Idiot ka First Sale | Episode 2 | The Idiot Salesman | Rangeen Chawla

Give your Profile…Profile… Profile?? How Sir?? Like this??? (Irritated) Have you come for the first time for an Audition?? Do something with a lot of energy.. Action Where has this Idiot come from?? Action.. Oye Bochaleggg…. Oye Bochalegg…. Oye Bochalegg…OYe Bochaaaaaaalegggg… My Mom use to say that I look like Shammi Kapoor… What is this Bochaleg??? If you want to be a Great Salesman, its important that you are Handsome as well! – Mr. Rangeen Chawla Its not easy to be a great salesman.. anyone cannot become a great salesman… thats the reason why Mr. Mathews thinks highly of me.. Because he sees that I have what it takes to be a great Salesman… All attributes of a Great Salesman are present in me.. Of Course he knows it… And today you also shall see me in action.. What are you doing man?? Go… Will you have some tea??? Cameraman: No. Tea is really good at this place… Chaiwalla: Money?? Just a moment… Take this… Don’t you have any change??? Do you have any change?? I shall return you back later… Cameraman: OK Take it from him.. He shall give you… Give it… Thanks…Go.. Go.. Go.. Gooo… He is an Idiot…. Currently I am the top salesman of Bamandayapada…to start with.. and in future I shall be the best salesman of Mumbai… and… one day.. I shall be called as the best saleman in this world!! Mr. Rangeen Chawla… World’s best Salesman!!! (Notice Says : Salesman Not Allowed Strictly by Order) Oh..Yeah..I am coming.. Can’t you hold it for a moment??? Good Morning.. Behenji.. I am Rangeen .. Mr. Rangeen Chawla from Express Times… May I know which Newspaper do you read??? No..I don’t have time now.. No..No…the time cannot be more right…Monsoon offers are going on… If you pay money for 2 months…You can avail subscription for 6 months… (confused) Isn’t it like a good offer for you?? Come Later… Later I got it… This is the cut out of Huge Bazaar… If you take this Huge Bazaar cut out… then you can avail 35% discount.. On Women Clothing… Are you mad?? or you don’t understand Hindi at all??? (Confused) Yes I kno…I know it.. but… No .. NO… I got it… You can also use this discount on grocery items..(Confident Smile) (Irritated Smile) Ok… Idiot! (Bangs Door) You can’t become an Idiot because someone called you an IDIOT Mr. Mathews lovingly calls me an “Idiot” many a times… He calls me “useless” too.. but he really doesn’t mean it.. at times he appreciates my work by calling me a “MORON”… Because Mr. Mathews knows… that I am the top salesman of ATS Marketing in Mumbai… Ahhh… Andheri Division… Andheri East Subdivision… Bamandayapada Area(Smiles).. Mr. Mathews often jokes that … Rangeen you are the top salesman of Bamandayapada… (Laughs) That day he said… Rangeen you are the top salesman of India.. and one day he will say… Mr. Rangeen Chawla you are World’s best Salesman!!! (Confident Smile) Do you even know the meaning of “MORON”??? Of Course…MORON stands for “Gifted Salesman” … “A Clever Salesman” (Cameraman is laughing) Why are you laughing??? Moron means “IDIOT”. (Laugh Continues…) Go… Go… Go….

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