How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 [that’s not SMMA]

Quick sixty-second in motivational tip for those who are Seeking to be an entrepreneur or you already are one and wanting to make some passive income Find a skill set general, you know develop a skill set that people are willing to pay for that’s the essence of what all Entrepreneurship is about for example someone who’s a plumber developed a skill set in learning how to fix toilets clogging sinks fixing septic lines, etc. That’s what they were able to do And now the second skill said that they usually don’t develop is how to market How did how to get to market how to find your ideal customer not just by word-of-mouth referrals even though that helps at times? but you can’t build a sustainable or a Scalable business that way you want to make sure you get out in front of people Or our people are where our people act nowadays. Well, it’s not 1988 and it’s not about the Yellow Pages and it’s definitely not about Yellow Pages com It’s about the internet using search engines. Google people are searching for services. So whether it’s a blue-collar type of technical skill like AC plumbing pipe work Duct cleaning tree service lawn care landscaping or where there’s white collar Doctor dentists orthodontist Med Spa, whatever the case is, you know You you invested all that money and resources and time to learning that skill set But how about now driving traffic and people and customers and sales into your business? And so that’s what you know as a business model That’s what I’ve been able to do to generate hundreds of thousand dollars in passive income over the last few years Simply because I was able to connect companies such as all those. I describe to people who are looking for customers online Through search and so if that’s something you’re interested in it’s a skill set That’s that I really believe it’s it’s a skill set. So many people should learn to develop because everyone is searching for answers online Obviously you can tell this is not 60 seconds It’s a lot longer, but I think it’s a it’s a drives a key point home. Where? Or if people are searching for this why not develop the skill set. Why not? You know? It’s not that difficult but at the stake time and anything that requires master mastery does require time patience and work ethic but compared to like You know being outside in hundred degree weather You know slaving for eight to ten hours a day making fifteen to twenty five bucks an hour Or I mean if you make a lot less than that, I mean there you have it then It’s better to do that on the laptop in the comfort of your home in your pajamas and you Know with an afternoon worth though You know with with a afternoon worth of work and dedicated focus and you could put together What we call these visual real estate properties where you basically build up a website Rank it in the local search engines and then when that lets see that tree services website is getting calls before those to a Business owner and they’ll gladly pay you monthly month after month for sending them business their way Really? That’s it’s a simple concept. It just does it does take work? There’s some technical stuff, but it’s luckily It’s not based on talent. It’s all technique and it’s something that anyone can learn cuz it’s transferable And so with that being said if you’re interested I got a link below this video that you can click on that you can watch it this private exclusive Seventy three minute masterclass training that I did for those who attended a live event and I’m opening this up to you if you’re watching this so that you can know how this entire business model works So if you’re interested click on the link below and I’ll see you either in that video or on the next Content video i’ll be posting up

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