Instagram Advertising Strategies

it’s no secret that Instagram has
quickly become one of the most powerful and popular platforms available today
which is why in this video we’re talking all about how to leverage the incredible
power of Instagram advertising to unlock new leads connect with more customers
and generate more revenue for your business let’s get to it
hey there my name is Adam Earhart modern marketing strategist and welcome to the
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into the exact strategies first off full disclosure
if you’re looking for organic Instagram growth tips things like following and
unfollowing different people creating all kinds of different content and
commenting on every single different person’s post in order to grow your
following organically then this video isn’t for you but on the other hand if
you’re looking to add rocket fuel to your Instagram strategy by effectively
deploying a strategic Instagram advertising strategy then you’re going
to want to stick around and pay attention because the tips that I’m
going to be sharing here with you are the exact same ones that I use inside my
advertising agency to generate more leads customers and sales for my clients
each and every single day all right so with all that said let’s dive right in
to strategy number one which is to optimize for leads and sales you see the
very first problem that most people have when they start looking at Instagram
advertising as a viable strategy for their business is they start to get
confused about the end goals and the objectives and what they’re trying to
accomplish you see when it comes to advertising marketing in general there’s
essentially two different camps there’s the brand awareness camp and then
there’s the direct response marketing camp now in the brand awareness camp we
have valuable content we have metrics like increasing the reach and increasing
impressions and all these are really saying is increasing the amount of times
that your business is going to appear in front of your target market now don’t
get me wrong these are all really good things however they can be very
misleading if all you’re trying to do is increase reach and impressions and
frequency or how many times that your ad is appearing in front of people rather
than the true objective of what advertising should be going after which
is leads and sales and that puts you firmly in the direct response marketing
camp where what you’re going to be doing is creating an ad
and you’re going to be expecting some kind of tangible result in return
something that you can track and you can measure and marketing that is
essentially accountable to the goals that you’re setting for it so all that
said when it comes to running an effective Instagram advertising strategy
one of the most important things you can do here is optimize your ad for leads
and/or sales rather than just for vanity metrics like likes and shares and
comments and growing your followers those are all good things to take care
of organically when money’s not on the line but when you’re actually putting
your hard-earned dollars out there and you want them to provide some kind of
return for you well you better make sure that they’re actually providing that
return and the best way is of course leads and sales now fortunately
optimizing for leads more sales is incredibly easy using the platform all
you really need to do is set up your ad campaign and choose the conversions
objective what this is going to enable the algorithm to do is put your ad in
front of more people who are likely to take the specific action that you’re
looking for all right so the next strategy hand tip that I want to share
with you here is to really get familiar with the different formats available in
Instagram ads now specifically we’re talking about feed and story ads two
completely different vehicles that can both help you achieve the same objective
which as you know now is leads and sales now here’s the thing man another mistake
I often see especially when people are transitioning from Facebook ads into
Instagram ads is that they tend to use the exact same creative and simply pick
new placements for that creative now I probably don’t need to tell you but this
is an absolutely terrible idea because when you’re just using the exact same
creative and putting it in all sorts of different places well it looks like it
just doesn’t fit in worse than that it looks like no effort was made and worse
than that it makes her brand look like you’re completely out of touch
fortunately the solution here is really quite simple and it really just involves
coming up with different creative or at least formatting it slightly differently
so it’s gonna look better in both the feed and the story placements also
you’re gonna have different constraints on the amount of time that that image or
video is going to be shown in both placements so again it’s important to
tailor your content for where it’s going to be displayed now a question you may
have is which one’s going to perform better feed ads more story ads and what
I can tell you from years of experience is that we don’t really know which is
why we always test both we have feed ads we have story ads and we pit them
against each other head-to-head battle of fight to the
death and whoever provides the best return on investment wins now the other
point that we really need to talk about here when it comes to the different
formatting options available whether feed or story ads is that regardless you
want to make sure that your ad is taking up the maximum amount of real estate
possible as an example if you’ve got the option to use vertical video this is
fantastic because it’s gonna take up a ton of space maybe you can use square
images instead of landscape style which is gonna significantly crop down what
you’re gonna be able to show and the amount of real estate you’re taking up
in your customers feed but regardless of whether you’re using square images or
vertical video or whatever the case and again the platform may change as we go
through the years here regardless you want to make sure that you look at the
specifications which are listed right there inside the ads manager when you’re
creating the ad and make sure that you’re maximizing the real estate
possible wasted space means wasted money alright so the next strategy and one
that I’m simply loving right now is a way to increase engagement by asking the
audience what I’m referencing here is essentially using a poll now whether
we’re going to be using polls or whether we’re going to be using new features
that haven’t even been unleashed yet regardless what we want to do is find
ways to continue to engage and increase conversation with our target markets now
the reason I like using polls so much and the reason I like using anything
that increases engagement on the ad is twofold
for starters by increasing engagement on the ads you’re increasing the likelihood
of a conversation and it’s been said that conversations are the new leads I
tend to agree at least a little bit the next thing is is that the more
engagement that you show on your ad well the cheaper your results are going to
end up being because when you’re getting engagement on your ads it’s showing to
the platform Instagram in this case that your ad is enjoyable its engaging and
that people want to interact with it and if you’re creating enjoyable engaging
and interactive ads well Instagram is gonna reward you by showing it to more
people for even less money now a final tip here on asking the audience and
creating more engaging content is to find something you can be relatively
polarizing about meaning that essentially people are gonna fall into
one of two camps the Coke versus Pepsi you see when you’re able to be
polarizing and drawing a line in the sand essentially what you’re doing is
you’re creating a tribe of people who more resonate with you and your brand
and your message and you’re basically everyone else which sounds terrible but
is actually incredibly valuable because the more people that you can attract and
really connect with and form that tighter alliance well the better your
business is gonna do and those other people that just don’t get it well they
just don’t get it and that’s okay all right so the next strategy that I want
to share with you is one that I’m particularly excited about and that’s
micro influencer marketing now micro influencer marketing doesn’t typically
fall under the traditional Instagram advertising platform per se but it is
still a form of advertising just done a little differently now the reason I’m
such a big fan of micro influencer marketing right now is because it’s just
proving to be so incredibly effective especially for small local areas or
really targeted niches or anywhere where you don’t necessarily have a broad or
massive product or service but something that’s got a little bit more of a niche
down audience another beauty of micro influencer marketing is that it’s really
easy to use here’s how it works basically with micro influencer
marketing what you’re doing is you’re identifying a few influencers that have
smaller followings with a similar audience or following as the people that
you’re seeking to attract now their audience size could be a thousand or
five thousand or ten thousand maybe even a hundred thousand depending on what
market industry and business you’re in regardless however is these micro
influencers probably haven’t been approached by brands or businesses
before which gives you an amazing opportunity for some kind of sponsorship
so you can go out there and provide them with some kind of value in exchange for
a shout-out or a product review or something like that now when it comes to
regular influencer marketing you’re talking with brands and businesses and
influencers that have a following of ten thousand a hundred thousand millions
maybe tens of millions and they’re gonna cost thousands tens of thousands
hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars to sponsor but when
it comes to micro influencers with a much smaller reach a much smaller and
more defined audience well you’re often able to sponsor them or support them for
hundreds of dollars maybe tens of dollars maybe just an exchange of
products or services that would help them regardless of how you choose to
negotiate and structure the deal my point is this micro influencer marketing
is an incredibly valuable strategy that far too few businesses are using right
now leaving the door wide open for you all right so let’s move on to a more
traditional form of Instagram advertising with my next strategy to all
be testing you see like I mentioned before when we were talking about
formats between feed and story ads well the same thing kind of applies when it
comes to the creative you choose the images the video the captions the
hashtags everything that goes into it you don’t necessarily know with 100%
certainty which one is going to knock it out of the park and which one’s gonna
fall flat on its face fortunately you don’t have to because
you can split test different images and different captions different placements
and everything that you can pretty much think of that goes into an ad you can
test against each other but I appreciate that may sound incredibly overwhelming
so if when you’re just getting started there’s really only two different things
you want to test and remember only test one at a time the first of which is the
creative so this would be the ad the image the video that you’re using
testing different colors and different contrasts and different styles and
essentially just trying to find out which one is going to resonate best with
your audience the second thing that you want to be testing is the audience
itself including different interests targeting including different
demographics including different geographic areas or maybe different
people that they follow or brands that they like whatever it is you want to try
to find the pocket of people that are most likely to resonate with your
message in your brand now a bit of a pro tip for you here my advice is to spend a
ton of time on really dialing in your creative making sure that it’s going to
resonate with your exact an ideal target market and then testing your audiences
first once you’ve got your audience dialed in and you know that you’ve got
the right people in front of you for your ad well then you can move back and
start testing different creative from there all right so my next Instagram
advertising strategy is essentially to not give up
on Facebook see what you may or may not know is that Instagram ads are run under
the Facebook Ads manager meaning if you want to run Instagram ads you’re going
to need a Facebook Ads account now many of the businesses and entrepreneurs that
have coached and consulted with well they’ve really fallen into one of two
camps they’ve either fallen into the all Instagram and only Instagram camp or the
all Facebook and only Facebook camp and this is kind of a flawed strategy and
what I’m happy to correct for them when we start working together you see
because Instagram ads are managed under the Facebook ad manager it simply
doesn’t make sense to not try out Facebook ads at least a
little to see if you can identify your audience
the other platform even if your market is a younger demographic and you’re
completely convinced that they’re not on Facebook it still doesn’t make sense to
not just click that box put it on a few different places on Facebook make a few
adjustments and tweaks to the creative so it looks like it fits there and then
see what happens and of course the same thing applies if you’re running Facebook
ads and you have no interest of running Instagram ads again it doesn’t make
sense so not check the box make a few tweaks to the copy and the creative so
it looks like it fits on Instagram and then let the data decide now when it
comes to testing your Instagram ads over on Facebook my advice is this make sure
that you leave things as close as possible to the original meaning that
your demographic details like age and gender and occupation and things like
that stay the same your geographic details meaning the cities or states or
provinces or countries that you’re targeting make sure those stay the same
and the same with the psychographic details like the attitudes and interests
and beliefs and all that stuff make sure to keep that the same so really the only
thing that you’re testing is the different placements in the end it’s the
market that decides whether Instagram ads or Facebook ads are going to perform
best for you but again it doesn’t make sense not to at least give it a shot all
right and the next Instagram advertising strategy I want to share with you is
called scale it up and this is where the rubber really hits the road and where
your Instagram campaign goes from essentially doing okay or maybe hitting
breakeven and becoming insanely profitable and massively exploding your
business you see if you’ve gone through all the steps that we’ve just talked
about and you’re running ads now in the feed and in story placements and maybe
even over there on Facebook and you’re starting to get some decent return on
investment well now’s the time that you want to start thinking about scaling
these things up and adding more fuel to the fire to really expedite your
business’s growth now by far one of the most common questions I ever get is when
should I scale up my ads and the answer is really simple the best time to scale
your Instagram ads is when they’re profitable that’s it you see if you’ve
managed to build a campaign where you’re putting in $1.00 and you’re getting $2
back it doesn’t make sense to not do that as many times as you possibly can
after all give them a dollar and they give you two you give them a hundred
they give you 200 give them a thousand they give you 2,000 and so on and so
forth why would you not be doing this as many times as possible but of course the
Devils in the details and you can’t just go out there and double your budget or
and a thousand percent to how much you’re spending each and every day or
your campaign is gonna crash and burn thanks to the algorithm how it all works
for this reason when you have a profitable campaign that’s producing a
positive return on investment from your ads band you want to scale it up
strategically relatively slowly I say relatively slowly because there are ways
we can expedite the process but in general you want to be a little more
cautious than you do crazy now if you’ve never scaled up an Instagram ad campaign
before I’m gonna give you two tips here that are a nice and safe and easy place
to start the first is something called incremental budget scaling and what you
want to do here is slowly but surely increase the daily budget that you’re
spending on your ads by about 15 to 20 maybe 25 percent at most and then give
it two to three days to kind of stabilize and let the algorithm figure
out where it belongs again the next tip is a little more risky but as long as
you keep a good eye on things can work out just fantastic and that’s to take
whatever ad set is performing the best and duplicate it with a higher budget
now with this strategy you are going to want to keep a close eye on things
because you’re feeding a lot more information and a lot more money into
the algorithm so you want to make sure that things are staying within those
metrics that you need to keep it profitable all right the next thing
you’re gonna want to do is check out these videos I have linked up right here
for you the first is Instagram advertising
tutorial which is going to give you even more tips and tricks and strategies that
it didn’t have a chance to cover here today I’ve also linked up a video on
Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads you can really weigh out the pros and cons of
each and make the absolute best decision for your business so make sure to check
them out now and thanks so much for watching I’ll catch you next time on the
modern marketing show

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