Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Announces Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis | NBC Nightly News

90 thoughts on “Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Announces Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis | NBC Nightly News

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  2. "Answer: This man is a badass beloved by billions who will be supporting him every step of the way of his journey." "Who is Alex Trebek." "That's correct."

  3. So sad to hear this. My prayers are with you Alex, and your family β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Prayers for you and your family Alex. Please trust God for the answer Accept His Son as your savior and He will guide you.

  5. Thanks for report trying to think of a jeopardy clue to go with this story nothing seems to come to my mind guess that s only right you don t want to mess with guy withformer mustache. Huh the little engine that could i know I can I know I can

  6. He is a millionaire he will will live longer. Money buys a bit of time. I had the same problem been alive for 11 years now, just had treatment out of the states since only in the states they dont want to fix you they want to milk all the money that they can. Aka steem cells

  7. Nope, nope, nope, I refuse to sit here and accept this. I used to sit there throughout my childhood with my grandfather watching Jeopardy and really getting into the show, I now sit there and hope that my grandfather will remember who I am. I followed two YouTubers religiously that had cancer, Sofia and PeeWeeToms and I just lost my close friend to suicide. Stan Lee just recently passed away and I've fought with suicidal thoughts in my past, I just can't seem to want to wrap my head around the fragility of life..

  8. Fight? I understand how tempting it is to fight as a warring spirit is wired in our primitive biology and glorified in our masculine world. Mr. Trebek, the cancer is in your body. Fighting it means fighting a part of yourself. How about making peace with the cancer and seeing what happens… xo

  9. I'm pray for you Alex!! I've watch you since I was like 4. Hurts to know you are sick with the same thing that killed my grandpa. But I have faith you can bet it Alex! God bless you and your family! Love always….πŸ’—

  10. For 1000, the activity that doesn't fix school shootings and won't make a stitch of difference to stage 4 pancreatic cancer? What is prayer.

  11. I hope God answers yes to all of our prayers for Alex,and also all of our prayers for all of the victims of cancer. Amen!

  12. M18 6 eNevA Is25 7 + RAMALLAH M1…2221 UARK ckom entz…

  13. WOW! Amazed the hating antiChrist liberal news allowed Alex Trebec to say on live TV such things as "Prayers" and "God".

    You are in my prayers Alex.

  14. Alex, I admire your fighting spirit but please remember to rest when you go on this journey. Working while going through chemo and radiation is the hardest thing that I ever saw my father do and he passed away two months ago. Eat healthy and best of luck to you. We of the internet love you, Alex!


  16. Keep up your positive attitude Alex Life is in the power of words. That's Gods words not mine. Praying for you!!

  17. Dear Mr. Trebek, I wish you the best, best in your fight against cancer. You have been a fixture in our lives, its like we know you. Sending out many positive vibes and prayers in this ordeal you are going through. Wishing you much love, peace and support from all your loved ones and everyone whose lives you have touched.

  18. My Poppa died from pancreatic cancer. We think he had it for a long time, the Dr just couldn't find it…they finally found out his diagnosis, and about 2 months after, he passed away. Prayers for Alex as he fights this cancer!

  19. I don't know if this will help but I hear CBD oils have cured cancer you have nothing to lose I would take as much as I can anyways good luck prayers coming your way

  20. This guy, this guy. He's the Walter Cronkite of game show hosts. This is devastating to me, and I don't even personally know the guy.

  21. I am so proud of Alex Trebek – he is a Ukrainian-Franco-Canadian by heritage and a Ukrainian-Canadian-American (became a naturalized American in 1998). A five-time Emmy Award winner and Guinness World Record holder for having hosted 6,829 episodes of Jeopardy! He has been a supporter of education, a philanthropist who earned a star on BOTH Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto and the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the honour as 'Officer of the Order of Canada' was bestowed on him in 2017. His heart never left Canada despite he earned a pay check south of the border… but his country of 'adoption' he also loves dearly as well… and the people of the state he lives in (as he once mentioned). Many of us grew up listening to his broadcasts from his early days at the CBC and watching his shows. . . His path in life has endeared him to more than his 'audience' and garnered him much respect on BOTH sides of the Canada-US border and beyond I am sure. . . God bless you Alex and grant you and your family courage with the love and support of many !

  22. An honorable, distinguished, and skilled gentleman you are, Alex Trebek. I am one who can remember the original host of Jeopardy, Art Fleming, in the 1960s and while I had some doubts when I first viewed you in the 1980s, you have more than maintained the excellance that art Fleming inaugurated in the 1960s.
    Any potentially deadly final illness is a serious matter and, god willing, you will handle this to the best of your ability.

  23. Alex Trebek: if got pancreatic cancer, I plan on beating it
    Americans: [music] crying lucky for you that's what like

  24. My prayers and best wishes are with you Mr. Trebek. I have watched your show from day one and will not watch again if you are not there. May God bless and keep you in this difficult time.

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