How to use Email for music & DJ mix promotion

so in this tutorial or to show you how
to set up an email mailing list for music promotions and promoting your DJ
mixers in this guide we will be using MailChimp and will be using their free
tier and in this free tier MailChimp allows you to have two thousand email
addresses or subscribers and you can send around ten thousand emails a month.
So in this guide I’m going to show you how to get started with MailChimp setting up
your first email list or audience creating a subscription form test in
your subscription form and your email list and how to get subscribers to your
email list even if you don’t have a website and how to send your first email
marketing campaign and how to track your results or to begin with you’ll want to
go to this address log in MailChimp sign up and set up an account so just fill in
the details here. And once that’s done you’ll be sent a confirmation email and then
it’s just a case of logging in and setting your account up so when you log
in for the first time you presented with this screen just select the free option
and click complete and now we’re just going to go through these dialog boxes
and you’ll ask us for some basic personal information so let’s start
filling these out and if you have a web site you can add it here if not just
click naw we also need to add our address there’s an explanation of why
here it’s basically to avoid international anti-spam laws on the next page we have this do you
have a list of email subscribers if you did you’d be able to import them here
for most people doing this tutorial probably no so here you have the option
to connect your social media account I’m not going to do this so I click continue
I’m gonna click not right now in it’s entirely up to you whether you subscribe
to MailChimp soul newsletter I’m not going to bother so I’m gonna click let’s
go come on soon we have this dialog box which shows you how far into setting up
our account we are and we’re about 25 percent complete to begin we I’m just
going to click on this I’ll do this later some of you may have a few email
addresses of friends or fans you can add manually and if you did you just need to
simply need to click this button here and would be able to copy and paste from
a file and just click continue setup and I’m just going to paste some fake email
just sitting here just show how it works and if we imported over 2000 email
addresses it’s it involve a paired plan so but we’ve only imported 12 sources
and kind of effectors Terms & Conditions button here and we just need to give the
speed mail addresses a status we’re going to say they’ve already subscribed
just click continue to review so if we look now now we’ve just imported a few
manual addresses here just come back it’s the home page to show you where
these email addresses reside if I click the audience button and we click on the
number of contacts come back to this menu where it shows our audience and all
the email addresses which is subscribed to our newsletter if I need to remove
any email addresses I simply select them all come to actions and click remove
contacts and we want to select permanent link Tilly and now we’re back to up in one email
address so now I’m going to create a forum where
people can subscribe to my mailing list I’m going to so we need to create a
landing page or a forum one great thing about MailChimp it has a
set of templates which you can use so it’s just a case of selecting one which
looks good and then filling in the necessary information I want to select
something fairly basic down here so I’m just going to start editing this now and
then we’ll test it later on so all I’m going to do now is upload my logo I’m
gonna click the upload button I’ve got the download upload it now so I’ve
uploaded my lawyer but as you can see it’s quite big so I’m gonna need to our
edit it so I’m gonna click Edit here I’m gonna make this image smaller and I do
that by just altering these dimensions at the bottom I’m gonna make it 90 see
if what this looks like click Save and now we just need to add a
headline and some body copies so that’s looking pretty reasonable got my logo
it’s got a headline and you’ve got some body copy here which gives people your
offer and gives them instructions on how to sign up to your mailing list always
make sure you add some instructions don’t leave people to guess so in here
I’ve said just add your email address below and press the button and I’ve done
a similar thing down here instead of just leaving it subscribe I’ve made my
call to action a little bit more compelling I’ve just put subscribe to my
dj mix newsletter just doing little tips like that will should increase your
response rate and once we’re done we click Save and Klaus will give this
Perry title and we’re going to generate a URL now we’re going to address which we can
send people to so they could subscribe and we’ll test this in a minute so now
we need to click publish now MailChimp’s informing is that our landing page is
now live on the web so if we copy this link now and we open a private tab and
much pissis URL in now and if we add an email address here now if it’s working
correctly you should see a success message here like the one you can see
here no we should have two people in our audience reports come down here click on
the number and we have the email account which I set up the MailChimp account
with and we have the test email just use to test our subscription form so that’s
how you create a subscription form what you want to do now is you can share this
unique URL here on Facebook on Twitter you can put it on your mix cloud or your
sand cloud page or any other page which you want and you can use it to try and
encourage people to sign up and join your email mailing list so now we’re
doing that let’s now take a look at how to set up and send an email to our
mailing list which is going to be in our case up with just these two addresses
so let’s come to campaigns and we’re going to create a campaign and I’m going
to select the top option which is email give it a name begin and we’ll select
our audience or newsletter list ours has two subscribers and we click
Save and we’ve just got my name and the email
address so it’s going to be from here let’s add a subject line and then we’re gonna design our email
and as you can see mail chimp comes with a lot of premièred templates which is
quite good personally I would recommend that you
stick with text emails and something basic I quite like the simple text
one-one mr. can see many music producers and DJs and even big companies doing
with email is just sending a well-designed JPEG image in their
newsletter promotions only trouble is by default a lot of email clients won’t
display images so if all you’re doing is sending an image based email out for an
email which contains a lot of images they’ll be switched off by default and
if the person doesn’t choose to enable them and they could miss your message so
it’s best to keep it simple and still make sure that your marketing emails are
primarily text based also from the studies I’ve read text-based emails tend
to get a better response than image based emails so let’s alter this now and
then we’ll send it out and here’s a little tip sometimes when
you paste text from other web pages or a word document it brings into the WYSIWYG
editor here the Styles I’ll just give you an example if a person from our
website you can see the font don’t follow the original style link in my
email I’m just going to do that if we click this little button here we’ve got
paste as plain text click that pasting my track listing which I’ve copied and
pasted from my website and now you can see we’ve pasted it in as plain text
it’s going to stylus a little bit more on out
so now we have an email here which should be something similar to our house
and I always like to include the track listing so they know what they’re
getting and we just need to add a link to our to the page where our mixers
reside I’m gonna use the one off my website but this could be a mixed cloud
link or a SoundCloud link absolutely anything we’re gonna click how IT click
this button here and insert as you can see over here our email it’s got a
preview of what our email look like it’s looking nice and clear easy to read and
we’ve got most importantly we have a call to action here which is telling
people where to farm a mix and giving them clear instructions on how to access
it and they can access it by clicking here so not far off finished and click
Save and close and look at the top you have got
previewing test so let’s take a look at what it looks like on mobile and then
we’ll send a test email to an email address which I own so I’m going into
preview mode so it looks fine on desktop looks fine on mobile so that’s looking
good another reason not to use purely image based emails instead of text is
that you can get discrepancy between how they look on desktop and mobile as you
can see on mobile the viewports and the viewing window is not that wide so if
you’ve got a massive JPEG image it might look good on desktop but once you shift
once it’s sent out to a mobile for the image if it is displayed might be
hanging off the screen so it’s not looking for too bad so just to egg equip
this X I want to send to test the email now an email address here which are
these purely used for testing purposes and click turning test so I’m now
switching to my test emails email account which is in Gmail and we can see
that it’s got you sent to test email let’s just open it so yeah it’s looking
good click on this link now yeah sending up to the page that I that I want to
always make sure you check your links everything sort of tested it it’s
looking decent so we’ve tested our email and my happy
weeks working correctly and this campaign is now ready to send seven
calls and we have two options we can send it media if we click this button or
can schedule it if for example with me on there’s letter a match schedule
sending my emails certain time just saw I get better
results port fur now I’m from with this example I’m going to send this campaign
straight to work so I’m gonna click the symbol turn and here it tells me my
subscribers I’m going to be sending it to and then click send now so that’s our
email campaign has been sent out if we walk down here now we have our an
overview and some statistics about campaign presence it’s got no opens and
nor nor clicks so I’m just opening up this email now as you can see now it’s
like I’m into my inbox this is just a test email account I use so I’ve just
opened it up clicked on the link everything’s looking good I’m just going
to close that now and hopefully when we come back to our MailChimp home page as
you can see now we’ve got one opens and one clicks so we’ve got some handy
statistics here so you can tell how well your emails are performing and we also
get an overview of our landing page which would create it earlier we’ve got
one click and one subscribes so that’s it that’s how you create an email list
for a music promotion as I’ve shown you you don’t need a website to make the
strategy work anyone can do it whether you have a website or not and it costs
absolutely nothing to running it a reasonably big email list so thanks for
watching this and if you like what you see him you’d like to learn more ways on
how to market your DJ mixes in music click the subscribe button or pop along
to my website and subscribe to my newsletter so thanks for watching this

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