20 thoughts on “Is Your Social Media Marketing Working? Here’s How to Track Your Social Media Efforts

  1. when it comes to Instagram, isn't it a bit hard to say sometimes with the algorithm? I will be on a steady increase and then it stops after an update comes out. Currently standing at 50K, where if say the algorithm never happened, I would probably be way higher at this point. Ive built my brand over the past 2 years organically.

  2. Neil your videos are awesome really I liked your thinking and content
    But you know when 1st time I seen your video I leved comment that your video ads are irritate but you changed my thinking bro

  3. Hi Neil! Awesome video once again with great value πŸ™Œ. So, I have a FB page for my blog that I started last month. I clearly am not good at growing it. I have an IG for my blog and that is growing gradually and has engagement. Was the blog FB page wrong to do? Should I have done Pinterest instead? Thanks and have a great day βœŒοΈπŸ˜ƒ

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