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  1. Join the Green Leaves campaign for the general election 2019 email us [email protected]

    There are 31 marginal constiuencies.

    …Help us ensure they send Democratic MPs to parliament

    What can you do?

    – See if your constuency is in the list below

    – Email us to help for a few hours to leaflet

    – You will recieve a kit with flyers and a rosette

    – Take photos and share on Twitter/FB #GreenLeaves

    NE Wales (% of leave vote and how MP voted)

    Alyn and Deeside (58%, R)

    Clywd South (60%, R)

    Delyn (55%, R)

    Vale of Clywd (56%, R)

    Wrexham (57%, R)

    Stoke and District (% of leave vote)


    Crewe and Nantwich (59%, R)

    Newcastle under Lyme (62%, R)

    Stoke on Trent Central (65%, R)

    Stoke on Trent North (72%, R)

    West Midlands (% of leave vote)


    Birmingham Northfield (62%, R)

    Dudley North (71%, R)

    West Bromwich (69%, R)

    Wolverhampton NE (68%, R)

    Wolverhampton SW (55%, R)

    South Yorkshire / Nottinghamshire (% of leave vote)


    Ashfield (71%, R)

    Bassetlaw (68%, R)

    Penistone and Stocksbridge (61%, R)

    Rother Valley (67%, R)

    Other Northern England (% of leave vote)

    Barrow in Furness (57%, R)

    Bishop Aukland (61%, R)

    Keighley (53%, R)

    Stockton South 58%, R)

    Southern England (% of leave vote)

    Dagenham & Rainham (70%, R)

    Ipswich (57%, R)

    Lewes (47%, L)

    Peterborough (62%, R)

    South West England (% of leave vote)

    Cornwall North (60%, L)

    Devon North (57%,R)

    St Ives (54%, L)

    Thornbury and Yate (53%, R)

    Wells (53%, R)

  2. "What can you do?

    – See if your constituency is in the list below"
    I see no list?
    How come you and some others can see there is no reforming the EU, even Magid Magid, Green MEP's report on his first 2 weeks, said "we may have to burn the house down", yet still doesn't quite seemed to have got it.
    That's the only way to reform the EU is for it to end and then maybe a new loose collaboration of nations which works better for all could grow from the ashes as long as we keep the federalist out of it.

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