Introduction to Digital Marketing

[MUSIC PLAYING] Digital and social
media give you the opportunity to really
share your stories, to share your expertise. There is so much
information out there. A lot of customers
are on overload, they don’t know
where to go, so you can become a trusted resource. The biggest mistake
that companies make is, taking an old-fashion
mass communication approach toward
digital, which is trying to say the same thing
across all platforms, or trying to sell at
all points of contact. Your customers, your
business partners, are more savvy
than that, and they might want different
interaction from you, in these different platforms. I think where marketers
really struggle is, how do you keep up,
and where should you focus? Most people today
understand social media, and digital media,
to some extent, but maybe not from the
business perspective. How does this really
drive any of your business goals, anything from
awareness, to actual sales. This program is really
ideal for anyone who wants to get up to speed in digital. A business owner,
for example, who might want to better understand
that digital landscape, as well as a marketing person who
now has more digital added to their list of
responsibilities, and that’s a real reality today. I like to go right to
examples of other companies that are doing it well,
how teams work together, why things go viral. You know, the program
itself is very fast-paced, and it’s meant to have
lots of exercises. You get that
hands-on opportunity, in a kind of a safe
environment, to try things out. We focus on who is
your customer, why do you want to get
in touch with them, what are your objectives
for being in digital. Therefore, you’re not in
spaces that you shouldn’t be, and you’re not
wasting resources. I love teaching this
at the college level. Then I get to come
over here and teach at the Division
of Continuing Ed. And now I’m working with
people that are more like me. They’re not there to
earn a full degree, or to become an expert in
social or digital media. They need to understand how
to apply it to their business. We have a very
different conversation then when we’re building
something for pedagogy. If you’re going to come
here and spend your time, I want you to feel like
that time flew right by, and that you walk
out here ready to go. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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