INFJ Career Advice – Can I Be GOOD AT SALES OR PROMOTION?! – #AskDan

Hey Dan here and we have a question from
an infj about having to sell yourself and should you basically enter a career
or build a business where you have to sell or promote yourself and the short
answer is yes but I’m gonna explain why you should and how you should do it
I am an infj all my life I’ve been very active through dancing and the arts I’ve
always had an interest for health and wellness and have been contemplating a
career change to personal training I’m not sure about it sometimes because I
tend to come off as very soft-spoken but I believe I’m good at connecting with
people one on one I know as a trainer you have to sell yourself to build
clients what are your thoughts on this as a career okay this is a great
question because I think a lot of people hold themselves back from pursuing the
career or business they really want because they’re worried about one small
aspect of that and one of the most common if not the most common aspect of
that is having to sell yourself first of all I have a great I like to think great
twenty minute video on selling as an introvert or someone who doesn’t like to
pressure others and I would HIGHLY encourage you to watch that video I walk
you through the actual strategy of selling if you don’t want a hard sell
and it’s actually more effective than hard selling and that brings me to my
point here is that your traditional image of like a personal trainer or gym
salesman like hey bro 20 sessions 20 sessions two-year contract I’ll give you
a good price that doesn’t well it does work but that is not the best way to
sell it is not the most effective way and more and more is it’s becoming like
dated and people are very aware of that and so if you think of the traditional
salesperson like the the gym owner or the used-car salesman or whatever that
is not what good sales is good sales is about connecting with people it’s about
perhaps being quiet soft-spoken listening to them learning about your
client and figuring out how you can help them with that really good connection
and so the way that would work as like a personal trainer is you
organize meetings with people you know however they come to whether it’s
through a gym through your website something like that and you would ask
some questions about their goals you would learn about what they’re trying to
achieve you might occasionally share stories of your past clients or offer a
little insight but primarily you would just listen to them and take notes learn
about what they’re trying to do and then from there you would eventually put
forward like a proposal or your thoughts on working together and that is going to
be a lot more effective than putting pressure on someone imagine this right
you are your own future client right so you’re going and looking at gyms and
personal trainers and you go to a place and they come up to you and they’re just
like hey you’re trying to get you’re trying to get buff right okay cool let
me tell you about the weight and the truth is you’re not trying to get buff
you have some back pain and you’ve been trying to learn about flexibility and
all that not build muscle but they don’t listen right this help they show you all
the weights they show you all the equipment they tell you about like how
late they’re open but you don’t really care because you’re an early morning
person and that and then at the end of this conversation they just say alright
here’s like a 12 month contract sign here like let’s do it
how keen are you gonna be on that right now some people will join because they
wanted a gym anyhow or they just don’t like saying no they have trouble with
pressure right unfortunately but that’s your first experience now imagine you
going another gym and they sit down and they say hey like when are you thinking
of working out what are the best hours for you and they you know you tell the
mornings and they say great you know we’re open at this time in the morning
blah blah blah what are you trying to achieve why are you coming here and you
tell them about your back and then they show you the stretching area and they
talk about their own experience you know stretching and the different exercises
you do working together with them as your trainer and all this what person
are you more likely to sign up with right of course it’s the person who
listens to you who gets to know you that you’re going to actually want to work
with and so all that is my way of saying do not let sales or promotion hold you
back in terms of a business there are many different strategies in my free
free a program we teach three different
marketing techniques or like big picture strategies each of those have like a
dozen strategies in them but three different approaches that involve no
promotion basically in terms of old-fashioned hard promotion and the
selling technique that I mentioned I go through in the other video requires very
little if any kind of pushy or aggressive sales it’s all about
listening and asking questions and then occasionally like at the end you do have
to say hey so do you want to hire me but that’s not too hard to do at that point
right I’m sure you can manage that so definitely pursue this career if you
have an interest in the topic and you think you’d be great at it do not worry
about the sales aspect that will be no problem at all thanks for watching this
if you have your own question you want to send in head over to Dreams around
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that way thanks for watching catch you in another video soon

4 thoughts on “INFJ Career Advice – Can I Be GOOD AT SALES OR PROMOTION?! – #AskDan

  1. There is a great book (and popular Ted Talk) about human motivation in business called, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Dan Pink. In it, he describes antiquated methods that many (if not most) sales-based businesses still use. I think it's the dominance of these methods that turns the HSP INFJ away from sales jobs. We're far too intuitive to believe that high-pressure techniques are genuinely effective, though the numbers may seem to support them.

    If your only concern is short-term growth, they work. But, if you look at the longer-term attrition and satisfaction figures, they absolutely do NOT. Don't be in a hurry to book your sales, connect as Dan suggests, and you'll grow your numbers by word-of-mouth, too. In the long run, you'll be the better, more successful trainer/salesman working.

    Now, if business leaders would just get their heads out…

  2. Selling is not really good on me unless i am really selling something of a really good quality that will make people really happy and i won't feel guilty about it after, that prolly should be it.. 🙁

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