Justice Democrats Announce First Target Of 2020

100 thoughts on “Justice Democrats Announce First Target Of 2020

  1. I love it!!! The Justice Democrats: We're coming to get you! See ya later Henry! Don't let the don't hit in the ass on the way out!.

  2. I'm working to find an Independent candidate to oppose Darrin Lahood in IL-18, if anyone knows one? I'm a horrible candidate, but if nobody else emerges I'll do it myself. I know I'm better than Darrin. It needs to be Independent though, this is a district long-since abandoned by Democrats. Like so many red districts, the Democrat brand is too damaged, it's actually easier to win as an Independent running on a progressive agenda.

  3. Speaking of cannibals, check out Amazing Polly's video on "Impossible Burger". It's very disturbing (6xfcdHVbO8Q)
    Google the "Impossible Foods" plant's address at 550 85th Avenue in Oakland, Ca, go to street view, and look what's across the street from it…. Planned Parenthood. Make up your own mind…..

  4. Some of the jds who lost in 2018 need to run again and May be for different positions…ben jealous should run for Senate or house!

  5. This is like waiting for GoT to come back. I wanna see the primaries now dammit! I don't wanna wait a whole year for the next season of the dumpster fire than is US politics right now.

  6. If it isn't already, focusing on voting records should be a standard practice for the progressives. Also, of course, publishing list of donors.

  7. I think it's important to understand the region as well. It is very blue however but the people in the districts feelings on social issues are overwhelmingly conservative as they are in most majority Hispanic districts.

  8. John you sound so fckn sanitized… Your voice reminds me of a bleached hospital room, just try and develop some passion, you know like Cenk and Ana and Michael and Ben. Stop sounding so perfect. Yuck! Boaring

  9. It is pretty obvious that Henry Cuellar is a republican that wanted to win in a blue district and he just ran as a democrat to win.

  10. In a few societies of cannibals eating a victim's flesh is a demonstration of dominance over a conquered foe, but among most cannibals being eaten is an honor that is reserved for respected elders of the community or foes who fought so valiantly that their courage demands similar respect.

  11. I'm a big fan of the Justice Dems strategy of primarying unpopular congressmen. There needs to be an equivalent organization on the right. I am absolutely convinced a Republican could win in most districts on the exact same platform, as long as he calls himself/herself a Republican.

  12. Yes, THAT is a Democrat in a district where you SHOULD primary him. Unfortunately TYT often supports House members being primaried who are in much redder districts, which didn't even work in 2018, and is even less likely to work in non-wave elections.

  13. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Primary dems and get rid of the ones you don’t like. Then the GOP will win because progressives fall into the same trap as republicans. You cater to a base that won’t pass a general election. I mean you won 26 of 78 primaries? Then only 7 won. Some unopposed like aoc. And now you’re saying it was demographics not her message? Micheal Shure the only one who has any common sense.

  14. Thank you baby jesus Michael Sure. It the message not the demographics. Your time in the bubble is showing for you to swallow that establishment BS

  15. Hey guys is time to get these ass wipes removed from office and replace them with people willing and able to work for the working class REPEAL AND REPLACE CORPORATE DEMOCRATS one rat at the time UNA RATA A LA VEZ

  16. Where is this notion that cannibals eat outside their tribe come from? People who practice ritualistic consuming of the dead, cannibals, certainly eat their own as it is a sign of respect.

  17. I wonder how many of the Democrats in office are just "Sleeper cell Republicans"? When we find them can we hang them for treason?

  18. Remember when JD fired cenk because he is a racist and sexist and sexual assaulter, but he tells the camera all the time how he is very against those things?

  19. I've been sounding the alarm on this prick Cuellar for a while now. So happy someone is paying attention! He's my "representative" in congress and I'll be glad to see him GO.

  20. The DNC has no one with any credibility. either they're too old or too young and inexperienced. The Democratic nominations are going to be a real shitshow. Very entertaining to say the least.

  21. @StephMurphy needs to be primaried. Her district includes University of Central Florida and 26 percent Hispanic. But she remains a Blue Dog Democrat.

  22. Susan Collins ….. head not quite screwed on straight. Yep – Run Big Oil and Gas way down into the ground, where it belongs in the first place – instead of totally mucking up the environment.

  23. We can primary all the conservative democrats we want as long as we can win the general and it won't hurt national democratic politics.

  24. I'm a conservative and I'm going to donate to this politician. We need more democrats that are sane. Trump has the best interests of the county, as does this congressman, Cenk needs to be shut down.

  25. Eddie Lucio Jr. will be primaried too this time around. He's another south TX conservation Dem that needs to go!

  26. Democratic Justice is pure bullshit. In one interview Rojas said: "Ya habra tiempo para que los numeros de Biden bajen". Estos putos idiotas no aprendieron nada de las elecciones del 2016. Who is Democratic Justice?

  27. This guy is all about the con on the American Democrats!!

    Vote RED!!

    No Socialism, No Sharia Law, No MEDICARE for ALL, no taking from our elderly and disabled to give to people living here ILLEGALLY… no OPEN BORDERS!!

    You guys want that, move to VENEZUELA and enjoy the fallout of FREEBIES!!!

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