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And that’s just a legend, nothing could be further from the truth. Hey guys it’s Kyle with the
Whissel Realty Group and we are here for an episode
of Food for Thought. The Food for Thought today is about the Hotel Del of the Hills. We’re going to talk to Gary
with Lakeside Historical Society and learn all about it. Gary, how’s it going? Good, Thank You. So we’re here at another
amazing mural of Lakeside. -Yes
-and we bought you here to tell us this story of What are we looking at behind us? Well this depicts the Lakeside
Inn which was built when the town was born and also
depicts the Lakeside Auto Speedway that was built to
bring people to the inn to Lakeside and where a land speed
record was set back in 1907. The people thar designed the
town, they wanted people to come to Lakeside, eventually
to buy and invest and stuff but to get people here, they
decided to build this big four story, 80 room hotel
and have people come out here and spend a couple of days
or a couple of weeks and get that idea of what Lakeside was all about. The hotel was actually part of
the town from the get go, the first maps of the town when
they surveyed the town, they had put a hotel on there. When was it first constructed? It was built at the end of 1887 and it was here until about 1920
and the reason interestingly enough, there’s a legend that
when John Gay passed away, that he had it in his will to tear the inn down
because he was upset with the people of Lakeside and
that’s just a legend, nothing could be further from the truth. He had died before the hotel
went away, his wife owned it and she’d even sold it, the
reason the hotel was torn down was because it just wasn’t
economical anymore and so many people had come to Lakeside,
they were living here now instead of wanting to stay
at a hotel so it was actually disassembled and parted out
town, there is still buildings in town that had pieces of the
inn, wood and doors and stuff in those buildings so it’s still here. So reclaiming old buildings
was a thing even back then? Even back then. And now it’s come back around. Yes. So where exactly was the hotel located? The hotel was located on the
corner of what is now Main Avenue and Woodside, it was
built right next to Linda Lake which is where Lakeside got
it’s name and the lake was also there for the guests of the
inn, they could go down to the boathouse and rent a boat, go
out and fish or just to enjoy the lake or they could even
hunt and hike out here, there’s all kinds of things for people. Possum and so when somebody
would come stay at the hotel and they walk in, What
are they going to see? Well they would find an
incredibly fancy interior, a huge lobby with a big staircase,
in fact if any people referred to this as the hotel Del
Cornado of the Hills. Oohh. There were some similarity in
looks, yeah, it had 80 rooms and it was four stories tall,
they had their own dairy out here, they had their own farm,
everything was farm fresh, the meals were very well
received and reviewed so it was a big deal out
here, it was very opulent especially for Lakeside which is back then the middle of nowhere, right? And then the racetrack
ties in because they wanted something fun for people
to do while they were here? Yes, the new owner John Gay
came in at about 1905 and bought the hotel and he bought
it with the idea of building auto speedway he called it at
the time around Linda Lake and to publicize the town and about
a year later, the first race was run, Bernie Oldfield
who is one of the first car racers in history came
to town, there were so many people here that the railroads
had to add extra passenger cars to get people out here
to see this thing and Bernie Oldfield set a land speed
record, he broke his own record during that inaugural race in Lakeside. And so you guys have a ton of
information about the hotel and all kinds of other historical
things in Lakeside so tell us about the Lakeside Historical Society. The Lakeside Historical
Society is located at 9906 Main Avenue, we own the
first church in Lakeside and we take care of it, it’s
123 years old, we have our archives there so we got
photos, we’ve got a gift shop, we’ve got more information
about Lakeside then you could ever want to know in
there and it’s open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays. I love it so guys if you’re
watching this, you want to learn more about the history of
Lakeside, come check it out: Lakeside Historical Society,
these guys have a ton of amazing info, Gary’s a wealth
of knowledge, hopefully you guys got some value out of
this, giving you a little Food for Thought, something you
didn’t know existed here in East County, Thanks so much for watching this episode of Everything East County.

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  1. Another great video. I had heard of the the Lakeside Inn, but I didn't know about most of the info! Fantastic job 🙂

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