Journey to Un’Goro Announcement Video

That is why I say, let us Nerf everything. -Are we?
-Yea, and… -Oh!
-Oh! Well met. My name is Ben Brode. And I am Jason Chayes. Thanks to all of you
for joining us here tonight. Ben, we are finding ourselves
in strange surroundings. This is a different locale
that I am used to. It is. And we are both
in our flannel. That is only odd for one of us. And this is for a very special occasion. We have something that we just unearthed that we would like to share with you
right now. Oh my gosh, Chayes! That was incredible. Hearthstone’s newest expansion is Journey to Un’Goro! Un’Goro as it turns out is a pretty amazing place. It is a place of wonders
but also a place of great danger. Nobody told me that
before I came out here! But we’ve got your axe. I do have my axe.
-You are prepared. As all of you come to join us in Un’Goro one of the things you can expect to see is dangerous plant-life
shooting quails a you. Amazing elemental powers. And in fact
you will see a volcano at the very heart of Un’Goro. Let us show you one of our
very first cards of our Journey to Un’Goro
the Volcano spell. Volcano is a shaman spell
it deals 15 damage one at a time
the effect is incredible as it showers down meteors
upon your opponent. And volcanos do not discriminate. They can hit your minions
they hit your opponent’s minions. You want to make sure you play Volcano when you want to do maximum damage
across the whole board. There is all kinds of
elemental shenanigans happening in Un’Goro crater. I know what you are thinking
you may think Bah, I have already seen elementals. I have seen my fire elementals
my rock elementals but these are different. You might see for example a giant tar elemental
erupt out of a pit in front of you. Or the new mage legendary minion… Pyros. Pyros is a 2 mana 2/2
to begin with. When he dies
he comes back to your hand. as a 6 mana 6/6. And if you play it again
and it dies again it will come back as a 10 mana 10/10. It is almost like it keeps resurrecting
over and over again. It is a lot like that! Elemental is a brand new minion type in Journey to Un’Goro. You will see many different types
of elementals and look at the change some of the minions from sets
you have already seen to become elementals. As it turns out elementals is just the beginning of the creatures that wait for you
in Un’Goro crater. What would Un’goro and a primordial
world like this be like without the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are everywhere in
Un’Goro crater but they have soaked up
a lot of the primal energy in Un’Goro crater. And they have begun to adapt. Imagine a dinosaur that has now
picked up the power of the elements around it
for even greater effect. Check out this new card Verdant Longneck. Adapt is the new keyword
coming out with the Journey to Un’Goro. With adapt
you will be given the choice to pick from 1 of 3 different powers
to upgrade your minion. you never know what adaptations
will be available to you but you might see something like
Flaming Claws which gives a dinosaur +3 attack. Or you imagine your Verdant Longneck
was not big enough imagine if it was upgraded
with the massive adaptation giving it the ability to Taunt. Or Lightning Speed
giving it Windfury. There will be dinosaur’s galore
waiting for you in Un’Goro. On top of the elementals
and on top of the very dangerous flora. you might be asking yourself why would I go to Un’Goro
with all these dangers waiting for me. I have been asking myself that all night but I think I know why. Why don’t you tell us? There are secrets hidden in Un’Goro crater and in fact, Elise Starseeker
and her junior explorers are out in Un’Goro crater tracking them down right now. In fact, there is only one reason
I can think of why they might be out on this adventure. And that is they’re pursuing a Quest. There is a brand new type of card in Journey to Un’Goro and that is the Quest card. Why don’t we take a look
at the first Quest card Awaken the Makers. Make no mistake Quests are incredibly difficult
to complete. Imagine having to summon
7 different Deathrattle minions in one game. Quests cost 1 mana they start in your opening hand. And when you play them
you will see them appear where your secrets normally appear. But these are a little different than
normal secrets in that your opponent will be able to see
the quest as well and that is because of treasures
and potential things waiting for you at the end of the Quest are so powerful that is something your opponent
will have visibility into as well. When you complete the quest
you get an incredible reward Check out Amara
Warden of Hope Set your hero to 40 health! This card is crazy! Quests will give you access
to some of the most powerful cards Hearthstone has ever seen
if you can complete them. Journey to Un’Goro has 135
exciting new cards. And we are going to continue
to show more of them starting on March 17th. Don’t forget that Journey to Un’Goro
will also kick off the next standard year for Hearthstone as we begin the Year of the Mammoth. We are in the final preparations now and we are excited to join all of you when the Journey to Un’Goro launches in early April. Did you hear something? I didn’t… Oh my gosh! I want to pitch you this idea What if we do an expansion made entirely of Wisps?

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  1. wait a second… at 3:12…. totem golem is played this turn shown by it having the zzz's… yet it shows 5/7 mana with the last 2 being OVERLOADED, not already used to play a creature, furthermore the overload for next turn is not displayed for the golem. Someone made a mistake….

  2. This reminded me of the early Nintendo Directs. It's in that thin line between cringy/childish and enjoyable/amazing. I liked it 🙂

  3. at 3:15 when he plays Volcano, you can see that the totem golem is "sleeping" but he doesnt have overload for the next turn, but this turn, which means he played something with 2 overload the previous turn, which he did (volcano) meaning he is not overloaded for the totem golem (and its not on the bar on the left, i forgot it's name). why is that?

    An editing mistake?
    Perhaps it was played a few turns before, but theres a new card that makes minions sleep (basically freeze, but unsilencable)? what is going on?

  4. First tanaris ,then un goro …. mmm what's next silithus.
    .?…. they even said we should make an entire expansion out of wasp … and what do you see flying in silithus … #illuminati

  5. Wait… if you guys are fine with having two keywords next to each other, then why wasn't the "joust" mechanic from TGT that almost became its own keyword just made its own keyword?

  6. Seriously? Not even 6 months and we have already another expansion? Blizzard please STOP bleeding our wallets!

  7. That Jason guy was completely no-selling Brodes enthusiasm.

    Or in casual speak – that guy ate a tombstone and walked it off

  8. i want card for shaman like 5 mana spell with "Elemental in your hand gain windfury and charge" AFTER SOOO LONG TIME MAGMA RAGER MAY BE USEFULL!!!

  9. QUEST…..
    they havew no ideas for cards
    wait…. quests were in WOWTCG…
    but Blackrock is 100% Dragons of Tarkir

  10. When will new players be allowed to buy Curse of Naxxramas and have the same cards of the elder players? I don't get why Blizzard wants to give new players a handicap.

  11. Hunter quest, don't attack face for 15 turns. Reward, minion that's changes hero power to deal 30 dmg to face.

  12. Hey guys – you could've mentioned you were about to shaft all your UK/European fan-base at the start of this video perhaps with your new price hikes? I'm sure some people will have bought the expansion, but you just lost a once loyal Blizzard customer that's been playing Wow/HS/Diablo since the start. Feeling let down? Yes. Your company makes great games – but loyalty goes only so far. Nothing lasts forever – including Blizzard's popularity. My circle of gaming friends are quitting and we are in talks with the groups we play with in cities up and down the UK about an alternative to HS, and we will be boycotting your other games online if the changes go ahead. For a company that makes awesome strategy games –  one has to question which bright spark came up with this marketing stroke of genius? If you lose your UK/Euro fan-base, surely it follows that your profit margins will fall. So who will end up making up that shortfall? Your remaining customers in the US? Good luck with that! In all seriousness, come on Blizzard. Better to hold your hands up now and say you screwed up – and seriously consider replacing whoever made that jackass decision in the first place!

  13. this game sucks it's a magic the gathering wanna be blizzard keeps on disappoint me what happen to you blizzard?

  14. did you guys have an office party and rent out one of the old Edward theaters to watch and play rocky horrible picture show for Knight of cups……..and did anyone play a ring tone that sounded like a shotgun calking casue even I would say that's karmicly funny

  15. On one hand I'm raging a bit because I'm just starting to get the hang of current card combos. On the other, 40 health Ragnaros. /win 😀 Can't wait!

  16. I say: this is one of the worst updates of the hearthstone history. I'll tell you a story. I entered hearthstone. I disenchanted Ragnaros and crafted Jaraxxus. I opened Un'Goro packs. I got two legendary cards. They were mage quest and Ozruk. It was really cool! I didn't disenchant them. I build a deck and started playing. OH MY GOD! I can't play! Lot's of players had FUKING QUEST. THEY ARE IMBALLANCE! One of the worst updates. Player hoped that this game will become better, but… You know the answer.

  17. So it's April 8th, how long is this April Fool's Rogue Quest card joke gonna last?
    The Pinnacle of Card Design!!

  18. Foolish promotion for a lackluster expansion, hopefully they do it better, made me stop supporting this game.

  19. A baby Tauren (Horde) is on an expedition with a Night Elf (Alliance) leader… is this Zootopia?!?!? (or maybe WoWtopia)

  20. 7:26 "I want to pitch you this idea. What if we do an expansion made entirely of wisps?"

    I'm still waiting for my wisp expansion.

  21. Even though frozen throne was nice, hearthstone just kept going downhill for me after this expansion. Really wish that changes soon

  22. Ungoro’s final day, goodbye tar creeper, firefly and stone hill defender. Good riddance to Tarim and Rogue quest though I hate them

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