Is Multi-Level Marketing A Scam? I’ve Been in THREE!

Or you get a random Facebook message hey
how’s it going how’s life oh you know what you would be great for this
business opportunity for you and if ever looked about making some side income or
anything like that yeah then you know it’s coming today I’m spilling the tea
on MLMs multi-level marketing I have been in three and I’ve got some stuff to
say about MLM ten this is gonna be juicy hi friends what gonna freedom in a
budget I’m Kelly today we’re gonna talk about MLM ‘z oh boy it’s gonna be
interesting I’ve got some pros I’ve got some cons I’ve got some misconceptions
I’m gonna lay it all out on the line I’ve been in 3m alums like I said and
it’s gonna be interesting but if you’re new to my channel welcome my name is
Kelly and my channels about living life well and I’m budget and budget under be
constricting let you not do anything no it gives you freedom
so today whoo let’s bring it so just to give you a little backstory is I’ve been
in three different MLM and most of them were in my early 20s I was in well
actually one of them the first one I started was that when I was 18 and that
was Lia Sophia and that was like costume jewelry then I did it works which is
like those body wraps that shrink your stomach yeah let’s not talk about that
then the third one was my global and my global I was actually in for the longest
I was in Amway for three or four years so it was a doozy it was a long time in
that anyways what I’m gonna give most of my experience from because that’s what I
was in the longest and had the most like personal knowledge on it first we’re
going to talk about is some of the misconceptions about MLM and first I
just want to clear that MLM czar not all schemes there are not pyramid schemes
there not or at least on all of them for in order for it to be a pyramid scheme
no products can be exchanged that is the definition of a pyramid scheme is no
products exchanged if there are products then that would disqualify fit from
being a legit pyramid scheme now they I don’t know why but that just
term rubs me the wrong way when people say pyramid schemes because they’re just
not educated and they’re not they haven’t done their research and they’re
just kind of going over what’s popular to say so just want to get that off my
chest now next is people always think that the people at the top make all the
money and then that trickles down and it’s like a pyramid no that’s not the
case there have been so many times especially the ones that I’ve been in
where you can outwork your leader you can outwork the person above you and
make more than them so it’s not always the people at the top it is depending on
how hard you work how much ever you want to put in how
much you’re hustling it depending on how much you make money I had people below
me that made more money than I did I had people above me that made less money
than I did so it really depends on how much work you’re putting in how long
you’ve been in it there’s so many different factors that go into how much
money you’re making so I hope that clears it up another thing is it depends
on how the company structure bonus scale of that is set up the FTC actually uses
Amway as their gold standard as what they use to let see if a new
up-and-coming MLM multi-level marketing is a scam or not or if it is legit is
they will use am ways way of how they do their bonus sale how they do everything
like that to see if it is going to be legit and sustainable which is really
cool the next misconception is the product so many people think that it’s
just magic products and crappy products crappy energy drinks and just no good
products guys that is not always the case there are some of the best products
on the market in MLM they are seed to supplement type of products where they
have farms that are not allowed they control that air traffic above the farm
so that no planes can drop pesticides so nothing can go into the soil so it is
clean and they are on track for everything from seed all the way to the
supplement that you are taking which to me and that’s incredible I think that is
so cool now I’m not personally the biggest vitamin person but you can’t say
that that is not a quality product you cannot say that that is this game guys
there are so many amazing products out there I have friends that do Arbonne and
my one of my really good friends is has tons of debt issues and everything and
it has completely healed her gut and is completely it transformed her life so
there are some amazing stuff out there so it is a huge misconception that is
just all scam products no not the case next we’re gonna talk about the pros of
multi-level marketing companies and guys this may come to a shock to you but this
part of multi-level marketing I have the same feeling as I do with my YouTube
business and some people may not like to hear that but hear me out when you’re
into multi Marketing company especially one like
Amway they’re so big in teams they’re so big on self-help and entrepreneur spirit
and growing yourself and I would attend conferences that were very similar to
think on which I attended twice now and it’s a you know financial youtuber
bloggers media space where it’s all about growing yourself and growing other
people and these conferences were the same way it wasn’t about how to sell
products it was about how to grow yourself so that you can be a better
person and that is amazing to me that is so cool and I love that about a lot of
these multi-level marketing is they are about growing their people like their
people now growing their sales and when you grow their people at the sales wilt
um and you know the people skills will come which i think is just so cool I
personally went through a job loss I was laid off when I was in Amway and those
skills that I learned you know from the books that they were telling me to read
like thinking about which how to run friends in homes people those same
people that my YouTube friends are recommending to me and because of that
and the skills that I learned because of Amway because of my team I was able to
get job interview after job interview and I had a multiple job leads and job
approved jobs where I had to pick which company I wanted to work with because so
many people said yes we won’t hire you because of the skills that I learned
before I was very timid I was very just not confident of myself in interviewing
and openings like that so it’s really amazing how they’re able to grow their
people and just grow and empower and just really dig into just the psychology
and you know self-help has you know not the best reputation but honestly guys
some of those books are life-changing one of the next pros is being able to
own your own business and to get started for just a couple hundred dollars like
that is crazy that is really cool you know to have your own LLC to have your
own business which is what it is and it’s really really cool now if you are
you know going out to be a franchise owner it’s not going to be you know just
a couple hundred dollars it is ridiculous amounts to own a franchise
and to get started and something that so is that is something that you
want that you want to make growing outwards you want to have something
that’s yours they Neely do that for just a couple
hundred dollars which is really cool and with that the earning potential is
unlimited I know people in Amway that were on my team that were making
ridiculous ridiculous amounts of cash they were making six and seven figures a
year like legit six and seven figures a year and they were making that by
helping people they were going out by serving their team and that’s how they
were able to make that money which is really really cool and really really
inspiring so the money is there it’s it’s there if you are putting in the
work and all of that next PO is the products sell themselves
I talked about earlier about how my friends how it has heels heard that and
guys so many people have heard her story and are buying the products because of
that and they see the potential like see how much it’s helped her so honestly
guys the products if they are quality products depending on which one you’re
in they sell themselves it is so cool how they can just kind of sell and get
out there which is really really cool another Pro is you can do it on your
time and you can have a flexible schedule you can do it on the nights the
weekends whatever it is and then still work a full-time job and still have that
flexibility it’s not like a side job where you have to clock in and clock out
certain hours of your deliver pizzas or whatever it is
you can do it on your time on your schedule which is really really cool and
then also social media has really been a game changer if you think back to what
it was 20 years ago and people that were trying to build these M alums years ago
and what it is today and the social media now we’re gonna get into a con
with social media but it is a game changer in you know growing your
business that way and I’ve seen some people just by showing a Facebook post
of you know the nail strips or whatever it is and they are able to make really
great sales just from that also if you’re finding a value in this and if
you are interest in this and like these types of videos please give this a like
I would love for you to like this it really helps the way that my channel and
it’s a great free way to help me out alright now for the tea we’re going to
talk about the cons and one of the biggest biggest cons that I hear about
is you are ruining friendships and you can
really really get under a lot of people’s skin by I have an opportunity
for you or you would be a great fit for this oh my gosh guys and I can’t help
that laugh or smile whenever I hear because I remember back to when I was
you know part of Amway and that was a big thing is you know I loved being a
part of them I’ll be honest it was an amazing team I was part it’s like it’s
broken up of all different teams and each team has a team name and you know
these people and I was on a Christian team and it wasn’t you didn’t have to be
a Christian being it but most the team members were and they just you know
talks about you know good things in it and it was really just a family and it
was it was amazing I loved being in it and we’re gonna get into the reason why
I left and stuff but I really wanted to share it with people and it was genuine
and it really helped me in a lot of ways you know I talked about my confidence I
talked about you know how it really changed me that way a lot of times I
wanted to help people and recruit people so that they could have that not just
for the money but just for like how it helped me in that way and it was genuine
it legit was genuine and I really wanted people to be part of this business
because it really helped me and it changed my life and I honestly don’t
know if I would be Who I am today if it wasn’t for it but with that being said
there have been so many people that have been invited over for brunch and then so
you’re having snacks you’re talking and all of a sudden who they pull up a
PowerPoint presentation and you’re like look I know what this is about or you
get a random Facebook message hey how’s it going how’s life oh you know what you
would be great for this business opportunity for you and if you ever
looked about making some side income or anything like that
yeah then you know it’s coming so it really has a big connotation of ruining
fresh tips and you know saying guys and just having people on the outside they
feel like they’re being used and if you are part of an LLM please be careful
about that because it comes off as you are using them to grow your business and
you’re gonna be profiting off of them that is a huge thing that I’ve heard so
many times of people that even know that was part
of emmalin’s or years later I hear you know people talking about it so please
please please be careful about that and please just go with it very gently next
kana is that most people will lose money I lost money I don’t even know how much
money I’ve lost but it was several thousand dollars that I lost over the
years through anyway if you are not making a certain amount of sales then
you can’t get paid and you have to a lot of times invest in your own business and
invest in your own products so that you can get to that next level so that you
can be paid or you need to make a minimum thresholds like I think it was
like a hundred PV or something that you had to hit every month which was several
hundred dollars that you’re having to invest so that you can get paid out and
you had to put money in the conference’s flight outs of the conference’s the
conference ticket all of that you had to invest money into it and it was a lot
and I’ve honestly made more through youtube than I ever did in those that
the years that I was in am way I made a lot more than YouTube but then I did do
that the next kind of is this is a personal one and I personally felt like
it was a couple’s business I was doing as a single person I was doing my early
20s and so many people on my team they were out killing it they were out as
couples they were out you know a lot of it one of the big things about this
these businesses is you’re out cold contacting you can we have two people in
grocery stores and you’re going up to you know whatever it may be and you are
you know trying to help recruit people to your business to invite them to a
meeting and I had a really hard time with that even you know I talked about
all the self-help and how it grew my confidence so many different ways but
not in that way and that was a still really big struggle for me was going out
and walking up to people even today when I go to conferences I am NOT the person
that will just walk up to someone and be like hi I’m Kelly no I won’t do that at
a party I will do that anywhere now if someone walks up to me I could talk to
them that’s no problem but walking up to someone whole I can’t do it so that is
just something that I really struggled with and doing it as a single lady I
feel like was even harder now no one be sexist or anything like
that but I just personally you know I saw a lot of single guys doing it and
even some single ladies they were killing it but they didn’t have the
personality I had they weren’t as timid and shy as I was and a lot of times
these couples you know when one spouse didn’t want to do what the other chefs
is there to motivate them and push them and you got this let’s do it babe I just
didn’t have that as a single lady and you know I don’t know that was a big big
con for me it’s just I just I felt like I couldn’t do it as a single person and
the going along with that is talking about the contacting and stuff like that
is I felt guilt if I wasn’t out there contacting 24/7 when I wasn’t working
and there were times where if I was out and about and not in because they would
teach you to go out and like business casual clothes to always look
professional or anything like that if I was just going out and shorts and a
t-shirt and my leader saw me or someone else my team saw me whole I felt so
uncomfortable like I was cheating or I was just not working the business and it
was just I just felt guilt I did not like it and it took years years even if
I after I left years to get past that which is just crazy and I don’t know I I
always just didn’t feel comfortable with that and then with the guild is also not
buying the products and yes we talked about the products were amazing the
products were incredible but y’all they were expensive and a lot of times you
know I couldn’t afford to buy the dish shop from them and it was like 10 times
more expensive than the dish shop at Walmart and the same with you know
whatever it was the protein bars or whatever food it was was so much more
expensive than I could buy at the store and I felt guilty not buying those
products because honest I can afford them
and honestly I want a debt for this company and yeah I’m supposed to major T
here I don’t want this to get into a MLM bashing frenzy guys please keep it clean
keep it nice but let me know down below in the comments have you had any
positive negative experiences and mallams have you been in a mom how
you’re looking at getting into one let me know down below in the Thomas I would
really love to hear from you guys so if you are looking to get into an MLM I do
have some tips for you first one is research the company really look into
the company find out what they’re about find out how their pay structure is do
some research with the Better Business Bureau and find out are they legit
are they good are their products good find all of this out do your research
before just jumping in make sure their products that you believe in that you
are all about not just on the line and yeah that’s a great way to make money
but make sure you are all about those products also make sure that you know
the monthly requirements to get paid that is a big one why have a stuff that
just breeze over and they don’t really get into the nitty-gritty deal details
but ask those questions upfront if they don’t know that’s a red flag right there
and make sure you talk to someone that does know how you get paid how the
monthly requirements work all of that next is it don’t expect to be rich
overnight guys don’t expect to be rich overnight it is going to take work now
like I said I know people that have made six and seven figures a year doing these
but that took them years and that took a lot of hard work and dedication so don’t
expect it overnight and lastly be ready for rejection it may come it will come
be ready for it know what’s coming and be okay with it and just move on there’s
more people out there we are keeping this run is going next we’re going talk
about five habits that are keeping your broke and it’s gonna get dirty it is
gonna get real and personal and we’re gonna we’re gonna get into some stuff so
five habits that are keeping you broke I’ll see you in that video

22 thoughts on “Is Multi-Level Marketing A Scam? I’ve Been in THREE!

  1. I was also in 3 in my early 20's. I could probably sum those up as years of tears. I have done much better creating my own products.

    There are other ways of getting great leadership skills that I wish I had known about back then. Even so, lessons in life are still lessons and I don't dwell on the setbacks we suffered during MLM years and instead focus on the future.

  2. I actively built 1 for 6 years then switched to another one and am in it still but not really actively building and I have to say I think your pros and cons are right on from my experience. The main reason I'm still in the one I'm in is because of the quality and life changing aspects of the products.

  3. they hurt/destroy friendship too. I had a guy I knew from baseball and school try and hit me up to “hang out,” he later asked me, “hey, do you mind if I bring my laptop and show you what I do?” I’m like, “see ya ✌🏼”

  4. I think the loss of friendship is the biggest con I have seen. When you start to feel like just a target customer/recruit, and you don't want to offend the person by not buying their products or being supportive, you feel a lot of pressure to hand over your money. If you have a great or desired product, people will come to you with general advertising and word of mouth…. look at how wanted items sell out like hotcakes (Kylie Jenner lipstick or Popeyes fried chicken sandwich). We all hate the pushy salesperson.
    I watched my Dad become alienated from his dearest friend who became involved in Amway, because every get together became a push for Amway sales or getting involved in Amway.

  5. I guess if you are going to do an MLM, use cash as an investment to buy product inventory… DONT take out loans or put it on a credit card!

  6. Thank you for this! I am a virtual assistant for a person that is an MLM. I love the company and product. I just don’t want to deal with the business side.

  7. I have a MLM video on my calendar too! But I should skip it bc you pretty much said exactly what I would say!!! Great video 🙌🏼

  8. I have never tried MLM as I don't really have a sales personality. There were a few women at my job who did Its Works but they eventually gave it up.

  9. Yes! I've been in Mary Kay since 1998. I don't sell much anymore, just personal use. I recently joined Juice Plus and Isagenix a few years ago. Again, only for the discount and personal use. I've only made money with Mary Kay. I sell on eBay as a side hustle and have made the most there, even achieved top rated seller status.

  10. I’ve done mlms, not for me. I do like juice plus products and use them. the only person I’ve seen make a decent profit selling jp eats breathes and sleeps her business. It takes A LOT of hard work and I haven’t seen people making a ton of money. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

  11. This is a great video! I’ve been involved in 1 MLM. I’m still a consultant but I don’t really work the business anymore. If I’m talking about the products naturally in one of my YouTube videos or blog posts, then I’ll link to it of course. And I do have a team below me and I’m making a small amount of truly passive income, which I directly use toward buying my own personal products. (Because the products truly are great!!) But I don’t think doing MLM’s is for me. I started seeing people and friends as numbers. Like, how could this person help make me money? And that’s just not who I am, and it made me feel inauthentic. I loved teaching classes on the product/healthy lifestyle, but when it came to the close/selling, I just could never get that down and feel totally comfortable. Plus I think I didn’t have the right market surrounding me, as a lot of my friends were in nursing school with me and they didn’t have the disposable income to purchase this stuff (and I wasn’t able to convince them of the value). Anyway, I think the cons outweigh the pros for me. I’d much rather do YouTube and blogging and create my own products to sell, but not have the pressure of trying to recruit people to build a team. I just want to genuinely help people and offer them value while also making an honest income!

  12. People would be much better off spending that time and energy getting a side job. 99% of people do not come out ahead when doing an MLM…that’s a fact!

  13. I tried doing DoTerra and I totally agree it is more of a couples business. I do love their products, but not selling them anymore. It works great for some people though.

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