Kayleigh McEnany: Trump campaign wants Hillary to run in 2020

100 thoughts on “Kayleigh McEnany: Trump campaign wants Hillary to run in 2020

  1. vladimir trump is already practicing his stalking moves for the 2020 race debates. Amazing he can walk around the stage with all those bone spurs.

  2. Hillary beat him the first time by 3 to 5 million votes but was cheated out of the presidency by the Electoral College. Just like the Trump University Scam, it is time to close down the Electoral College. It is doing more harm then good.

  3. trump is just an unfinished bad joke for those with an unfinished intellect.
    like a bad joke, if it was real it would be unthinkable, but as it is real the punchline are innocent victims.

  4. It was planned. Hillary was going to skip the announcement that she's running again, to save herself from having to survive all those defeated speeches she would otherwise surely suffer. She will smoothly glide in with her announcement when all the other candidates did their work already and it's very close to election. Everyone knows she is is a horrible rhetorician, with the croaking voice of a dying witch. For the last three years she has been standing in front of the mirror, practicing one speech only, her imaginary presidential victory speech of 2020, in her lonely cell, wrapped in her straitjacket.

  5. Watch out for big ole lying racist Stacy Abrams. Miss I won Georgia even though I didn't. Can't accept a loss, straight from Clinton playbook. Big 500,000in debt Stacy will be some Dems VP pick.

  6. Fox still spoon feeding hate of Hillary to their weakminded viewers. Hillary derangement syndrome is real and if you are watching fake fox news, you have it.

  7. I used to hate this lady 3 years ago, I was a CNN fan and I remember she used to destroyed every one there!!! I love her now!! TRUMP 2020

  8. The odd case of warren she's an Indian she's a cowboy she's a astronaut she's a commie she's a industrialist tomorrow she's a president NOT

  9. Are you saying that our current Medicare is a government takeover of healthcare.? Are you saying that veterans hospitals are government takeover of healthcare? Are you saying the congress's Health Care Program is a government takeover of healthcare? Actually congress's Health Care programs and veterans hospitals are not only for Single Payer but they have actual government doctors! That is a takeover actually! Medicare and Medicare for all would only replace the insurance company the doctors would stay the same and they would still be completely separate from the government.


  11. Hillary running for president again?  Give us a break.  Why would we elect someone who throws three year long temper tantrums?

  12. Yes , All American Patriots want Killery to run for a second try ! Just because Free Americans and our President can shut their sorry asses down for a second time.
    Long Live America and Long Live The Donald !!! USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸.
    Vote Red or The Republic is Dead !

  13. Oh God! Do we want an additional 4 more years of listening to Hillary's excuses why she lost to Trump TWICE.
    LYNCHING is mot a racist word

  14. What will end up destroying the Democratic Party is their extremism and the US is not ready to live under their form of Democratic Communism where they control everything and the people nothing.

  15. "You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now." -Donald J Trump talking about whistle blowers

  16. "Trump campaign wants Hillary to run in 2020"
    Of course they do, she was the most despised Democratic candidate for president in recent history, and she still won the popular vote over Trump.

  17. Oprah has asked and floated the (idea) of Bob Iger C.E.O. of Disney to run,,Didn't she also Endorse and push for Obama?,what kinda spooky Hollyweird future that would be?

  18. Hilary should run again, it'd be great to see her lose twice. How much did they spend on the victory party where everyone was crying?

  19. Two points; 1,Just a week ago I saw a poll that had Elizabeth Warren at 28 points to Joe Biden at 25, funny how those numbers have inverted and the margin widened in the reverse. 2, But they have to manipulate the polling numbers giving Joe the lead to fit the democrats impeachment narrative. Can't claim Trump abused the power of his office against a political opponent if there's no chance of Biden being his political opponent. America had better wake up, the Democrats tried everything in 2016 to steal the presidency illegitimately. All bets are off in 2020, they can't take the chance that the American electorate will see through their impeachment scam.

  20. It's all about what Trumpsky wants! Hammer and blade in hand, replacing the Stars and Stripes, Trumpsky will claim his prizes. He is helping Russia restore their greatness, one hack-and-attack at a time. All hail The Orange Stalin!

  21. I'm always going to remember this young woman as a Trump excuser. Trump will be gone, others will have to live and work after. Sorry for your future.

  22. Hillary is going to attack warren if warren is nominated. Hillary can’t let go being the president and the 1st woman president.

  23. Something we learnt in the United Kingdom, when the Government runs anything it runs it into the ground, when something survives it costs far more. Socialism is a lovely theory but a disaster in practice.

  24. That’s when we can put the hand cuff on her for sure GetMo coming up soon this the best clown show I have ever seen in my life a great time to be an American and getting better every day Hell ya get em Donald he’s got them on the Run now turn lose those blew tick hounds loss en up where just rounding up our blew Ticks and turning them lose on those them swamp snakes in DC

  25. I can Rembert when I was 9 Years years old my grand father and grand mother sayin they did it again how are they doing this that was 50 years ago this has been going on for 50years and more they are dug in deep and we are kicking there asses now. I just know my Family is watching from heaven I just wish they where here so we could have a big party Donald’s the Best ever we love you man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The baby killer Joe has an appointment with the Almighty God of the universe. God Almighty has a bone to pick with JB.

  27. Those new judges can’t get here fast enough man it’s a race the race is on and where looking good we have the power bye bye shifty shift he’s running in last place now Donald winning ha ha he said he was gonna beat ha

  28. When does Hillary go to prison for taking $100M from the Russians for the Uranium Deal? Looks to me that justice in the US doesnt work for the Clintons.

  29. it's is not ok the reasoning of the republicans that someones wants Hillary to run, but if she does run for presidency, then our laws are to prove to be pure BS. how could someone with so many problems with the law, is able to run to be our president. this is an act of pure internal corruption.

  30. The democrats are right. The have no one that can beat Trump. They ought to simply concede the election to him now and be done with it.

  31. Thank goodness the Dems are dumber than a brick. If they rallied around Tulsi they might have a chance because she seems like the only sane one. Yet all they do is smear and ignore her.

  32. people on the news casts need to learn the proper pronunciation of words, Mcanany is pronounced Mick Anany Mc is pronounced Mick not mack. and when talking about neuclear it is pronounced new clear not new culer. it makes them look really stupid.

  33. Global warming could contribute to the failure of one in four steel bridges in the US over the next two decades. One of the most common problems involves expansion joints. These allow sections of a bridge to swell and shrink in warmer weather without weakening the structure. But they cause major structural problems if they malfunction.

  34. Twitter Troll tRump move on from Hillary and Obama. No one cares what you want. Both tRumps and Clinton’s are corrupt!

  35. Good lord people, you simply cannot take a CNN pole seriously, thats like asking a liar for their honest opinion 😀 I have a bridge for sale, call me!

  36. Trying to Impeach a setting President for 3 year's now with No Real Evidence … hmmmm, you'd think that the Dems could get their lies straight by now and try to get the American People to believe it.

  37. Martha McCallen is a liberal hiding behind FOX news..has been back stabbing TRUMP in Fox meetings w/Sheppard..he left she's just hanging in there for future job elsewhere !..

  38. If they conceded now we might let them vote once in a while, and maybe let them in on a meeting now and then, maybe.

  39. I can't believe the Republicans and anyone who supports them, is this Stupid!. Donald Trump is going to be declared Impeached and be Removed From Office! Period! What we get after that? Mike Pence? Come on….really? I didn't vote in the last election because I didn't believe in either candidate. Until we get a candidate with some backbone and honesty, I can't see ever voting again.

  40. I hope the democrats choose elezibeth warren as their nominee, President Trump would mop the floor with her.

  41. Here we are following polls again ?!!! LOL Polls were developed by the media to create filler news when there is no real news.

  42. 100 mil++ trumplicans will reelect president trump 2020 magakag !!!!!127,407 sealed indictments pending !!!!! lock up killery !!!!will be three time looser !! president of rikers island !!! !!! LMFAO !!!!!!!!

  43. Hummmmmm well they got Michelle Obama .

    And socialism in America lol what a joke .
    Uncle joe is a grandfather hunter is in serious trouble.
    And Obama he better leave the country.

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