How To Use Facebook For Marketing

You’re on Facebook and you’re in
business for yourself which means you need to start using Facebook for your
marketing. Let’s talk about exactly how to do that. I’ve got some key steps right
here for you so pull out a pen and paper, start taking some notes on this. In fact,
if you need to pause the video while you write down some things feel free to do
that because I’m going to be delivering a
bunch of information here. First step is this and if you don’t get
this first step, you may as well not listen to anything else I have to say.
This is the first step. Remember what Facebook is for. Facebook
is a social media platform in fact, when it started out, it started out even more
online dating program. Yeah, people still do that online but
Facebook primarily is a social media platform and understand that the
demographic of Facebook is shifting and changing. The people that are on Facebook
right now are typically between the ages of 18 and 50. Now the new Millennials, the
the new people that are coming out and getting on social media at their early
you know, teenagers and things like that, they’re starting to use more and more of
Instagram and other platforms and they are Facebook so just understand who is
using Facebook and what Facebook is for. As a consumer of Facebook, think about
what you use Facebook for. You don’t go online to Facebook to buy products or
services, you go on to connect socially so be aware of that as a marketer. Add
value. You know, I asked my group of students yesterday what they use
Facebook for, they use Facebook to stop from being bored, they want to be
entertained by Facebook so consider that when you’re marketing. They want to use
Facebook to connect socially with other people who are doing the same thing and
are living the same lifestyle either that they have or that they’re
interested in so use that knowledge when you’re marketing on Facebook. Understand
why our consumers are on Facebook and tailor your content to them so you’ve
got the bottom line, remember what Facebook is for and how to use it wisely.
Here’s my second piece, go out there and buy the book how to win friends and
influence people in the digital age by Dale Carnegie and associates. If you
don’t get this book, you will do yourself a great disservice. If you’ve got audible
or overdrive or go to your library or just go to Amazon and buy a copy, I don’t
care what you have to do get a copy of this book into your hands, get a copy of
this book and read it and I have to tell you, less than 2% of everyone that I
share this with will actually do it. Be the 2%, be the 2% thinker, go out there,
get the book, it’s going to talk to you about how to market to people. Yeah,
it’s for your business but you are in the business of relationship marketing
and in order to do that, you’ve got to have great relationships and in order to
have great relationships, you’ve got to be able to be a person of influence. How
to win friends and influence people in the digital age. There’s two versions of
this, your original version that was written in the 1930s and the updated
version for the digital age, get it, read it, study it, know it inside and out.
Facebook is all about growing a following. Now on Facebook, you can have
up to 5,000 friends and on a Facebook page, you can have a unlimited number of
followers. Grow your following by becoming a person of influence, grow your
fan base by solving problems, become the kind of person that is recommendable, be
the person that solves problems and gets out there, not just in your professional
world but in your personal world as well. Study other people who are on Facebook,
study influential leaders on Facebook like Tony Robbins, study how he works
online, see how his interactions work with people, study how big corporations work
on Facebook, look how they’re treating their customers and look how their
customer service is and keep that in mind for your personal and for your
Facebook professional accounts as well. Grow your influence by solving problems,
that’s worth writing down. Facebook is a platform for people to be entertained,
that’s why people can lose hours and hours of their day on Facebook so be
what I call an adutainer. An educational entertainer. If you’re in
the business of products then you’ve got things to teach people about your
products. If you’re in the business of running a service then you’ve got things
to teach people both in your service and about your service. Do it in an
entertaining way, there are so many platforms right now that’ll help you get
entertaining videos out online, that’ll help you get entertaining memes out
online. That’s why Facebook nowadays has that
colorful background backdrop because people like to be visually stimulated
and entertained when they’re online so be entertaining, find a way to capture
the audience’s attention not by clickbait, don’t waste your time
there but be genuinely entertaining and that’s my next point. In the top of being
entertaining, you’ve got to be genuine. People can smell it
a mile away if you’re faking something or if you’re inauthentic or if you have
some ulterior motive or agenda. Just let go of that and be genuine, show your
authentic self, show your vulnerability on a personal level. That’s the way
people are going to grow a relationship with you and that’s what’s going to make
a lot of your marketing really effective. If you’re using Facebook for any kind of
marketing, you must have three key components. You’ve got to have a Facebook
fan page, you’ve got to have a landing page outside of Facebook and you’ve got
to use Facebook Ads for your business in fact, if you click right here, right in
this link, you’re going to see our video for how to create and build Facebook ads and
you can go check that out and see how you can grow that effectively for your
business. Facebook marketing is a two pronged force, it is professional and it
is personal. You’ve got to have mastery over both of those areas for in order
for any of your Facebook marketing to be effective. Facebook and marketing really
talk very well to each other by now you know that you know that for sure in fact,
I’m really curious what was the most helpful thing that you heard in this
video and what do you have questions on? I want to know so hit me up with some
comments below and let’s have a conversation about it. Hit that subscribe
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