100 thoughts on “IS INSTAGRAM SCREWING OVER INFLUENCERS 😱 (Instagram Hiding Likes)

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  2. Likes may be a poor metric in some ways overall, but Instagram realistically is a low engagement platform (despite their attempts to change that), and it makes the most sense. Otherwise, remove them totally.

    Also Google Ads and ads on Instagram set the market rate for click-throughs/referrals, trying to compete against that seems crazy and a losing battle unless you've got an enormous audience. Removing likes just makes the platform more advertiser friendly, as there's no public facing indication of what's going on. Like if someone gets 10,000 likes, and does some cheesy ad that gets 10, no one can tell but them. They might get inundated by negative comments, but comment engagement generally seems very low, since it's such a hassle to even open them up and scroll down. Like on Youtube you can still hear the video, on IG you can't even see the post.

    It makes sense for advertisers to demand better engagement metrics (from their perspective), but we call them influencers for a reason. They are just an advertisement if they have to directly channel traffic. Obviously it's partly how people value themselves, and partly companies having that deeper understanding and value system, but is that the norm… hard to say. It would be better if creators were valued more in that way, but I think the comparison to advertising is a harsh and common one.

  3. I believe these changes have more to do with the 2020 election but regardless, outstanding video. So much value.

  4. Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook is trying to encourage more genuine interactions with family friends. Around the same time Instagram started experimenting with removing likes. Though I do feel mental health has some part to play, this change would have the added benefit of evening the playing field for current influencers and aspiring creatives.


  5. I started an account a few months back and at first my stories were getting hundreds of views now i get 4 or 5 in 24 hrs! Lol I’m no influencer but something definitely happened. it was recommended that i switch my account to personal but that still didn't help. The only way i can make sense of it is that maybe its a tactic to entice you to promote? Not sure 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Instagram and Facebook has been hiding likes since June this year in Australia, to be honest it really hasn't changed my experience, comments are the true engagement not likes.

  7. If Instagram wants to remove public likes, that's their business. 'No use getting mad about it and besides, if this change might cause people to judge content on its merits, rather than its popularity, I think that's a good thing.

  8. I’m pretty nervous about how this new thing might affect my art business. I think that the number of likes can influence people on whether they make a purchase of an item. I do well with likes so obviously I would want them to stay but I also see how hiding the likes could have its benefits

  9. You talked about people potentially not having what it takes to keep a channel going, so now it's the perfect moment for you to talk about it to those who are willing to quit their channels due to COPPA enforcement. Platforms are desperately and impulsively trying to protect themselves from the upcoming regulations.

  10. Yeah, my model day rate is $1400. I still get paid for my pics and my work regardless of my likes on Instagram. I'm no Instagram influencer, but am a print commercial model which itself is an informed in itself, regardless the likes.

  11. Roberto, Insta makes great job to take care about young generation. Influencers earn enough money from other resources to take care themselves. New generation is more important than extra money.

  12. Hooray. Tired of seeing people buying likes and followers. So many times we (mom and I) couldnt figure out how so-and-so suddenly has 20k followers but no more likes or comments than my 3k tiny page. Until we learned what people do. Buy followers. Buy likes. Nope. I cant wait until next semester when i get to take digital design and I can use Instagram to play with design. Not chase likes. I just love your channel! 😃

  13. Figures this would happen. In 4 short months my Instagram already caught my youtube channel with 2300 followers. I also have made some good sales on ig but the no likes might chase a lot of people away that could be potential customers. Ive been doing my niche for over 20 years but ive been trying to match that up with social media but i keep running into road blocks. Doing social really slows my money making process down but people like Roberto and Gary Vee have convinced me to stick with it because of the upside. But is it too late?

  14. We still have "likes" in the UK. However they will eventually go after the trial I can only imagine. With Likes removed I will no longer see the memes of people being upset with their friends for not "liking" any of their pictures.

  15. A while back they removed the ability to see who has 'liked' comments. It remained, not really for very long, but also for too long. Regardless of what 'likes' they take from view from anyone, account owners and/or those commenting, it doesn't matter that it's "their platform." Laws, including (US) constitution, still exist and are relevant online as well. Why do I bring up the law and constitution? Because I realize (the fact) that they are in violation of the law and possibly constitutional law. The first amendment of US constitutional law is includes Freedom of Speech. Social network posts, and comments, are a corm of communication (speech) and reactions of posts and comments ARE communication and thus are speech.

    I LOVE how you CALLED OUT FTC. Do it again, yo! Do it again! They're also in violation of the law with the 'junk' they're/they've pulled regarding – well, where we are right now – YouTube. Yup, that means YouTube is also in violation of the law and have been for some time now by removing the ability to comment on certain channels.

    "…what is popular is not also good it's just popular." Love this! I immediately thought of a phrase I read a while back that is also great…

    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it. Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it."

    While I was in college I came up with… "My way is the right way, the right way is my way."

  16. Don't forget to always audit your prospected influencers via influencer auditor before engaging to be sure that they are 100% real before engaging (helps avoid fake influencers)

  17. Roberto, you crack me up. That Vader quote was so well placed.
    By the way, you raise some good points here. And from your last newsletter, you had some really good affirmations in here.

  18. they better change the algorithm now so that comments mean a lot more. if they dont change the algorithm then the rich just get richer on instagram. likes will drop across the board for everyone now, i mean why like a post if it isnt going to do or show anything? i dont see this lasting long

  19. Hey Roberto. If you have a Youtube channel and want to move it in another direction and change the niche. Do you hide the older videos? Just slip the new niche in once in a while and continue the old niche also? Do you make a video telling your subs what is going on? If the Niche is just WAY different do you make a new channel?

  20. Question. I started a fiction and writing account on Instagram for my novel. It was not growing until I made a fashion art post.

    I'm now incorporating sewing and graphic design from my old experience working as a seamstress's assistant and as cashier in a fabric store. I'd like for this to lead to something for myself in the future after corporate life. It's not bad and I can see myself continuing to do it and making it grow.

    But I still love writing. Do you think there is anyway I can incorporate fiction and poetry back after a while? Or is it best to keep them and my art journey separate? I'd love to hear your advice.

  21. that's a good thing, hopefully, Youtube will follow with hiding numbers of view and subscribers as the quality content starts to decrease and became badly hided marketing. At least they should be published as a shopping video but no informative or tutorial type channel.

  22. Been living without 'likes' for a while, doesn't bother me. More than anything this is great for the younger generation who feel the pressure to get lots of likes on their posts to feel relevant / appreciated. Also, the thought of 'influencers' being short-changed is only a good thing IMO.

  23. I love this Instagram should of did this a long time ago. Now everyone has to be social I always check people comment section and jump in on the conversation this is actually a win for smaller pages because a like doesn’t mean too much if no one is engaging with the content and from a money stand point this helps influencers know who is there customer we live in an age now where if I can’t connect and talk with you I’m not buying nothing I need to know who the owner of the band is before I give up my time and money

  24. Hey Roberto, great video! I wasnt sure what nugget of treasure I was going to get from this video but you didn't fail to deliver. Thanks for your view on valuing your creative verses reach. This is something I struggle with as a small creator tapping into her creative. Anyway thanks for the videos. Keep up the great work.

  25. Thanks Roberto! Been following for a couple of years now and decided to drop my first comment (I think) just to give you your props. Check out my brother Will's channel – just reached 100K recently @ Will Motivation. Bless and thanks again! Keep rockin!

  26. Personally I think the big corporations want to take over, leaving the little people in the dust. Corporate money hungry investers….

  27. I have 3 accounts, on 1 I can't see the likes anymore from my self and from other accounts (it is my newest acc set up 09/19), My 2 other accounts can still see all the likes that someone has, even on my newest account. Has this new feature been rolled out for a few or just not yet for everyone?

  28. interesting Video topic As usual. I'm not bothered About this Change while I think it's more of a business/pr decision than a really because they're concerned about mental health we still have comments (although 95% of people don't comment )

    but the difference they claim they're trying to make doesn't work because on every other platform likes are still there so it doesn't matter in my humble opinion .

    I think they're going to experiment with how they go about it anyway i'm interested to see how it goes though and if people will be outraged

  29. I love the term, "vanity metrics". That describes it perfectly! I also refer to those metrics as ego-meters. I agree with you that it will actually be a good thing. For small content creators, this may actually even the playing field a bit. Perhaps other platforms such as YT should make other metrics such as view counts only visible to the content creator. Sadly, people are easily influenced and swayed by view and comment counts. Thanks for sharing on this topic.

  30. I wish they would leave the likes for posts, not so much for getting likes but so that I can like other people’s posts.

    I may not always have time to write a full on comments to 50 people during the day, but I’ve seen at least that many pieces of content and it’s just nice to be able to let people know that I did see it and it’s pretty cool.

    Having said that, I don’t personally feel it’s going to make or break Instagram but I guess we’ll see.

  31. I'm.not sure about this – it's also going to stopping other people actually liking your post because what's the point now if no one can see it?! It came onto my account yesterday and it is sooooo weird. Not sure I like it.

  32. all i can say is SCREW The FTC Indeed, also roberto i have an instagram profile @just_another_anime_store where i try to sell t-shirts, im still growing it do you think it's a viable platform for that ? and are ads necessary considering my ideal content strategy is something like 3 product image posts and 1 or two anime memes

  33. You made a point about comments and video sooooooo a lot of people don’t go live on thier Instagram they don’t use the video chat that’s in the dm i I still like a FaceTime call and a lot of people from my experience don’t like using the voice in the dm I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max I’m a tictok and triller user my instagram was originally for my photography I’ve been doing for 8 years know I just started creating YouTube content but I appreciate what your doing however thiers. Ignorant dark side I experience I went to campfloog I wanted to video chat the people I meet and go live I’ve experience people don’t want to do anything if the things you shared thier a a lot of things I know just from networking thank you I like to do a video on how going live and using the video chat can help us have a amazing day I have a YouTuber also so I’m open to everything and try everything

  34. If we all built / used our own websites instead of helping create these megas, we would not be on rented land, and their ever changing algorithms wouldn't matter – they might even just vanish.

  35. Sometimes I even wish they would remove the account name and really just like the picture / picture-text. Because I get biased with some accounts (e.g.if it is not personal but a brand)

  36. Roberto I need your help!!!
    I want to do YouTube so badly but I’ve been caught up lately on Snapchat and doing other stuff that don’t matter and I want to be focused on creating content and it’s just so discouraging

  37. Here is where the problem lies….In order for your post to go out to more people you have to have a lot of likes and comments. I think it will affected the influencer in the end because people are not going to like as many post anymore since no one can see it. Instagram is hoping more will pay them to promote the post which means more $$$ for insta

  38. Bacically I think of Influencers as a bad thing, as long as it is people that got fame at a time and we just follow them as sheep. WHEN we talk about people like you, Roberto, it is not a MOMENT of Fame, it is steady, continuing info that I benefit of and makes me act, not duplicate, act out of knowledge, that is a good thing. Momentary fame is so shallow and Im glad if it goes away. About the Future: I think Comments is most beneficial for me as a viewer – many times I understand topics better after reading comments, people speak in variaty of ways and therefore I get it as a PLUS to quicker grab a topic. Im a happy subscriber and wish to thank you – awesome to know you (a little)

  39. I think influencer marketing is going to explode for people who are actually interested in creating great content. Now its going to be less about nudity and being popular and more about building a community. Its basically taking things back to when instagram first got started and blogging and such! Before everyone got caught up in the hype. It will also make it harder for new people to pop in and just buy their following because metrics they need to send to brands wont reflect that they are a good investment!

  40. It’s true that instagram makes me depressed, cause im really into clothes and i see these pretty girls with thin bodies and i want to get that body, but it doesn’t help with removing likes, and tiktok is worse, cause the only girls i see on tik tok is girls with my dream body, i can’t even go to school anymore cause im afraid people will look at my body

  41. I was kinda hype when I seen Instagram took away the likes honestly🤷🏽‍♀️ people take likes way too serious lol

  42. Please leave the inserts of articles up a liiiitle bit longer. They flash by to fast to even read the headlines Please & Thank You 🙏🏾❤️

  43. Dont care at all. Agree that will be less stress for small creators. And yes, anyway we will play by the rules of the platforms.

  44. I agree i don't think companies care about "likes" … Also i dont agree saying "small influencer" can not compete. I think thats a load of bs. People just care about popularity. My my goal is getting a REAL audience that truly care for what i do and what value i bring to them. Also i got that book in audible recently!

  45. I don't think it is the end if influencer marketing. But I do feel that it would become better platform for brands to get a well informed opinion of how fans really feel about the product with the right ambassador. The cl(clown)out culture can no longer disrupt the reputation of said brand.

  46. Hopefully they dont make it styled like Geometry Dash one beacuse there if you have 0 likes and if someone dislikes you get -1 wich is a dislike btw just 1 button

  47. This is very insightful, thank you so much. I've watched this over and over to make sure I don't miss any of the points. Plus I do agree with you that this will get to see more quality content on Instagram from influencers on different levels, Let me go check you on IG

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