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How many items do your eBay customers
buy from you at a time? One? Sometimes two? What if I told you there was a way to
get people buying two three four or more units at a time? It is called Multi-Buy and
it works by offering a prominent discount on your listings. The buyer
selects multiple units with one click and the reduced price is automatically
applied. When you activate it on your listings not only could your average
order size go up but it could improve your profit margins. How? If you offer
free delivery sending multiple units together in one parcel can be more
profitable than paying for individual postage costs and if you charge
separately for postage it encourages people to buy more units because they
save on combined postage too. With multi buy you’re in control of which listings
you run it on how much of a discount you offer and whether you apply it as a
long-term pricing strategy or a short-term promotion. Multi-Buy is
perfect for items that people buy regularly. Whether you sell vitamins or
beauty products car parts or household supplies it’s a great way to get people to
stock up now. Plus it works for any time people order multiple units as a one-off –
for instance when they’re buying gifts or they just want to have a spare. Here’s
how to set it up first you need to be an eBay Shop subscriber. Then go to the
marketing tab on Seller Hub, select promotions and Create a promotion. Choose Multi-Buy from the drop down menu. From there you can set up your offer. You need
to specify which listings you apply Multi-Buy to. And Multi-Buy isn’t just
about more of the same item you can also apply it to discounts to multiple units of
items in the same promotion once you’ve created your multi buy promotion and
including the listings you want to discount you can choose to include or
exclude items that you will make to be discounted when bought together
you could have multi-buyer new listings within a matter of minutes plus multiply
can be set up using the marketing API if you use a third-party provider so what
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4 thoughts on “How to use Multi Buy promotions – Tutorial | Seller Hub Promotions | eBay for Business UK Official

  1. I have found that using the multi buy promotions have had an amazing benefit to both my average selling price and overall profit margin. Canโ€™t recommend highly enough.

  2. Does this work with variations? I'd like to sell issues of a magazine in a way that buyers can pick the issues they want and get a bigger discount the more they buy.

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