Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts 2018 Promotional Video

Wind blowing softly
Brass instruments playing scales Soft instrumental music The Governor’s School for the Arts is a
three-week residential summer program for some of Kentucky’s brightest young
artists and creatives. Out of thousands of applications we select 256
students to attend the summer program which takes place on the campus of
Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, and students come from all across the
Commonwealth, all corners of the state to actually live in the dorms with us for
three weeks of art-making. We call it arts boot camp as sort of a joke, although
I think maybe it’s actually a pretty good good description of what happens
sometimes. So when students graduate from our program they’re eligible for thirty college scholarships and that’s both in-state and out-of-state.
So once students are graduates they attend an event in the fall called
college and career day where over 80 colleges and universities come to
Louisville, Kentucky, and many students that day are offered full ride tuition
scholarships, they’re encouraged to then visit the campus often and do a second
audition. Many students walk away a day with so many life-changing opportunities.
It’s really a great benefit of being an alum of our program, being able to attend
that day. GSA is a community artists and those
artists very often come from places where maybe they’re interest in or their
talent or their passion for their art form has been what separated them from a
lot of people that they’re around and here at GSA it’s what they have in
common with the people around them it’s their connection and that fosters this
community that is very open, very collaborative, very creative and together
we examine ourselves as artists we develop our creative voices and we began
to figure out our journey and affecting the world and affecting ourselves
affecting those around us through our roles as artists. Percussion and Harmonica Music Well Architecture and Design among the
other disciplines I think is somewhat unique because the students that go into
that discipline here, don’t come in with a whole lot of experience compared to
some other ones so what we’ve learned is basically from the ground up of what
design is. So we’ve learned all the basic skills while maybe in fun and visual art
or photography people already have more experience or basically starting from
the ground up. Really just being this intense and this devoted to
architecture and design has really like opened my eyes to um how hard it’s gonna
be but also has motivated me to pursue that even harder. It’s more than worth it.
It’s three weeks of just focusing on what you love. You know sometimes school stresses me out that’s partially because, you know, I have
hour classes of every subject while here I’m working all day on exactly what I
love to do and I really don’t think there’s any other opportunity like that. Guitar Plays We’ve been learning about trying to use
your voice in different pieces of your writing and still bring the sort of
new fresh take on everything that you write and then we’ve also been learning
about what it takes to be a writer in the real real world and what it takes to
have that passion and to continue to work for it even though it is really
difficult and there’s a lot of like freelancing a lot of like just moments
where you have a lot of self-doubt but we’ve been learning that it’s
possible and that we’ll have what it takes to get there as long as we just
try our hardest. At home there are people who are kind obviously, everywhere there are people who are kind, but not all of them understand, I think,
like how much I love writing and like how much is so important to me
and I think here where we all have this passion and just this kindness to one
another and I just think that’s so wonderful. Soft Guitar Plays My GSA experience has been amazing. Every day is 10 hours of dancing ,so if if it’s something for you you’re
gonna love it, if you really really are passionate about what you do you’re
gonna have an amazing time. It”s basically the best way I can describe it
is it’s a bubble of art. Everybody who’s here wants to be here and the community
building that’s done here is amazing. You make connections with people in different disciplines and it’s really an amazing opportunity. I feel like, when I came here I didn’t really exactly what to expect but it was weird the
moment like we got out of the car and we all got together you can almost like
feel the talent in the room, if that makes any sense, just being with a bunch
of people who are so passionate about what they do and want to work hard to
get better at it, it’s a great environment to be in and to be around
people who want to be here just as bad as you do and I feel like GSA has
influenced my future careers and it’s even helped me with all the stuff that
I’m doing right now today, so I’m really glad that I got to come here. Guitar Music Well I’ve learned many things in studio,
apart from just acting. I’ve learned how to create relationships and trust people
and showing vulnerability is okay and being able to rely on scene partners on
directors and everybody around you to come together and unite to make a scene
what it is, so along with learning how to audition for a college or for a play
that I would like to be in I’ve learned some time management skills like
procrastinating has gone way down for me since I’ve gotten here so it’s not just
things that I can do on stage but things that I can do outside of stage and take
like take with me in life. Guitar Music I would describe my GSA experience as,
probably, eye-opening. It’s just… you just don’t understand what all there is
out there and what kind of people are out there, what kind of opportunities in
life there are until you come and are actually around people who’ve been there
and done that and sat where you’ve been and thought the same thoughts and then you actually get to see them as instructors kind of show you well this is what you
need to do to get there and it’s also been really fun being able to just have
studio time to go be creative because at home it’s hard to get out and actually
do stuff all the time. So when you’re here it’s like when
you’re doing your studios you always get to do something and go be creative with
like new people and new ideas and stuff like that. So it’s been fun and it’s been
eye-opening and I’ve really enjoyed it. Guitar Plays It’s been good, I feel like residence life has really shown me that I can go to college and be
okay, I guess. I performed at the coffee house, which is like a little talent show sort of thing here, and I performed a poem that I had written a little while
ago and just the amount of support I got from that was out of this world, I just
think that goes to show like the people that come here are just so kind and they
remember and they listen and they want to be the most supportive wonderful
people ever they’re just,it’s just so cool. I’ve also formed a
great interdisciplinary group I really like I didn’t know them at all but
within the third day we already had like group messages, like texting and
everything, saying “hey let’s meet for breakfast at 8:00” or “let’s meet out in
the courtyard at 8:30 and let’s practice lines together” and if I ever need
anything I can turn to any of these people even though I’ve only known them
for three days, for six days, for two weeks, you know and that’s these are the
lifelong relationships that I plan on you know taking with me for when I need
help. Prologue from “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812” plays So, musical-theater can sometimes be looked upon as something kind of silly or not as serious as you know straight drama or
even just straight singing, but from GSA I’ve seen how we can leave you on a
happy note but also, we can affect you truly with what we’re saying. There’s
always a meaning behind every song, every dance number, it all is supported for a
story for a specific reason and it’s just finding that reason and expressing
it in the right way that can really reach people. I’m leaving GSA feeling
prepared confident and just loved and I think that that’s something I’m going to
take with me when I go home. I feel more than prepared for college and just for
maybe even a career in my art form and I’m confident in the fact that all the
people here have the ability to do it and love just by everyone it’s such a
community and I want to take that back to where I live.
And as for my future everything I’ve learned here can be applied to my art or
just whatever I choose in any relationship or form I choose to live my life. I’m grateful for that. Guitar Music Plays Um, we have done a lot of different
styles of music, a lot of different types of classes, like music theory, site
singing and then basic choir a lot of solo stuff. So, I’ve actually learned a
lot about music theory that I didn’t know before and the solo things, we have
like private voice lessons and they have helped me a lot to grow as a soloist, as
well as choir which has helped me to grow as part of a group. It is incredible coming here and
listening to all the people, the alumni and the people that have actually done
this professionally and it really has changed my perspective on my art and my
craft and I take it a lot more seriously now because I really do what it is for
the rest of my life. Here it’s so comforting to know that every single
person in this building, in this room feels just as passionately as I do about
their art form. Specifically in vocal music they feel the same way about
singing and it really makes me feel at home. a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, bing, go Band music One thing that I’ve really learned that
this camp is how to tell a story through music instead of just looking at the notes and rhythms on the page making it more about what the composer have (in mind) like what was his
intentions behind the film and what did he really but the emotions he wanted to
evoke and aside from that I’ve learned how to calm down a lot easier and not
get as nervous for performances, which is something I think is gonna help me now
and later in life. I think we immersed in a culture that everybody here is a serious
person in their art form it’s just been so nice and refreshing and it makes me
realize that I’m not doing a bad thing and then it’s it’s okay to care and so I
think that I’ll bring that back to my band and its really changed me and how I
see, how I see myself it’s okay to be that way. Guitar Music Plays Well for me like I have learned like so much
I don’t even know where to start but I’ve learned anything from like ceramics
and like how to make pots, which I would have never had the opportunity to do,
I’ve been able to make oil paintings, which I’ve been driven able to do at
home, with like the opportunities I’ve had. I’ve never like sat down for classes,
I’ve normally just like learned from ideas at home or like from other
people, so it’s really cool to get the experience of like learning from like
teachers and sitting down with a group of people that like love art as much as I
do. I see Kentucky as an artistic
platform and I’ve never seen that before, I mean before I came to GSA I wanted to go into
business. I just was like, “Oh fun art program,” but now like I want to go into
design and I want to go into fashion and like all these opportunities have like
opened up to me that really speaks to me. Well I’ve learned that, I heard that not
many other places have, not many states have a place like this. It’s an
opportunity more than anything, it’s… you have to accept what you have to really
move forward and a lot of us now realize that we’re we were lucky enough
to come here and we’ve come on this journey most of us have gone on it
together, but those of us who haven’t have started to realize that GSA is a
place for that. I think more than anything we’ve been able to see that in
each other. I think that coming to GSA has helped me
see what I can do and it’s shown me what I love most about the art that
I see in other people. I’ve formed so many relationships at GSA
I feel like GSA is a very, very essential… you know, it’s like it’s because if you
weren’t… if you wouldn’t do something like GSA, you know, it’s kind of hard for
people these days to just go and make a friend because people are too judgmental these days, you know, if they
if you don’t look a certain way they’re not going to do anything with you, if you
talked or sounded a certain way, they’re not gonna associate themselves with you
but at GSA it’s not just the fact that everybody loves art that’s regardless… It’s the people who come are so genuine and they’re willing to
make friendships with you and I feel like everybody needs a little taste of
GSA So you’re an artist and you have an
individual creative voice and the world needs that voice and I really encourage
you to share your personal creative voice with the world and GSA is an
opportunity for you to meet other people who are expressing themselves creatively
who other people who are artists and to help develop that individual artistic
voice that you have. And know that as an artist, especially as a younger artist,
you are so important to society and this world needs you and you may not always
feel that way and the world might not always tell you that but I really
encourage you to audition and apply for GSA and whether or not you get in, be
emboldened by your role as an artist in society because it is so vitally
important and there are not a ton of artists in this world you have a very
unique role in our society in our humanity and so never let any one quiet
your voice silence your voice. Express yourself, work hard, work hard learn and
take risks show up and create.

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