How-To: Setup Telescoping Pro Retractable Banner Display

Hi! & welcome to Congratulations on your new Adjustable Telescoping Retractable. Setup is really easy, so let’s get started. Step One: open the base and set on the
ground in the desired position. Step Two: insert the telescoping pole into the base receptacle and turn clockwise until secure. Step Three: stand facing the back of
the base and adjust the height of your telescoping pole to the height of your
graphic by extending and locking each section. Twist counterclockwise to open
the sections. Twist clockwise to lock pole sections into place. Step Four: lift the banner rail gently up
and attach it to the top of the pole. Your Adjustable Telescoping Retractable
Banner is now ready for display. Replacing your Adjustable Telescoping
Retractable Banner is simple. Step 1: press the tension release button located
in the center of the tension wheel until you hear the roller spring release the
pressure. Step 2: open the lid and rotate the
internal roller until the internal snap rail is facing upwards. Open the snap rail and rotate
backwards to rest open snap rail on internal case housing. Step 3: remove the old banner. Insert replacement graphic’s bottom edge
into the groove of the internal snap rail, making sure the front of the graphic is
facing away from the pole receptacle. Step 4: close the internal snap rail and
replace the banners top snap rail. Step 5: to add tension, press the gray roller switch on the bottom side of the retractor so the tension wheel pops out. Turn the tension wheel counterclockwise until the banner retracts into the base on its own. Push the tension wheel back into the
stand being careful not to depress the tension release button at its center. Questions? Visit us now at

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