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(quiet calm music) – Can I tell you I love you yet? – I have never loved
anyone like this before. – We’re soulmates, Joe. (Joe moaning) – I love you. Is there another word
we could use, our word? – I wolf you. – I wolf you, too. Hello, you. No, fuck, no, I’m not doing that. I’m not gonna try to
figure out who you are, why you look so concerned about the state of that heirloom tomato. – Excuse me? Do you think this peach looks like a butt? There is no wrong answer. – It looks a little like a butt, yeah. – Sorry, Love. It’s my name, I mean. – No. Cool, it’s nice to meet you, Love. No way. – Yeah. I’ll see you in the break
room then, Will. (laughs) – [Joe Voiceover] No, not biting. I’m not that guy anymore, and I don’t think I ever will be again. I can’t be. Love, you are not for me. – Is that 99-cent ramen? – Yeah.
– No. No, Will, no. You’re an Angelino now. – I’m not, actually. – You know, you ex New
Yorkers are the worst. Is it good? We are gonna find you your perfect bite. – Amazing. – No, but perfect, is it perfect? – I would bathe in that sauce. – Stop lying to me. (soft music) Oh, so close. (lips smacking) (sniffs) Lemme tell you a little bit
about yourself, Will Bettelheim. (door creaking) You are not a snob, you’re just old fashioned. You like things that are real, made right by people who care. You like strong flavors, gimmicks don’t seduce you, what seduces you is the real thing. Therefore, roast chicken. Perfect bite? – Perfect. It’s perfect. – Yes! I knew it. D’you fall in love? LA? Is it so terrible? – It’s not terrible. – Good. – [Joe Voiceover] Here’s the thing, Love. – [Director] Cut! – It wasn’t easy for me to get here. To buy myself a little time,
this slim chance at a new life. And then, I saw you. (dramatic music) And you know I really do believe that things happen for a reason. That all the hard stuff,
and the craziness, and frankly my own mistakes, they maybe all led me here, for a reason. Maybe I should run right now Love. But now I don’t want to. I need to figure out a
way to see this through. Whatever it is, with you. Are you okay? You look a little– (swelling strings) No. Too soon, too much, too good. I’m glad you kissed me. – It did not seem like it. – I was! I was so freaked out, not because you did it, but because of how it felt. I didn’t expect you. (Love scoffs) – [Love] Just, call this a friendship. – That might help. – Okay. Great. Poof. Friends. (slow rock music) – [Joe Voiceover] It’s
not that don’t want you, we have a connection, something deep. But the last time I loved someone, well, I can’t risk repeating history. You leave me gifts everyday. I enjoy them as friendly offerings. Platonic. (messaging app boops) Safe. (messaging app boops) – [Love Voiceover] Hope
you’re not triggered by the word moist. – [Joe Voiceover] Oh,
it’s like eating pure sex. How am I supposed to resist this? – What is this called? – It’s breakfast, it’s lunch, sometimes it’s dinner. It was the best I could do as a kid. Which, you know uh, well it’s pathetic. Anyway, try it, try it! (Joe moaning) I’m sorry, I am so sorry. I did not mean for this to be romantic. – Are you kidding? – You deserve better
than another broken soul. – We’re all a little broken. (somber piano tones) Yet some pieces still
manage to fit together. (Love moaning) (Joe moaning) – Shh. I told you, we have to be quiet. – [Joe Voiceover] I don’t
think I’ve ever been in love before. (calm piano music) It’s been infatuation. This is it. – Can I tell you I love you yet? – Whenever you’re ready. In the meantime let me say it. I love you, Love. Ugh, it’s a complicated word. – Ugh, yeah. – Is there another word we can use? Our word? – I wolf you. – I wolf you too. (dark music) – Take a look inside. – Truth time. – Tell me it isn’t you. – It’s me. – Is your name Will Bettelheim? – My name is Joe. – I don’t even know what I’m supposed to call you now. – Call me whatever you want! Call me Will, you can call me Joe. You can call me that fucking liar, call me in the middle of the night. Call me happy, sad, sick, for favors, for sex, for a laugh, or cry. Don’t ever stop calling me. I have never loved
anyone like this before. – Me neither. Which makes this so hard. (sniffs) It’s over. – Please Will, I don’t wanna die in here. – You won’t. I promise. And I mean it, I won’t let this situation go bad. – Are you really leaving LA? – [Joe Voiceover] Your
sadness, disappointment in me. The goodbye I wanted to avoid. – I forgive your stupid lie, I just want to be with you. I want a life with you. Do you want that too? – Yes. (laughing) More than anything! (suspenseful music) – The hero races to the cage. He raises the door and steps inside, eager to set Delilah free, and begin the rest of his life. (dramatic music swelling) I told you you would walk of here. And I failed you, but Ellie will be okay. She will know you love her. And no matter what, I will never let her get hurt. (door opens) – Back the fuck up. – Easy. Easy, easy! (spraying) Aah! Aah! (screaming) – I told you Joe, it was
just a matter of time. – This isn’t what it looks like! I didn’t do this! – Tell her. Tell her you didn’t do this! – I did. (haunting piano music) She’s right. Everything she said
about what I did is true. (Love retching) – [Candace] Love! Hey! – God, leave me alone! (gasping) (dramatic music) – Where’s Candice? What happened? – I took care of it. (dramatic music swells) Everything is gonna be okay. – What did you do? – Why are you looking at me like that? – I’m so sorry. – Why? She was crazy! She was gonna hurt you, and us! And I fixed it. I knew right away, in my gut, I recognized something in you. And hey, smart, sexy, funny? A little darkness that made
you less storybook, more real. Maybe I got a little obsessed. Maybe I used my parents means to do a little digging after Candice left. You did some terrible things. But that’s what sensitive people do when they’re trapped
in a bad relationship. We can be together now. – I don’t think we can. Beck, Henderson, Delilah. I killed them. Their blood is on my hands. – Joe. You didn’t kill Delilah. I did. (bloody slicing) Step one, we frame Ellie
for Henderson’s murder with an anonymous tip. Between the total lack of evidence and the fact that she’s
a 15 year old girl, it instantly becomes a joke. That’s when Delilah’s body will be found with a suicide note. The investigation becomes poisoned. We’re soulmates, Joe. – [Joe Voiceover] What. The. Fuck? (dramatic music) – Joe? No! No I’m pregnant! (Love gasping) I’m pregnant. I hated doing that to Delilah. I just taken the test,
I had just found out. I wasn’t gonna let this
destroy my baby’s life. – I will earn back your trust. I will do whatever it takes. Nothing is more important than this. I love you. – You do? – Yes. – Still? – More. (strings swelling)

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  1. Joe should have stopped it here and should have been with love.Taking him to the third season is definitely going to kill him for sure 😂

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