IF:Gathering 2020 Announcement!

Guys, I want to be super vulnerable
just about where I’ve been the last year, processing IF:Gathering and where we’re
headed. So, last year we moved to Dallas it was wild. I moved for my youngest two
kids and IF:Gathering offices came with me and now there’s 15 of us, that are officing out of IF:Gathering together and it’s beautiful. But, last year we hosted
IF:Gathering in Dallas and it was an awesome brand new venue and we had LED
screens and it was just fancy. And it was it was kind of what was required for
that venue the way we had to build it out and it just felt like the wrong
direction for us you guys. Everything that has defined us from the beginning
has been super real, humble, simple, and we don’t want to lose that. And so, this year
at IF:Lead we have seen just this precious movement of the spirit everything was
stripped down, it was super humble, it was in a local
church and I just can’t even tell you like how much God moved through confession
and worship and all these things. And so I woke up at 5 a.m. the morning after IF:Lead and I was like you know what we don’t need to be back at that fancy
venue, we need to move to a local church and we need to do this the way that all
of you are doing it in your local places, humble and simple and real. So I promise
we are not scrimping on production, we will give you the greatest production in
the world because that matters so much for you to have the right tools in your
hands. But, at IF:Gathering this year it’s gonna be
a lot more plain and simple and it feels like a risk but you know what, I just
think we’re craving this I think we’re all craving just a little less hustle, a
little less awesome, a little more real and I just want you to know where we are
because we did change that venue. And some of you already have hotels and some
of you already are making plans around it and I just wanted to tell you why, why
we made this decision. But this is also for all of you considering hosting and
feeling like you need to have great floral arrangements or do something epic
in your town you just need a TV screen, you just need internet, and you
just need to gather your people. In your home, in your church, in your work place,
on a college campus, in a pregnancy center like wherever you want to gather
like gather your people; and I promise you, God is going to
He’s gonna move and I promise on our end we’re gonna keep this simple and real.
Can’t wait to see you guys, sign up, do not miss this year I believe
God’s going to do more this year than He ever has.

13 thoughts on “IF:Gathering 2020 Announcement!

  1. Stripped away.. yesssssss! That is exactly where the Lords been leading our IF:Local! I cannot wait. Praying & believing!!!!

  2. So so very excited for this! Thank you for being real Jennie! I am craving real and raw. I am craving truth and honesty. This is so exciting! Can’t wait to come to Dallas with my friends!

  3. Amazing!! God has been stripping away alot of stumbling blocks in my life this year including many character defects and he has me camped out on the word transparency. I believe this change will allow God to work even more through the simplicity but yet challenging surrender of transparency. All glory be to God!! IF gathering revival 2020 🙏🙏

  4. Yes yes!! Thank you for sharing the heart behind the change. I'm in South Korea right now so I'm not upset (lol) but I can see how others might be surprised for the move. I hope they understand and can be content and even excited as planning and prayer and preparations for the presenters continue. For someone that would like to host IF Gathering again for what will be the 3rd year (my first year attending being 2017) I am encouraged to really be okay with moving forward and hosting in my home again. For us, since we are ahead in time than you all – I made the decision last year to host the 3 sessions on 3 different mornings (that Sat, Sun, and Monday am) because I didn't want to wait and do it all together the next weekend (which wasn't an option as it wouldn't have been available) or wait until it was released for replay a few weeks later. I wanted to stay current as much as I could with you all. My thoughts for this year was do I try and host on the military base? But that would limit other women off post to come and I need to get permissions etc… Or do I work with an off post church that I'm involved with to promote what this is and work to get it hosted there? But there are complcations with this as well- all can attend but still same details will need to be worked out after and if agreement to move forward is made. I felt the call to do the work and ask at my local church in VA for our community as we had to drive 1 hour to get there my first year. God blessed that decision and many people experienced IFGathering2018 because of what God did through us. After that I moved here to Korea. So…. These things I have mulled over and mulled over about what to do. And then this video and the reminder to keep it simple. I have people who can come to my home if I host again as I did last year. I don't know if I am to do the work and go bigger partnering with a church yet. That's my hesitation to sign up to host right now as to which way I will go? I want to be obedient and I want others to know about this opportunity that they may continue to let others know about the resources that IFGathering equips others with to make disciples and share the gospel of Jesus even right there where God has placed them. I'm so excited that this year's theme is on JESUS!!!! Thank you everyone on the IF Team in the work you all do. I am cheering for all of you as you follow in obedience to God. Pray that we would too. Wow this turned into a long comment! Maybe I should blog this! This is an example of my blog from last year for 2019… https://sejanashines.com/2018/12/22/join-us-at-ifgathering2019-iflocal-host-daegu_anjirang-south-korea/

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