Imperator: Rome – Release Date Announcement / Story Trailer

Conscript fathers! Noblest men of Rome! Has our Republic ever known such abundance? New roads and aqueducts decorate the
landscape, built by the fruits of conquest. Our once humble city is the flourishing center
of a mighty empire. This wealth was bought by the bravery of our
legions, victors in a thousand battles over a thousand enemies. And it is to one man that we owe this new
infusion of wealth, dedicated to our gods. Some of you grumble about more honors heaped
on an already honored man. You whisper
the world “king” and spit the word “tyrant”. But has he not honored us with his feats of
arms? Has he not cleansed the Republic of its impure elements? Even our most ancient enemies cower in obeisance,
and clamor for his friendship. It is safer for you to be his friend.

100 thoughts on “Imperator: Rome – Release Date Announcement / Story Trailer

  1. And after that he was stabbed along with the Caeser
    А після того його закололи разом з Цезарем

  2. 日本人コメがねぇ…とりま、日本語化mod(願望)と、EU:R以上の出来を期待しつつ有料β版の発売を待つばかり

  3. I swear hitler really tried to be this guy just look at his speeches and the monuments he built he really tried to be this guy

  4. i'm a fan of EU4. I'm gonna love this even more, since i like the Hellenistic/Roman timeline more.
    I also have a few history-savvy friends who have tried EU4. But they found it way too complicated to start playing.
    It would be nice if this one had a mode where some things are done automatically, for the…."gamingly-challenged" crowd.
    I dont know which things exactly, but you could make a survey about it or something.

  5. Think of a Paradox grand strategy game as like an MMO. The DLC are like a subscription fee and you get an ever changing, hopefully improving, game for years and years.

  6. The part with the Parthians made me nut. So hyped for this game, I just wish we could play as other empires too. But I love this focus. What a blessing to get such an epic game soon!!

  7. The art style and general style of this video really doesn’t suit the franchise. I started to think I was watching a trailer for Civilisation.

  8. Я думал выйдет бенито муссолини и скажет всё-таки несколько тысяч убитых оправдались…….

  9. The game will be at least $60, will be having 10 DLCs at $30 and will have content and music packs starting at $15.

  10. Thank you, Paradox! But I was thinking about something else. And it starts with a V, and ends witha ictoria III!!!!

  11. I cant wait for RT game when he plays this to. Accidentally ruin the roman empire by playing as he usually plays. His strategy games

  12. alright here we go. you might also notice that as soon as the romans conquered gaul and thus access to britain and london, they immediately ditched the republic and go full imperial.

    this is no coincidence since they will have more complete control on the population with a monarchy type of govt. but a republic is better to win over the hearts of the people in the early days and rise tax.

    note also that they also have a need for circuses to keep the citizens savage enough to be fit for warfare. otherwise they'd be spoilt and too faint hearted. primarily the generations born in a luxurious city.

    so bloodsport was introduced. they had bullfighting too in iberia. now you begin to see all the programmings and what rome was all about.

  13. Personally, I believe the voice actor sounds too much like a humble politician for America or the UK. I feel that the figures should have a slight accent or a voice of a proud person trying to spread his idea of reason.

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