lead Ads as opposed to passing traffic to the site. We’re gonna cap off this screen cast with a Marketing 360 ad preview
and analysis of campaigns that we’re currently running. With that being said,
let’s hop over to Facebook. (mouse clicking) What you see here is Create New Ad Set in the Ads Manager tab, you
see our campaign Marketing 360. You see pretty much a standard layout of things that you just
need to populate and kinda walk through, which
is what I’ll do here as I walk through the demo. You can add your name here with regards to how you’re gonna name your ad, in this case we’re gonna
go Social Targeting Ads. (keys typing) And we’ll just call it
Remarketing, in this case. (keys typing) You have to make sure that
you accept Facebook’s lead ads terms for this page. You
can view those terms here. If you have not done that yet
upon hitting submit of the ad it will ask you to confirm that. Pretty much this says you
agree to the terms if you’re gonna run any lead ads you won’t share or sell
any of the information that you’re collecting on Facebook. Here’s where we really go to
start to build out the campaign You’re gonna create a new custom audience, and you do that with the
Create New drop down selection, which is here, click that link. (instructor clicking) It then goes to custom audience, which is what we’re gonna
select in this case. You’re gonna wanna do
engagement on Facebook. We’re gonna create a list of people who have spent time watching
your videos on Facebook. We’re gonna click that. The engagement that we’re gonna focus on in the content type, we’re
gonna look at people. We’re gonna build an audience based on a demographic of people
that have watched the video 75 percent or more. We feel like that’s a good benchmark. You can AB test like
I have different ones. 50 percent, 75 percent, 95 percent these are typically the
ones you see the strongest conversions on, in this case
we’re gonna go with 75 percent. Your next option is you have to choose a video, so which video of the campaign
do you wanna remarket to. So this is pretty cool, it shows you a list of all your
videos, in this case we’re gonna go down and select Madwire. You’re gonna go down through
a video that you want to basically create the audience list on. You can see how many video
views you have, so that’s pretty cool. You can navigate through the
ones that you wanna target, you can select multiple
videos, that’s pretty neat. If you wanna kinda combine
the same messaging, you can go through it and do it that way. So lets pick, lets just say we wanna
go with, in this case, (mouse clicking) this one. We wanna target people with our culture. We’re gonna hit confirm, you’re gonna go 365 days
you can toggle that, the maximum is 365 you can
set that what you want. You’re gonna name, of
course, the audience, we’re gonna say Madwire Culture Remarketing. You can of course name
it what’s applicable to your campaign, so that it makes
sense at the end of the day. You’ll then hit Create Audience. It gives you, it pretty much
says thanks for creating audience. You’ll hit done and
you’ll see your video here and it says it’s included. Now what I like to also do is
exclude previous audiences, lets say that might’ve converted so. Lets say I wanna exclude anybody that’s converted on my site or
any other lead form I have. You can come through here
and exclude those audiences. Why you wanna do that and
why that’s important is cause you may be targeting,
in this case, businesses for one solution or another
solution that could’ve already converted on another ad. So if it’s all synced up together
you can exclude em so they don’t see your new ad. It makes no sense to keep
showing ads to people that have already converted, unless you’re running
in a different campaign. In this case, its all about
acquisition of new customers so, we would exclude anybody that’s
already converted in this instance. Locations, basically, the
targeting that you want there we’re gonna leave it
default United States. You can add locations, you could pick what you want, drop pins. In this case, we’re just
gonna leave it United States. All of the rest of the
information we’re gonna leave default because we’re really
building an audience on people that have watched a
video that we have the other targeting already set up for. So it’s really just a remarketing campaign based on video views. You go down here and set
your budget, your schedule. You’re gonna focus on leads.
We’re gonna do lead ads as opposed to the other channels, such as clicks we’re gonna
go leads in this case and we’re gonna set it
to say $25 dollars a day. (mouse clicking) It then gives you a estimate here if your audiences is strong
enough you can get the estimated daily results, in this case
it hasn’t populated yet. You then go over and hit continue. This is where you can select
the different ad formats, you can go with Carousel,
Single Image, Single Video, or Slideshow. In this case, we’re just
gonna select a Single Image. We’re gonna target people
with Madwire Culture. We’re gonna show them our
#1 marketing platform for a small business. Now lets say you don’t like that, or you wanna add a new image, you can hit add more images or you can browse the library. Here you can select through images that you’ve already uploaded or you can go straight up to
upload images and drag and drop those here, if you have something
saved on your desktop that you prefer to import in at that time. We’re gonna leave this default,
for the sake of the set up. I always like to use Get
Quote cause we’re gonna do Facebook lead ads. So that’s what that would look like. You can enter in your text here. (keys typing) Whatever is applicable
for your ad, in this case, you can see where that shows up and in the headline you can enter in (keys typing) enter in your head line here, and you can see where
that content shows up. You really start to build the ad. You can even add the
news link description. You can see where that
starts to populate as well, and then of course the
display link, in this case, we’re gonna go Marketing 360. You always wanna put
the root domain there, so people are familiar with the ad, so it just ties everything together. None of this is applicable here, so we move forward and then
you select the lead form that you want to convert on and this is a preview of the lead ad with regards to the lead
form and how that looks. This is important because
this is the information that you want to populate into the CRM, so things to keep in mind. Lets say you don’t have
any of these forms here, you wanna create a new form. You can come in here
and create a new form, it will pull in the default image. You can use the image from your ad, which is what that’s saying, you can upload a new image like you could with the Single Image ad upload feature. When building the ad you
can add paragraphs of text to really sync up the
content so its relatable. (keys typing) You can see that being highlighted here. You can also edit your headline text. You can edit your button, (keys typing) learn more, or lets say Get Quote cause that matches the other call to action we have and you can see what that looks like. You can kinda see the default
options for the questions which live here. Email, full name, you
can show more options and select other ones that
are appropriate as you see fit in this particular case. (mouse clicking) Keep in mind you’re always
gonna wanna have your privacy policy and link that to
your URL of your website and put the Link Text there and then you can send them to your website after they convert, which
is the View Website link. Once that’s all complete you’re
gonna hit Finish on the form and I’m gonna hit close on
this cause I don’t wanna build another form. Then you can see what that looks like. (mouse clicking) Heres what my prebuilt form that I’ve built for other
campaigns looks like. You can see its all populated and kinda the thank you
screen in how that lays out. Once you have all that selected, in this case we do, you’re gonna come down
here and hit place order. It processes and takes
a few seconds to load. Once its loaded it’ll go to
pending approval with your ad, which is here, and you can continue. You saw in that previous
screen and in this section it asks you if you synced
your forms up with a CRM. In this case we have, these lead forms that we have here with what I created automatically
sync into Marketing 360 so that we can track it in, and really run the marketing
automation and email automation on the back side. So that’s a real quick overview
on how to set up a campaign building an audience list
on previous video views. What I’d like to do now is
hop over to Marketing 360 and kinda show you the analysis
of a campaign that we’ve ran with very similar profile build. You can see here, heres an ad
under Social Targeting Ads. You can see I’m looking at ads, particular in this case,
its a CRM video that we run. We’re gonna let that load, and its gonna show you the actual video. You see heres the video,
its around two minutes. Its talking about our CRM software, you can see our call to
action, our Get Quote, you can see the engagement. So that’s pretty powerful
to be able to see the ad within the software and
kinda get a preview of ad performance. See our cost for conversion,
the conversion rate, how many conversions we had
all of that data is in here. Now the reason why I
selected this campaign to build a remarketing list
on top of this audience is because I’m getting
a lot of conversions. I’m getting strong conversions,
in fact, at a great cost. So the thought was if I
can just get an extension, or more of those conversions. Obviously I could do that
by increasing the budget, that makes sense, but I wanna see if I can
target more of the people that are watching the video and get conversions at a lower cost. In this case, I built another
ad based on the walk through I just did on video views, and this is a static ad I built just talking about the CRM software, leveraging our trademark by really identifying what’s
unique about the software with, you know with a single ad as opposed to a video ad, pulling out the highlighted points that was mentioned in the video. So it resonates really
the communication flow if a person watched the video
that this ad was built on. If they watched that
video up to 75 percent, we would have talked
about email automation lead scoring, inbound
lead flow and generating and remarketing. We would have hit on all those topics, so this will really resonate with the audience list on the back side. To kinda proof of concept
that, you see the engagement that we got, its early on. You see the conversions that are here, the conversion rates higher,
and the conversion cost there. So you see that the
campaign collectively is performing like it needs
to be on the back side. (mouse clicking) And with that being said, I hope you enjoyed the Remarketing Video Ads for Facebook overview. And I wanna thank you for
your time in watching this and I hope you have a great day.

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