Join the White Ribbon Campaign and stop violence against women

But now, across the European Union,
1 in 3 women, over the age of 15 have experienced
physical or sexual violence. And over women have experienced physical or sexual
violence by a partner. Many hundreds of women die every
year at the hands of men. This violence is overwhelmingly
carried out by men. Against our mothers, girlfriends,
sisters, daughters, neighbours and colleagues. But men can make a difference. Men with the courage to stand up and
speak out can help to end violence
against women. Because men can help to change the way
other men think and act. Younger men. Older men.
All men. A world where women and men work
together for equality. Now, for the first time,
there is a new campaign covering the whole of Europe. Supported by the European institute
for gender equality. We’re increasing understanding of
the role men can play in stopping violence against women. At the heart of this campaign is a new
network of white ribbon ambassadors. Men and women who are already using
their influence to help us connect with men they live and work alongside. Build partnerships with
key organisations. Raise public awareness
through the media. Because

4 thoughts on “Join the White Ribbon Campaign and stop violence against women

  1. All violence should be condemned and men are the primary victims of violence in every country in the world. In the case of domestic violence, half of it is experienced by men. We just cover up the half perpetrated by women since the feminists hijacked the DV prevention movement 30-40 years ago. Google “Thirty years of denying evidence of gender symmetry in partner violence”.

  2. Institute for equality? 1/3 of domestic violence in Australia is against men. (NEVER MENTIONED BY THIS GROUP) No government money, advertising, public awareness campaign,s counseling or shelters for men! (NEVER MENTIONED BY THIS GROUP)Look up the official white ribbon web site and read what is also considered by them as domestic violence-good riddance to this bias man hating untruthful organisation. Also look up the FACTS on homlessness, suicide rates, educational achievement, assaults, murder, incarceration, workplace and military deaths, judicial sentencing, deaths pertaining to cancer, government spending on medical research, child custody, biological parents murdering and abusing their own children and infanticide just as a starter! (NEVER MENTIONED BY THIS GROUP)

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