An evil power has taken
over Atlantis. Fire! Now, the fate of their
kingdom… I’m taking what’s mine! …rests in the hands
of two chickens. Actually, I’m a penguin. Oh, sorry. That was very not cool. This is where the crackin’
kid keeps his shrimp. But I’ve seen a lot
of shrimp. And never once did
those little guys make me go…
eeeeeh rooooaaar In order to become kings… So we’re not alone
in this fight. You never were. …they must first
become heroes. Shall we mimosa
awesome brother? Only if we do
it together. Joe. We came back for our
crowns and we’re not leaving
without them. Cody. Shocking. Their destiny awaits. If we don’t make it
I just want you to know… Shhh, Cody…I know. I wear your
underwear, too. Wait. I’m sorry, what? Kings of Atlantis. (music)


  1. WOOH! Atlanteans its almost here Kings of Atlantis my brand new show! Cannot wait till you all get to see it on April 7th! Thank you guys for making this possible <333 #atlanteansunite

  2. Jeez, some commenters are mean. Yes, you’re allowed to have an opinion, but that doesn’t mean anyone else wants to hear it.

  3. How did two guys famous for Minecraft get a show… about their personas? YouTube Red must be giving out shows to anyone, these days.

  4. I used to enjoy this channel in the crazy craft days as a kid but not I can see ever since joe left it went to family friendly pg bullshit

  5. I don’t watch minecraft channels, but HELL YEA! This looks really good! Last time I saw, you just played minecraft. Now, you’re making professional videos!

  6. Am I the only one who remembers that Atlantic craft wasnt a thing that just happened they didn't start it until after the hospital series they did when some guards showed up and took them to Atlantis to be doctor's…I've been with their channel for a very long time ☺

  7. Lol I already watched this series (a long time ago) and I love it! Good job Cody and joe keep up the good work! 🤩💙💟🐔🐧🌊

  8. So you make a show that has no meaning and out it in atlantis? in yt red? heres whats free go to CN or Disney XD instead of wasting more money per month on it

  9. Shut up all you haters if you guys think it's so bad I want you to make the best cartoon of all time. What's that can't do it why you haters because you have nothing else better to do than sit on your lazy grass and do nothing but complain. You haters must have no life you just want to be selfish and think about your self all day you haters have no feeling for others and there hard work for money to make something like this yeah the show might look as good as other anamation but at least they tried hard and that counts. I'm only 11 years old and I have to tell you guys this that's sad. The words is better off without trolls mean people with there closer Hart's keep there love to themselves and bring out there darkest side on other people.this is why as a country and plant are falling apart.😢

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