52 thoughts on “Instagram Advertising Tool – Instagram Promote Feature 2016 – Paid Ads

  1. Okay so I've been trying to do this with my account and I gotta say it's not worth it. Today I tried again and noticed that the flow of likes on the photo that I was promoting suddenly stopped.
    Thats not normal, It had already reached round 90 likes in less the 40 min. Then after that, nothing. Also when I look at the campaign progress it shows zero clicks and views and still after 3 hours. I paid for 24 hours, around 10 US dollars.
    Feels like a total rip off!

  2. how do people get paid on instagram . do they need a lot of followers. then start promoting things. then get paid .

  3. Hey, FollowingLike can automate the work on Instagram. https://plus.google.com/+NiuBe/posts/DqKKQkeW6jg

  4. i've made a promotion on instagram for 1 day. Is it the charges of the promotion will be deducted from my bank acc?

  5. how long did it take for Instagram to approve your promotion, I just promoted my first post and I'm curious as to how long it's going to pend

  6. I have a small business, I need to have big profits and real audience .So I’ve used the service of instanobel.com and in addition I watched your videos and these videos are very helpful, post more business videos. and can you talk more detail with sells and promoting as in pop up shops or how to make your first 100 sales.

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  8. It takes my money out of my account without telling me😅How do I stop that? Or how do I take my credit info out of the business tool?

  9. When I click on „Add Another Paynent“ it brings up facebook and says Something has gone wrong or something … WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Please answer lol

  10. I’ve been trying to promote some of my post but it’s not letting me add a payment method at all. It keeps saying “ general error “ but my payment method that I’ve been attempting to use should be able to work but it’s not accepting, help anyone ?

  11. very nice video. thumbs up to nina thomas. one thing i wanna ask is that generally there are two ways to create promotion on Instagram, one is through your app like in which you have created a simple post and want to promote it by selecting required options. Other way is to link up your instagram to your facebook which i did, and found out that its UI(user interface) is very similar to FB(facebook). Now my question is that i have created a page and on it if i want to create promotion via its(instagram) fb linked account, then do my promotion run on fb only or on my instagram as well. if it runs on both platforms that how will i knew?

  12. Once my promotion ended, how do i know if instagram alr deducted the amount of how much i spend? Do i hv to do it on my own or is it automatically deducted from my acc? Tq.

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