Lakshyam Telugu Full Movie || Gopichand, Jagapati Babu, Anushka || Srivas || Mani Sharma

Here they come.
– Let’s go. Greetings.- Greetings.
The arrangements are very good. Last minute hitches do exist. Where is the groom? Sathibabu… Why is it so dark? The marriage won’t get cancelled, will it? Remove your glasses. lt’s very sunny.
– Yes it is. Aunty…
– What is it? Where is lndu? She is getting ready.
She must be in the shower. Hey Nandu, get me a towel. Didn’t you hear me shouting for a towel? Still, how could you come out naked? We can’t see you nude. Take it. Then, get out. l will get ready. lndu… What are you doing here? l want to talk to you in private. Really? Anyway, there is no one so handsome
like you in this universe.- l agree. Then, there is no need for us. You can leave. Spending time together
happily before marriage. They are relatives. Will you do me a favour? Tell me, what do you want? Help me climb up the wall.
– This is nothing. Go on. Get on. Good. Look, l helped you climb the wall. Sorry dear.
– Why sorry? For standing on my back? No. l am running away. Bye dear. lndu, please don’t run away. What do you want me to announce? Announce that the bride has eloped. The bride has eloped. Stop it. What happened, son? lndu climbed the wall & ran away. How did she climb such a big wall? l helped her because she was my fiancée. Venu…
– Yes uncle. DlG is following lndu.
Keep Chandu informed about this. l don’t know where he is. He is not answering phone calls.
What should l do now? Okay. Go by the plan. He will come by 10:30 am at any cost. What’s this nonsense? Give me Rs.10, dear.
– Calling me dear? l’m from Rayalaseema.
– We are also from the same place. We were also factionists
once upon a time. We were beaten to pulp
and became like this. Who are you? Why waste our time with him? Kadapa is just minutes away.
Let’s get down. Kadapa?
– Are you getting down there? No. l love to watch fights
from my childhood. l heard that people in Kadapa
carry knives & bombs. There is nothing like
that in Kadapa. Call them. Just keep quiet. Balance money. Sign here. What is that? Can’t you see? lt’s a voucher. l’ve committed many murders. We have never signed before. Don’t you trust us? l need an account of every penny
l spend. Sign here. We are factionists.
We never use pens. We use this for everything. l paid you money to see
my enemy’s blood not yours. Catch him…
– Kill him. He was with us in the train. l think they will kill him. Who are you guys? Don’t kill me. You took money from me but how could
you run away in the middle? He is beating us to pulp. Then, return my money. What money?
– Then, go & beat him. How was that?- Superb.
– Don’t praise me. l don’t like it. Rivalry with any factionist? l’m native of Hyderabad. Did you have any problems there? l had a problem with Section Shankar
regarding a land deal. This must be his handy work.
– They are not his men. That’s his brilliance. By killing you here, he can frame
this murder as a faction killing. Okay. Meet me when you come
to Hyderabad.- And you..? Bose…ACP Subhash Chandra Bose. Only after knowing that
he has been transferred, we agreed this murder job. But we didn’t know that he will
protect that man on his departure. Then, return my money. Factionists only take money.
They never return it. He is transferred to Hyderabad.
May you & your boss be careful. Who is this Bose? He made us lose 5 lakhs even
before coming to Hyderabad. Hello boss… You were too good. Superb. Are you going to Hyderabad?
Where do you stay there? Say something.
Give us your phone number. Which college? Arts or Science? But your fight was superb. Daddy..? Are you married?
– Long back. My daddy uses Santoor soap. She is my mom & she uses Rin soap. Rin…?
– To wash clothes. What’s your name?
– Pinky. So, you are just like us. We’ll take Pinky with us. You don’t get disappointed. l’ve an uncle.
l will introduce him to you. Uncle? Who? Get me the scissors.
l will cut the ribbon. He must be doing something different. What’s the new today?
– l will tell you. press the remote button. Will it work fine?
– Sure. Superb! Wonderful! What is this? He’s finished today.
– Don’t make noise. Sell ice creams without making noise.
– How is that possible?- Try. Good. Excuse me.
– He is calling you. Come here.
– What? l’m very hungry
– Get lost. Give me some food to eat. l said go. There is nothing to eat. l think l will die. ls this any free meal centre?
l will kill you. Get lost. No more flashbacks.
Stop that nonsense. Sell ice creams without making noise.
– Okay. 10 missed calls? Whose number is this? What for? l got missed called from this phone.
– l called you. Why?
– l was free. Trying to tease me? Forget about all that. Start. l mean ask for my name. Say that my voice is sweet
and that you want to see me. l’m fed up with all this stuff. Try some new lines. You are right.
Let me come to the point. Shall we go to a park?
– Park? How about a hotel?
– Hotel? You are crossing the limits. My lines will hit the bullseye. Hang the phone. What happened?
– Saying that l had called him, he tried to misbehave with me. Missed calls? Who? lt is my uncle’s number. Your uncle?
– Yes. l called him a while ago. He didn’t pick the call. Not knowing who he is,
l was rude with him. Will you call him again?
l will apologize. We’ve done our part. Now it is up to you to look after all this.
Sit. You are the owner now. She is calling again. She is finished now. Don’t you have any work to do. Uncle, it’s me Pinky.
– Hey Pinky! ls it you? Then who was that girl
who spoke to me earlier. l met a girl in the train. She is very beautiful. A perfect match for you. She seems to be a mad girl.
Don’t talk to her. l will come to station tomorrow to receive you. lndu wants to talk to you.
– Don’t talk about her. Hang the phone. What happened?
– The line got cut. ls it a girl?
– Yes. Did you shout? l shouted at her. She is mad.
– Mad? We don’t even get mad girls. What kind of a girl do you want? What kind of a boy you want to marry? Marry? Who is the guy? The one who prepares coffee for me… …the one who cleans my plate… …the one who solves my problems… …l want him… The one who is with me… …the one who washes my clothes… …the one who doesn’t take me to task… …l want her… The one who falls in my trap… …the one who is after me… …the one who worships me… …l want him… The one who jumps on me… …the one who massages my back… …the one who never leaves me… …l want her… Who is that perfect husband? Who is that perfect wife? The one who gives everything l ask… …the one who never questions me… …the one who’ll be my ATM… Who is he? l like… l like… l want someone who neither
smokes nor drinks… l want someone who says
it’s manliness to drink & flirt… l want someone who never
ogles at women… l want someone who asks me to see
her in every other woman… He should praise my beauty… She must believe
when l tell truth… He should take me out
and spend a lot on me… She must repay my loans… He must do anything for me… He must believe me blindly… He must be young & innocent… Who is he? l want someone who will love
me after marriage… l want someone who will marry me
after a period of love… He should come home before 7 pm… Even if l come home in next morning at 5 am,
she must open the door… He must take good care of me… l want my people too… He must crack jokes and
make me happy… She must cry at times too… He must be the answer to my question… …he must be my perfect match… …he must be handsome
to suit my beauty… Who is he? They will never match. Are these formalities still on? Garland them not me. Greetings sir. Hello Mr. Rao, how are you?
– Okay. You requested to be transferred
to Hyderabad, didn’t you? Lord Buddha. An apostle of peace. lt’s been very long.
l must go there once. Get me the files of goons in the city. lt’s on your table, sir. There must be someone
named Shankar. You mean Section Shankar. Bring it. No ACP has inquired about him till date. You must be very special
to inquire about him. What is this? Everyone knows about his illegal activities. But no one has lodged
a complaint against him. Please file a complaint, sir. Please file a complaint, sir.
– Who are you? Write. Come on. Tell. l’ve a land near Gandipet. When the inauguration function was on,
goons descended there… …and threatened us to vacate the place. They didn’t leave me even
when l begged them. l ran for my life. They came after us and
killed all our family members. l was the only one left. A man was after my life with a knife. God saved me in the form a rock. The man hit a rock & fell down. Accidentally he killed himself
with his own knife. You must save me. l will take care.
You go to the hospital. Who is he? He is Section Shankar you were
inquiring about now. What he said is totally opposite to
what would’ve had happened there. Accidentally he killed himself
with his own knife. Everyone is dead.
– Not really. There are a few left. Who? Sorry. l can’t help it. Look how intelligent he is. He never leaves any evidence or witness. What is his background? We don’t know where he came from. But law sections are his background. He was a beggar near municipal court. Later he used to sell teas
near a district court. Then he befriended lawyers and
made false witness as his profession. Then, he learnt sections and its loopholes, and started committing
murders using it. From then on, he became Section Shankar. Him?
– Do you know him? l saved him in Kadapa railway
station from a mob attack. His details are very important.
Take personal attention. – Okay sir. You go. Yes sir. Venkat Reddy’s men tried to kill
a man railway station, right? Yes sir. Whatever you do, but get one of his men to surrender.
– Okay sir. Could you tell me how these
murders took place? Could you tell me who did this? When will you apprehend the culprits? Your silence makes people suspect
you may destroy the evidence. Don’t try to play tricks on me
to say something. Move. Manhandling? Do you know the consequences
of beating journalists? Dump him in the van.
– Come sir. You come, stand in a good angle,
let’s show them our power. Police are not giving any information on
the mass murders outside the city. Police are tight lipped if its personal
rivalry or property that led to these murders. Mr. Bose, city’s new ACP
is investigating the case… What brother? Are you watching the news? l’m watching. lt’s now fashion for TV channels
to maul police for everything. Look, how he’s attacking the police. No use, bro! l must take action. What if l throw this camera
into the well? Do it, headache will go with it.
– Hey younger one! lf you take on the media… …it will create havoc,
life will be in a turmoil. l’ve been listening to this
quote for 25 years now. lt never happened. Well said mother. No discussions, tell me
should l throw it or not?- Throw it. Daughter-in-law! What’s it father-in-law? These two are threatening to throw
my camera into the well. You must save it. Chandu, he did his duty.
What’s wrong in it? l can’t take it easily anyone
criticizing my brother. Return the camera. lt still has life, so it survived. Why did you miss the chance? He’ll buy a new one if l throw
this camera into well. What if l do like this?
– What? The problem will be solved once for all
if l throw him into the well. What are you waiting for then? Try it sons! Don’t forget you are into this
world because of me. l gave shivers to powerful politicians
and underworld Dons. They are just kids! Am l scared of the gun? What happened? Grandpa, is this what you
call a turmoil? This is what you call
life comes to a standstill! Chairman, this is our site. We got Chitti’s land who was
a thorn in our flesh. With this acquisition, 100 acres land has
become one piece near the Ring Road. lf you grant us hand loan of Rs.100 crores
from your Goodwill Bank, we’ll start the flat construction. We’ll return the money in 10 months
with your 10% commission. Proposal is good,
but lending huge amount is risk. Will the risk come down
if l raise commission to 15%? We are not asking you
to invest in nothing, we are asking you
to invest on land. Without RBl’s permission is… Sir.. One minute. Please talk to him.
– Who is it? Home Minister.
– Home Minister? Greetings sir…is it sir? lf you’re part of it, l don’t mind it sir. Okay sir…l’ll definitely do it sir. l’ll take care of the formalities. Okay, bye sir. Look DlG sir, we may be wealthy,
but position’s power is different. lsn’t it sir?
– We take our own precautions. l’ll release the funds shortly. lf headlight had been broken,
it would be cut from the salary. What are you looking at? Aren’t you ashamed? Were you scolding me?
l thought you were praising me. Do you know who is in the car? l don’t care who so ever it may be! Are you blind?
Will you drive carelessly? l asked her if she knows
who is in the car, she said she doesn’t care a hoot! Why are you fighting with a girl? Sorry, it was our mistake. ls it enough if you say sorry? How can l go to college now? Who will get the bike repaired? Boss! – Get the bike repaired and
send it to the college. l was little harsh without knowing
you were such a good man. My name is Shankar. People call me as Shankar Anna!
– What do you do? Settlements!
– You mean…? Job without sentiments.
– Shut up! He’s a talkative man,
don’t take him seriously. We have reached your college. Will they bring the bike?
– They will. What a great figure!
– Thanks Shankar Anna. ls she his sister? Why is she coming to this college? Rs.500 bet.
– Rs.1000 bet. lt will burst.
– lt will not. Take out money. Don’t you’ve sense? You stop! lt was just paper, why are you getting
angry as if they were stones? New to college? l’m old to the college
but new to this college. What’s your name? She’s not telling her name. May be she’ll tell if we lift her. Boys! Why are you going around death? Who do you think she is?
She’s Section Shankar Anna’s sister! Madam! Was it Section Shankar who
dropped me in college? lf not for them, leave them for the
money they owe to me. Okay, get up…l’ve forgiven you. This one chance is enough
to spend all our rest of life. What? You want a special order? Sorry, l blew the balloon with
remote as a challenge. With a remote? l’m not a beggar.
l’m an ice cream seller. Why are you crying then? l used to own the Canteen Anandam. l gave lot of credits to the students. When l asked them money,
they kicked me out. When l insisted, they got Chandru to
throw me out from the canteen. l heard you’re Section Shankar’s sister. lf you say just one word,
it can change my life for better.- Okay. Greetings Mr. Yadagiri sir. l told you not to make sound, right?
– Please talk to me softly sir. Why should l, bloody push cart seller? l’m the owner of this canteen.
– Yes, it’s yours. You got me kicked out from there with
Chandu’s help, and took over my canteen. Yes, l did.
What the hell will you do now? Don’t talk about hell sir,
women may be around. So what? l’ll cut your bell. Please look around you
before saying anything. Why should l look around? Sister! Actually what had happened was… l got it, hand over his canteen to him. lf l give it to him,
how am l to live then, sister? l’ll take care of his living, you go in and
have anything in the canteen. You come here, you go in madam.
You come into my position. How am l to live if you
take away my canteen? How did l make a living?
Sell ice creams. Ring the bell. What’s that nonsense? Aloud!
lt must sound like this. Stop! Shout ice! What are you doing? Shout loudly! That’s much better! lf you stop ringing the bell,
l’ll cut your bag of marbles. lf you had informed us,
we would’ve come to pick you up. Why?
– Boys here are very mischievous. Have you taken his push cart too? l didn’t take it, he took away my canteen. He isn’t that brave, right?
– A new girl has joined our college. Who is she? She’s beautiful but
her back ground is very bad. ls her back so bad? Not her back,
she’s Section Shankar’s sister. Didn’t you tell her about me? l told her and she wants
to see you also, go! Why are you scaring me boy? Sir, it seems l was called here
by Section Shankar’s sister.- What? lt seems l was called here
by Section Shankar’s sister.- What? lt seems Section Shankar’s sister
wants to see me. Why are you repeating the sentence?
Am l deaf? You necked me out from here,
didn’t you know then? l did that without knowing
your back ground. Know my back ground?
Go inside…bloody go in! Greetings madam, it seems
you wanted to see me. ls it you? please sit. lt seems you’re a big goon,
l’ll be here only from today. lf you misbehave in college,
l’ll rip your skin out. l called to warn you,
you can go now. l said go… l’ve been watching you,
why are you shouting at me? Do you know who l’m?
– Who are you? Section Shankar’s sister. Shankar’s sister? Ever since l got my moustache, l have a small wish of falling in love
with a big goon’s sister. After that when your brother chases me, those fights, chases,
action scenes will be fantastic! l don’t know about your brother,
but you’re ravishing! lf you look at me,
my brother will pluck your eyes out. Will he pluck my eyes if l see you? l have seen your face,
your back, your front too! Why hasn’t he plucked out my eyes?
Lord! l can still see! Your waist is terrific! Why? Why shouldn’t l?
Will he cut my hands too? lt’s useless to live losing both hands,
l’ve decided to die. So for one last time,
let’s commit ourselves. Leave me!
– Nobody will see us. All of you close your eyes!
– l’m not Section Shankar’s sister! That’s it! l did all this to
get the truth out of you! l know you’re not his sister. You knew it?
Still you misbehaved with a girl. ls it good for you? Girl? Girl must be like a girl. Now that you’re in college,
leave all these bad habits, concentrate on your studies dear.
Got me? Aren’t you my sweet baby? Go. Why are you staring at me? l’ll close my eyes and open it,
if l see you or your gang here… You’ll be finished! lf you give me a chance,
l’ll also run. What shall we do with him? Close your eyes for a second.
We’ll ring his bell! Madam, they broke my back
for trusting you. Earlier l had ice cream selling cart.
Now l don’t have that too. Leave me alone.
– l was also insulted. l don’t know goons,
but l know police very well. Police? No need.
These people left with thrashing only. Police will leave me half dead on street. l’ll live like a dead body on street. You don’t worry, l know how to
teach Chandu a lesson. lt’s me lndu.
l want to talk to your dad.- Dad? Who is it dear?
– lndu sister. What’s the matter? A goon is teasing me in my college. l want to tell your dad
and straighten him up. College goon?
My dad will not beat him. He’ll gun him down.
– No! My uncle is better bet for such issues. Then give the phone to your uncle.
– What’s the score, Pinky? Uncle is very busy now, l’ll tell him later.
Take down his phone number. Okay, tell me. l’m Pinky’s friend. Oh missed call? Go ahead. Sorry, l blabbered nonsense that day. lt seems you’re in trouble, what’s it? Yes, a man here is threatening
me with dire… What does that mean?
– l too don’t know. l’m scared…
if you give him a warning… Should l’ve to come?
– Yes.- Where? That is…
– Tell me. One minute, l got him at right time. Who is on the line? l heard you’re still bossing
around the college. No sir…l gave a good thought
about your advice. You were right.
Girls must behave like girls. So l want to be friendly with you.
– Friend? Yes. l want to give you a treat
tomorrow in lndira park. You must make it without fail. Thanks. Tell me. Sorry, l ran into a Mr. Big Bore here. l too ran into a silly girl.
Come on tell me. Shall we meet in lndira park tomorrow? lndira park? Any problem?
– l’ll come. Okay, thank you. Have you arranged men
to bump off Chandu? l’ll not spare him this time
even if you leave him. With this rusted dagger? l’m not a pro, so l thought
he may die with gangrene. You talked about park, friendship,
treat and sitting here silently. Tell me lndu. l’m feeling very thirsty,
can you get me a cool drink? l was waiting for this opportunity. Madam, l’m ready.
Call your friend. Where is Pinky’s friend? l’m waiting for you, where are you? l’m in lndira park.
– ln the same park? Where? Sitting on a bench on the
left side of the canteen. Left side?
– Yes. Tell me the dress you’re wearing.
– Black top and pink skirt. Why is he here?
– Still didn’t get me? There’s a short scarecrow
sitting next to me. ls it the man looking like a gypsy? What is he saying?
– Gypsy! Gypsy! One minute. lt means you and
Pinky’s friend are same! Have you called me to beat myself? What a big plan you had! Now l’ll make a big plan for you. You want me to beat him, right?
– Come fast! Me? lf he sees you with me, he’ll create
problems for you in college. There’s a thick bush on
your right side…- Thick bush? You play a drama and
send him behind that bush. l’ll beat him up. Please just warn him sternly, don’t… Silly girl, no warnings please, you catch hold him tightly,
l’ll stab him from behind. Will you stab if l hold him? Why are you crying?
What happened? Finding you not here,
a boy came and… Came and…?
– He came and…hugged me. And then…and pinched my cheeks too. Pinched your cheeks too? And then used few bad words. Why are you looking at the bush?
ls he behind the bush? Bloody idiot! How dare you hug a girl
who is young and beautiful! What? Will you stab him?
– l’ll kill him. No… Once l commit,
l’ll not listen to myself. lt seems you’re teasing
my Pinky’s friend. l teased her because
she’s new to the college, please leave me sir.
– Don’t leave him. Please sir, l made a mistake. Are you a goon?
lt seems you threatened lndu! l boasted to impress her
as she’s beautiful. Please forgive me sir,
l’ll never again tease her. l got you. You’re enacting double role
and cheating lndu. l’ll teach you a lesson. What did you understand now? What did you say on phone?
– What did l say? lf l hold him tightly…
– l said l’ll stab him. How will you stab him? Stab ferociously.
– l didn’t say that sir. Then why are you carrying a dagger? Do you know to swim?
– Why are you asking me now? You’ve to know it.
What are you hearing here? Sound of water flow.
– Keep on hearing. Don’t you’ve sense?
Why didn’t you tell me he’s a body builder? What happened to him? He tried to kill me and
l pushed him into the water. Pushed him? He’ll survive if he knows to swim
or else he’ll die, come…- Where? Brother! ls the light okay? Super! You’ll become a scientist. l’ll sponsor your research.
– Thanks brother. You carry on. lt’s me lndu! Are you fine? Fine? Just now had dinner…
without food and sleep. We are all sitting and
crying at home. What happened aunt? What am l to say dear? My younger son hasn’t
come home yet. Times aren’t good. Short… My son is tall and handsome. What if some girl traps him and
drowns him in love. My son doesn’t even know
to ‘swim’ and escape. Can’t he swim? He doesn’t know anything.
Would you like to talk to Pinky? No aunt, l’ll talk to her tomorrow. Please God! Brahmam isn’t seen to know
about Pinky’s uncle’s status. What is this? Brahmam?
Where did you go away from the park? ls he fine? Why are you silent? By mistake, did you stab my friend? May be he had a paralytic attack.
Write and show it. Bloody illiterate! lndu, Chandu is there.
– Really? Come. What’s this man?
Girls in your college are very decent. l don’t see any oomph! Oomph?
Look at the sexy siren there! Not a siren but sultry beauty!
– Stop boys! What’s the brand of your panty? No problem, l’ll check it myself. Look there!
Another murder is happening! Chandu will kill him too. A mistake can happen unwittingly.
But never ever do it wantonly. Don’t poke your nose, you’ll pay dearly. l know about pay but
do you know who will pay? l’ll tell you. Even if l keep quiet, will my blood not
keep quiet seeing this blood? When the force of my blood transforms
into an iron fist & lands on your face… This isn’t forest to watch fight for fun, by now someone would’ve
called the police, This is my idea of the scene
how it will be, if you differ from my version,
tell me, let’s see that too. No brother.
– Then say sorry to her. Don’t say sorry to her, he’s trying to
scare you with words. He’ll catch your hand
and pin you down. No. Had a dream? Watch now! Didn’t l tell you?
Forgive us brother…Come boys! Just think why did they comment
only on you leaving all others? Not now, you should’ve thought
before leaving your home, am l going to college or cabaret? Have you understood him now?
Chandu knows how to deal a problem. You misunderstood him
trusting Brahmam. Go and ask him what had happened
behind the bushes. What? You left him, why did you push
my friend into water? ls he your friend?
– Yes, l’m a foolish girl, l misunderstood you and
set him up against you, l don’t know what has happened to him, l start crying thinking about his family. Before l could meet him, he… He would be safe.
Stop crying and call him on phone. l tried many times but nobody
is picking the phone. Try now, he’ll respond. Who is it? l’m lndu…are you still alive? Did you think l’m dead? By God’s grace,
l came back from certain death. How are you now? Are you hurt? No…l’m severely injured and
you’re asking innocently. l don’t want your friendship
or have anything with you, please leave me alone. He’s alive.
– Thank God! But he’s upset.
l’ll go to his home.- Home? l’ll also come.
– You…? Why? No…his brother is a police officer. lf he sees you there, problems may arise. lt all happened for me,
l’ll say sorry to him. Okay?
– You don’t worry, l’ll manage. Why are you walking in like
it’s your home? Their’s is an orthodox & traditional family. They have great respect for me. What’s that for? You said traditional family, right?
To impress them. Don’t over act.
– No. Come with me.
– Okay. l said next to me not falling on me.
Come behind. Front or back as you say. Why hasn’t Chandu come home?
– That’s what l’m also thinking. Front is danger, back is safe. Hi sister! Mother-in-law, l told about a girl
l met in train. Greetings aunt.
– Greetings. Who is that behind you?
– My relative. Greetings aunt.
– Greetings. Greetings. Please come in. Your home is tastefully decorated.
– Thanks for the compliment. Aunt, l’m hungry, can’t you offer something
to eat like sweets or savoury? How did you guess it right?
We do have it. l mean traditional homes
like ours will have it. l’ll get it. Please sit. You please sit here.
– Come and sit. Hi Relative! Have it. Hi sister!
– Come. lndu, don’t feel shy, have it. You here…?
– Hubby, he’s lndu’s relative. l got him. lsn’t he the man l arrested
recently for eve teasing?- No. Why are you over acting?
– What did l do? What for we came here?
What are you doing now? Where’s younger son? Should he have to come now? Are you here? Do you’ve any sense? Will you spend the money
l gave to pay electric bill? Daddy, please wait, l’ll tell you. Why should l wait?
Your support is spoiling him. He has become a brat. Brat? How dare you say it.
l’m sparing you because brother is here. Will you kill me?
– l will. Brother wait. l must settle it today once for all.
You’re creating a scene for a pittance. l’ll sleep, you usurp my property. You’re a Lord, l’m planning to
usurp your property. Can’t you talk properly in the
presence of women?- Are they new… Who is she?
– Chandu’s friend. Couldn’t you’ve told me earlier?
– You never gave me a chance. Don’t mistake, my family is
a sweet, lovely & happy family. Father and son? Our family…my family. God wished for a boon… He wished to become
a member of this family… A home where the laughter
never dies… A home where affection
is the lifeline… Becoming a part of this happiness
and enjoying it… With so many people in the home… Finding no place… Difficulties never dare to
come into the home… With everyone’s eyes shining
bright with love… There’s no place for tears… Happiness without heart… Never last more than for a minute… There’s everything here
except bad intentions… Mother is threshold…Father is home…
This smiling little girl is our moon… Brother is the tower…
Sister-in-law is the threshold… Younger brother is the
secure outer fortress wall… Our home is home to affection… Our home is nest of love… There’s nothing like good times
or nobody is guest here… You too got one rupee only,
no change, keep this 50 paise. Should l’ve sculpt his statue? Yuck! Who are you? Hole! People do call me like that. From legendary Jakkanna’s family. Okay…how much do you charge
to sculpt a statue? Rs.1.5 lakhs. Rs.1.5 lakhs? Why did he faint?
Get me a soda. No need. One more rupee loss. Why did you fall down?
– lsn’t it expensive? lf l lose Rs.50000 for 5 things,
what would l get? 5 things? What’s that? Head.
– One. Neck.
– Two. Heart.
– Three. No…no…l got it. Tell me, whose statue should l sculpt?
– My brother-in-law’s! Lift your hand. Lift this hand. What a nasty hand! Lift your leg. Lift this leg too.
– Joking? Won’t he fall down? Can’t he keep one leg down
and lift the other? He can do it.
– Lift! Measuring is over.
Ask him to stand there. Let’s decide about the pose.
– Brother-in-law, stand on the cot. Take it, brother-in-law.
Sculptor, look at this pose! Are you great Chatrapathi Shivaji? You look like a butcher,
put down the sword.- Take this. Sculptor, look at this pose.
– Which pose? Are you great Alluri Seetharamaraju? You look like a gypsy.
No bow & arrows, bloody pose! l got a good idea, tell him to squat. Squatting statue? That’s variety. Squat…squat.
– Squat…brother-in-law. Give him a cigar.
– Cigar? Take the cigar, brother-in-law.
– No need of a mug? Mug? Keep it there. l’ve kept it. Nearer to him. That’s good! This pose is fixed.
Everything is over. Why there are so many people here?
What does he actually do? Have you heard about Section Shankar? Why to talk about that goon now?
– He’s Section Shankar! No…no…brother-in-law.
– Please forgive me sir. Give him my photo, lf the statue isn’t good,
l’ll behead him. How much will you charge
to sculpt a statue? lt’s free.
– You asked Rs.1.5 lakhs. Just a coconut is enough. That’s better, start your work. l’ll start immediately.
– Get going. One minute. l’m Bharath here sir, l got Venkat Reddy from
the faction gang you told me. Where are you now? We are entering the city.
Where should l bring him sir? Come to the office,
l’m coming there.- Okay sir. l’ve urgent work, go to hospital with
Chandu, that’s your line, right? Why are you so excited sir? Shankar engaged a faction gang
in Kadapa to kill Chitti. We got a man from that gang. lf we get him to sing,
Shankar’s chapter is closed. When is Bose expected here? lt will take time, he’ll be on the way. He’ll not come immediately, right?
– No. Go fast…Bose is coming. l didn’t expect this nasty turn
inside a police station. Give me a pen. Sign it. You got your site, go. Boss! What happened? Didn’t you do it? l stabbed him, boss. Bose came immediately and
l left my knife there, boss. He’s coming for me, boss. l told you many times to wear gloves
before killing someone. Sorry boss, please save me
for one last time. You’ll never go to jail,
so says your horoscope. Get up. Give sugar cane juice.
You stabbed him with hand, right? Boss! Welcome Bose! He’s always hasty! For sugar cane juice, we must crush
sugar cane not hand, right? lf you poke nose in unnecessary
things, you’ll lose it. You came for finger prints,
but he doesn’t have a hand. lf anyone dares to step forward,
bullet will pierce through him. What are you doing Bose?
– Arresting him sir. l want to know why? He’s trying to destroy evidence
in a murder case. Can you prove it?
– l will. l’ll expose him and the
people hiding behind him. Greetings sir. l’m DlG speaking sir. Bose is arresting Shankar.
lt’s Home Minister, talk to him. What Shankar? You go boys! Why did you spare him sir? l played this gamble to know
the people behind him. Now l know his men are
in our department too. Let me start from this side
to dismantle his empire. Stop here.
– Why are you getting down here? l’ll drop you at your home.
– This is my house. Your house? Why are you travelling on a moped then?
– l like simple living. l must be liked for what l’m,
not for my back ground. What is your father doing? He has lot of businesses,
l don’t know the details. Okay, come in.
– l’ll come next time. How much will it be?
Will it work out? Will it be 10 or 15 crores? Make it 50 crores. Didn’t get me? Girl’s father toils hard for
15 to 20 years to amass wealth. But young men like you dream of taking
it in few months trapping them. Good physique, a petrol filled bike, that’s your investment. Are you lndu’s father? He’s very smart. Now that you’ve raked it up yourself,
l’m telling you. l love your daughter. l don’t know what’s your daughter’s idea. Do what so ever you can do to stop lndu
from falling in love with me, as her father you’ve that right, once she says l love you to me, not only you,
no man on earth can stop me. You saw the new gen! There’s nothing wrong in what he said. Why are you getting tensed sir? Deal smoothly with your daughter
and ask her. Just ask how she came
from the college. lf she tells the truth,
then there’s nothing between them. lf she lies, then there’s something,
we can deal with him later. Hi dear! Come. Where is your scooty?
– l gave it for service. How did you come from college then? A friend dropped me. No danger for the present. Friend means…? Chandu…mother, l told you about
meeting a family in train. That boy. ls it? Why didn’t you invite him in? Friendship will lead to love,
so it’s better to be within our limits. Padhu? You? You thought it was a boy? Nobody will dare.
What’s this surprize visit? ls your marriage fixed? How did you guess it right? With your grasp.
Has aunt too come with you? l have come. We always visit you,
but you never visit us. Aunt. Won’t she kill me if l don’t
make it to her marriage? She insisted that you select
her bridal dress. Get going, or else we’ll get
stuck in traffic jam. Why are you standing next to me?
Sit on my shoulder. How do l look like to you?
Do l look like an ice cream seller? Go and do as l told you.
Looking at me seriously. Chandu…at last l got him. Are you here to buy clothes
or steal jewels? Why do we come here?
To buy clothes or sell ice creams? Don’t talk about ice creams. Are you here to buy clothes
or steal jewels? Why are you stressing on stealing? Are you scaring me with height?
One slap and your teeth roll out. Take you the necklace.
– Show me where it is! He stole a necklace in the
garb of buying clothes. lt seems l stole it.
– Take out the necklace. Look, where is it?
– Show me your bag. Check it.
– l had seen many like you. Show me.
– Am l a thief? Call your proprietor.
– Why sir? Take it. What’s this nuisance?
– Are you the proprietor? Yes.
– Do l look like a thief? Am l here to steal? He looks like a thief,
he would’ve stolen it. He’s calling me a thief.
– You have stolen it. Show me. Turn.
– Check it. What’s this? Bloody thief! That means you had stolen all the
things missing from the shop. Make a list of all the missing things
since he joined here. l’ve it ready sir.
– Ready? 32 silk saris, 22 bras, 5 petticoats. Petticoats and bras?
– Totally Rs.2.5 lakhs, sir. Police? Color is good, right? How long will you take to select this?
Let’s shop for other things. You want to buy clothes
for your groom, right? You go with her to the top floor,
we’ll select the saris. Let’s shop for the latest designs.
Show us new pattern shirts. Size madam?
– Tell him. l don’t know.
– Don’t know? Don’t over act,
tell me l’ll not make fun of you. l really don’t know.
– You’re a waste. How? See if anyone’s size matches
your would be. That man? He’s taller than him. That guy? This man. What are you doing here? l came with my cousin Padma. l want your body for 5 minutes.
Will you come with me? Will you pawn me?
– Yuck…come. Will he be as tall as him? lf not stripe shirt will not be good. A little short. Will he be as fair as him? Or else dark shirt won’t match him. A few shades darker than him. Will he have such good physique, good arms? Or else half T-shirt won’t match him.
– Not much. lf he isn’t like him,
then, this will be better. That’s all! You don’t need pants. Sister-in-law…l’m on the way. My sister-in-law is waiting downstairs, bye. No need formalities between us. To tell your lover is better than my would be,
were you stressing about his physique? Lovers? No, you both love each other. Though you haven’t told each other,
l can judge it easily. One may take time to fall in love,
never delay in expressing it. My sweet heart…
Be my companion of life… My sweet heart…
Be my life partner… You’re my first love…
That’s a word from my heart… Really… As your lover unites with you…
He’s right before you… Really… Repeat the words… Show your love for me in deeds…
To make my heart believe it… You’re in me, my heart and my soul…
What’s this strange doubt? Though you say no,
l’ll be part of you… l say we are not two but one… You look at me desirously…
Won’t l get worn out? Taking my life with your smile…
Don’t tease me now… Okay, let’s settle with this for now… l’ll always do this mistake
again and again… Details of all the illegal
businesses of Shankar. Mother…mother… Brother-in-law…you got
sharp shooters from Mumbai. Bose shot them dead on road
like street dogs. What’s that DlG is doing? He gave up on us. lsn’t there anyone to stop Bose?
– There is…it’s me! l’ll face Bose’s heat with
Gandhiji’s non-violence. l’ll come back after having
lemon juice from him. Down with police violence!
Down with Bose! Why are you leaving me alone? l’m thirsty, give me some water. Get a water bottle. l’m dying in hunger,
get me something to eat, sir. Get biriyani. He’s a gentleman! Did you get a leg piece sir? Will l dare shoot him? l was just returning the gun to him.
– Return it. Take it sir. Hail fast unto death! Hail fast unto death! ls fast unto death so great? Are you sitting here without
knowing the meaning of it? l joined a group that was fasting. That means you mustn’t eat
anything till you die. Facing hurdles and flak from top brass
while discharging his duty, Mr. Bose shot dead all the
history sheeters and goons. Look at him! He sealed your construction company. l’m dying with tension
when he’ll come to my bank. What do you want now? l don’t want your commission,
return the loan of Rs.100 crores. l’m going to Delhi, keep the money
ready when l come back. Trust me. Your money is safe. lf you try to slip through some section,
l’ve my own ways to tackle. Greetings sir. Should we have to return his money? He’s creating a hurdle,
if we kill him we’ll get lynched. Why a murder?
– Then? He’ll die with a massive cardiac arrest. Will get it if we wish? There’s one man who can do anything. Oh God! My brother-in-law Shankar
wants to meet you. Wait a minute, l’ll come. l can’t wait, come immediately. Can’t you hear me?
Oh my God! Bloody! l forgot to tell you,
deal with him carefully. He’s little mad. Mad? You should’ve told that first. Come, let’s go. l want your help after long time. My section loopholes can’t help it. You must do it. Can l refuse you? Greetings sir.
– Who are you? l’m your driver’s brother-in-law.
– Where is he? He’s not feeling well sir.
– Okay, come. Sir, put on seat belt sir. lt’s boring, play some song. Gita is being played, he’s dead. What happened to my money? Money is ready, shall l send it? l don’t believe anyone,
l’ll come personally. What happened? Bank Chairman had a heart attack and died. What happened, brother-in-law? Bank Chairman’s section is over! Move…move…clear out. Goodwill Bank Chairman. No damage to car also. May be it’s a heart attack. Can’t anyone of you make
a call to the control room? Absolutely no civic sense. Come. Don’t touch, l’ll kill you if you touch. lt’s your dinner. Take blank cheque. Fill any amount. No need brother.
– Take a site in Madhapur. No need brother. Enjoy them. Hi! Why are you dull? What happened to you? What do you want? l want her! Get her married to me. Let her father be anyone, get her!
– Stop boys! Tomorrow your statue is being opened, why two functions and spend twice? Let’s celebrate his marriage tomorrow
along with that function. Morning my statue opening
and night your… Has Chandu come to college? No. Why? You come an hour earlier
and wait for him. When he comes, you go silent.
Will you express your love today? Love at first sight is easy to express. Chandu is my best friend,
l feel tense to tell him. lf you can’t tell him on face,
say it on phone. Tell me, what is it? Where are you? l’m very near to the college.
You…? lnside the college.
– Cut the call, l’m coming in. Stay there, l can’t tell this facing you. Anything very important?
You want money? No…no. What’s it then? Come out lndu. Come on… l didn’t hear you, please come again. You’re playing fun.
– Promise, l didn’t hear you. Chandu, say something. What? Shankar Anna!
– Madam! They kidnapped me without
knowing who l am. Please tell them. There are no sentiments in my business. Take her away. Look how people are flying
in excitement! lt’s not excitement but somebody
has kicked them into air. You’ve dared to enter a lion’s den! Who are you? Who is she to you? How can you call yourself a goon
without knowing this trivial thing? You must think about consequences
of kidnapping a girl in public. Onlookers may watch mutely. Her father or brother may try to stop it. A friend may fight till he gets beaten up. All these people will not trouble you. lf the girl has a lover,
her lover may be powerful, if the kidnapper is goon,
leader or let it be any one, he’ll take her back
split opening your heart. Like this! l think you would’ve understood
who am l to her. lf you still have any doubt,
dare to touch her, l’ll give a finishing touch to you. He’s boasting too much. Behead him and offer his
sacrifice to my statue. Not only brother-in-law,
even his statue is very strong. Have you seen where you’re now? lf l stamp you’ll be under the earth,
if l kick you’ll be in sky. No chance of living on earth. The need is yours or ours? Mine. Then you come here. Where is Shankar? What do you want? You’ve to kill a man, what’s your price? Not possible now, you can go. Can’t do it? Are you scared? You are like bulls, why are you wounded? Are you scared?
Don’t you know to fight? l used to kill for fun at your age. Take blank cheque,
fill any amount you wish. Tell me who should we kill?
– That’s like a real man! Starting trouble?
Can’t you start instantly? There’s man, he’s young but very tall. l can’t kill him, you must do it for me. He’s the man! Have you come to get us
lynched by him? Beat him boys! Has Chandu beaten these guys too? l can’t kill him. lt seems you thrashed Shankar. Don’t say it aloud.
lf my brother hears it, he’ll thrash me. lt seems you thrashed Shankar. Leave it uncle. Did you beat any college student
to keep it a secret? Brother, that is… Why did you beat him? He kidnapped lndu, l ripped out his skin. That’s all, or got any old score with him. No, l saw him for the first time.
– You mean fight at first sight! Something like that.
– Got hurt in the fight? l didn’t get hurt.
– Not you but Shankar. Statue broke but l don’t know about him. Who is it? lndu? Who is next on hit list? Go… Bye uncle. You stop. Haven’t you fallen in love? No brother. Why? Everyone must lucky to
get someone like lndu. They will not find you,
you’ve to find them. You follow him. Okay brother. Between us, aren’t you happy about
Shankar getting beaten up? Why will l not? He did what l wanted to do. Same blood. l’ve restrictions of duty, uniform and law. He’s free and just thrashed him at will. Shall we go?
– Wait a minute. Whose number is this? Mine. l got a missed call from this phone. l called you. Why? Chandu, stop it. Tell me the matter. We have come to attend Padhu’s marriage,
we’ll be here for 3 or 4 days, l feel like seeing you. Will you come here? lsn’t it too much? Will l follow you to any place
you go just for loving you? Then? Don’t you feel like seeing me? l can love but l can’t phone every
day to make inquiries. Enjoy the marriage with
your family and come back. What happened? He’s sitting on high pedestal
when l called him here. What does he think of himself? He would’ve said that for fun.
He’ll definitely come. Even if he comes,
l’ll not talk to him. Why are you making her angry? Love after a bout of anger is thrilling. You’re not a novice any more. Pack your bags boys!
– Come. Do you want separate invitation?
Come on, get going. Brother, you take this to him. Are you planning for my death? l’ll punch you. This mad man is right choice. Come my boy. What happened?
– Boss… l will take care. Brother.
– Come. l feel ashamed to see you. What happened to you? Take them. Hit me with them. What’s wrong with you? Hit me with them. l should get the stick for trusting them. Brother…
– Hit me. What’s wrong with you? You did so much for me. You asked for a girl which l couldn’t get you. Cool down. Since l’ve lost my influence,
living is a waste. Don’t worry. You want his head & l want to marry her. They are going to her village. l am going with them too. l will make the right move at the right time. Bye. Where are you going?
Wasn’t that enough! He beat you so badly that the
hospital bill shot up to Rs.90000. You lose your 3 months salary. l will go.- lt’s not about going
to a feast. Get lost. lt’s been very long since l saw sky. Gazing at the stars reminds me of your
romance behind the heaps of straw. Please tell us.
– Stop it. My life will get ruined. He is joking.
– l’m not joking. Your uncle used to romance.
– Please tell me. Tell him what he wants. Even she has given you the permission.
Tell me. lf l tell you, she will divorce me.
– Aunty, divorce him. Where is lndu? She is inside. Why is she is staying away
from us since morning? l brought her here in the name of marriage. l don’t have any intention to
take her back to the city. What happened?
– Things are not good. The sooner he wins her heart,
the better it is for us to fix their marriage. ldiot! Heard what he said. Do something, but make her fall in your trap. So simple! l will make a few traps and
she will fall in one for sure. He must have been conceived
during a power cut. ls it true? Did the power go off? Look at my village! Fresh & green. l’m the king of this village
and you are the queen. He is our servant. ls everything fine?
– Yes sir.- Then go. Why are you looking so dull? My friends are rehearsing
for a play over there. l will introduce you to them. You will be very happy. When did you come, buddy?
– ldiots! She is lndu. He is Mr. Chandrababu, a big politician.
– Naidu…? No, Reddy. He is Ram Jethmalani, a lawyer.
– What Malani? ldiot! l told you to simplify
your name, didn’t l?- Stupid! And he is… l don’t know who he is.
He joined our gang recently. He is ”Blade” Seenu. He carries a blade in his mouth.
And it never rusts. Stop staring at me. Greet her. Greetings. He always talk about you. We saw you only in the photo. This is the first time we are
seeing you in person. What? ls this the first time? Phone conversation, meeting in park..?
Forgot everything?- Me? Then, who else? Beating a few & expressing your
love is not a big deal. You shameless..! l asked you to come here.
But you refused to come. You can’t even understand a girl. Will you do anything for your friends?
– Yes, l will. l will kill you. l will take care of him.
Tell me. ls he the one? No, it is not him. She is very angry. l can’t go near her when they are around. Leave that to me. Hey Giri. Go. lndu, where are you going? Who did that? ldiot! You hit me with a stone & striking a pose. Why did you hit me?
– Because you look very handsome. l like you too. Oh my God! How dare you hit me with a stone? Stop it. Who is he? l pelted stone at you not him.
– You..? You look like an elderly person. Don’t you provide justice in your village? Why not? You seem to be educated. Will you punish someone else
for other’s mistake?- No. Then, he hit him instead of me.
lsn’t it wrong?- lt is wrong. What will you do for his mistake?
– Beat him. Hit him. Hit him. Get lost. Enough. The job is over. Let’s go. Stop. You pelted stone at me.
– Yes, myself. l hit him by mistake.
– Yes. But why did he hit me?
He must have hit me, right? You are right. You hit him. That’s enough. No more lndu. These city boys took away lndu
by cheating you. lndu…please stop. Do you’ve to ask me stop?
But kept walking away… You damsel with stunning looks… Come to me once… Stop, Ms. Sexy looks… Ms. Ramp walk… Your walk is sizzling… When you walk, my heart races fast… …and you know that very well… Did you mistake me as a stranger? Did you mistake me for your beau? Walked away from me feeling shy… You pushed me to the fires of lust… Please look at me once… lsn’t this the time for togetherness? l am fed up with your approach… Ain’t l your beloved? Where are they hiding? l swear on this blade, if l don’t slit his throat, l am not my dad’s son! Me too!
– Me too! ldiots! How could his father be yours’?
– No jokes. We must kill him now & party tonight. Till then l won’t touch ”Ganga”. So, you ditched Manga, ah? Chandu, look there. Why is a roped tied to its nose? When young, they are very stubborn. lt is to control their stubbornness. Even girls are very short tempered. That’s why they have nose pins. What about the ear rings? Are they also short tempered?
– No. They are to provoke the fires of lust. Someone’s there. 1, 2, 3, 4…we are 5.
Where is the 5th one? lt’s you. Then, who is he? l can’t run anymore. Shafi, take lndu from here. Go. Hold him. Hold this. Airport car pass dated April 2nd. AP28 AN 3033. l know this number. Chairman’s car number. When did Chairman die?
– April 2nd. Both died on the same day.
Something wrong. Do a post-mortem & get the full details. ls this a murder or a suicide? Where have you brought me?
– Come inside. Why did you bring me here? l will go to my house. From now on, this is our home. What? Our home? After our marriage, this is our home, right? Our marriage? Are you mad? Yes, l am mad. l am really mad. Your face makes me go crazy. And your body sparks the fire in me. Leave me. When you have such intentions, how could you act like
an innocent guy? Beat me. l feel very happy if you beat me. lf Chandu comes to know this,
he will kill you. Chandu…is no more. Chandu won’t come. Those goons are my men. They would have killed him by now. You can’t kill Chandu. He will be alive to kill traitors like you.
– What bloody Chandu! What is so special about him? Won’t you listen to me? Call it madness or love. Or mad love. l am your husband and
you are my wife. l will arrange the marriage. Be here till l come back. Okay. Be here till l come back. l will arrange our marriage. Car driver’s post-mortem report. Cause of death?
– Murder. Time of death 10:30. When did the Chairman die?
– 11 O’clock. Did the Chairman drove the car
in the absence of the driver? l am also confused. But his family members say that
the driver drove the car. No doubt. Chairman’s death is not natural death. Make sure this is not leaked to the press. Sorry sir.
lt has already leaked to the press. Where is the bank? Give me my money back. Break the doors. lt is my hard earned money. Come out. Don’t create any problem.
– Open it. Where is the manager? Help me to get out from here. l came here to get back people’s money. There is no money at all. What happened to it? l don’t know. Chairman gave the money to many people. Who are they? Tell me. lf l tell you, they will kill me.
– lf you don’t, they will kill you. Get back. Leave him to us.
We will kill him. Leave him to us, we’ll kill him.
– Kill him. Kill him. lf your problems will get over
by killing him, then kill him. Killing has become a fashion today. lf you kill yourselves,
what for we are here then? We know your sincerity. Our fear is that many banks
have closed down before. Do justice to us. Since l got a seat in llT, my father sold his property and
deposited the money in this bank. lf my studies are stopped,
my family will commit suicide. Please sir. You are our only hope. Please save us. You will be fine. Don’t take any hasty decisions. l will make sure justice prevails. Trust me. Aren’t you ashamed to say that? Neither your subordinate nor
your wife will listen to you. What bloody DlG are you? Stop shouting. Try to understand. l’ve never come across an officer like him.
– Greetings brother. Hello DlG. Since you are here,
it is must about me. You don’t worry. l’ve kidnapped my girl. Come & bless us.
– Bless you! Bose has arrested the bank manager. And he will conduct our last rites. Bloody Bose! Let’s kill the manager. Kill him! Both a police officer & a goon together
aren’t able to find a clue about him. Brother, l am there to help. Looking at these dead bodies,
l will die out of fear. lf you tell me the truth,
people who trusted you will die. l brought you here to make you
understand what death means. lf you tell the truth,
people will get justice. Yes Shafi. Chandu met with an accident. ls it? How is he now? Anything serious..? ls he fine? Where is he now? He is fine. We brought him to
the city just now. Where are you now? Come to the General Hospital immediately. l am here. Okay. You must tell the truth when l come back. Yes brother. – Has Chandu met with
an accident? How is he now? Nothing like that.
Who told you about this? Shafi told me. Tell me how he is. There is nothing to worry. A small bruise. l’ve admitted him in a near by hospital. l will call you when he comes out.
– ls he fine? Nothing serious, right? He is alright. Make sure he speaks to me on phone. l want to talk to him.
– Okay. What have you done? Why are you beating him? He dropped a blood bottle. lt’s a very rare group.
The patient needs blood. Which group?
– O Negative. My blood is also O Negative.
l will donate blood. Won’t you open your mouth till
l pump a bullet in your head? l gave you lot of time to think. Their tears are saving your life. lf not, l would lose a bullet
and you’ll be in morgue. l will tell you the truth. Tell me. You need not fear. You are wrong. Without Section, Shankar does not exist. Section Shankar. Say that again. Bose, even l have a gun. Holding a gun is not a big deal. What counts is the guts. Let me see what your power
and your sections can do. He who has the guts can
lay his hand on him. What bloody guts! Will your uniform stop your death
from these guys? Only a honest officer knows
the power of this uniform. How can power brokers like
you know it’s power? lt might not stop death. But it kills the fear of death. That’s more than enough to handle you guys. Yes, it’s me Shafi. 100 lies is granted to
conduct a marriage, but why am l forced to kill
so many for my marriage? l swear on Bhagawat Gita,
l never intended to kill you. But what can l do when that is your fate. We can do nothing except this. lt is God’s punishment. Bye…bye. You killed his so easily. Make sure we don’t get caught
in this mess.- Don’t worry. Every section has it’s loophole. l will tell you what to do. Look at him…this body… lt’s the handy work of the police. They took him & killed him. Let’s find out who will return our money. You are responsible for
the manager’s death. Why question me? Bose took him. Where is Bose? Bose is not here. Where did he go? Far away…beyond our reach. You mean…?
– Bose has links to this scam. He arrested the manager fearing
that the truth will come out. He took him somewhere,
killed him & ran away. Unless he is caught,
you will not get your money back. Did my son run away? You are making wrong statements. As a media person, just mind your business. Move. lf Bose cheats us, where else can we go?
– Look, it’s a shame to our dept. Don’t get into any protests
or demonstrations. Trust me & l will do the needful.
– Enough is enough. Let’s all go to CM’s house. We will protest till we get justice.
Let’s go. With such sheep around,
we can escape from any number of scams. Sir, are you saying this even after
knowing what my son is? ls your son Mr. Honest? lt’s true that King Harishchandra will never lie. Similarly, my son will not do anything wrong. People won’t believe in truth. Heard what he said. He is not even fit to salute my son. But he is talking bad about my son.
– You don’t worry. Bose will bring them to justice. Fast. Who are you guys? What is this?
Why do you look tensed? Who is he? What happened to him? Why are you taking him from the mortuary? Quick. Why are you bleeding?
What happened to you? Someone is taking Bose
on a stretcher. l stopped him but they hit me. Which Bose?
– ACP Bose. Why is he here? He donated blood to you. Was it my brother who donated blood to me? What is happening? They are looking for ACP Bose. What?
– Police are looking for ACP Bose. What shall we do now?
– Call our boss. Yes.- Boss, police are checking
for ACP Bose. People are coming towards us
shouting slogans against Bose. We are caught in between.
We are clue less. What do you want us to do now boss? Down with ACP!
Return our deposits! Down with ACP!
Return our deposits! Down with ACP! People are running away,
l think we’ll get caught by police. What shall we do now? Let’s dump the body
in this burning bus. He’s alive! He can’t come out, he’ll be reduced
to ashes along with the bus. Come let’s go. Brother…nothing will happen to you.
Please talk to me brother! You’ll be safe…l’m with you…
please talk to me. You’ll be safe…talk to me…
don’t leave me alone, brother. You’ll be safe…tell me…
who did this to you? Tell me…tell me…talk to me…
please don’t go away. Lord Buddha! Apostle of peace! lt’s been many days.
l must visit the place. Brother! Why did you leave me?
Brother! Talk to me. Police say ACP Bose has escaped with
Rs.100 crores after killing Bank Chairman. Father-in-law! lt’s important to note the main
accused is a police officer. What’s all this father-in-law? You don’t worry dear, it’s common. l’m there with you,
don’t believe them. Mother…mother…
– l think she’s in labour pain. Let’s take her to hospital,
call ambulance.- Okay. Mother! Grandpa, l’ve got a baby brother! Grandpa, grandma, l’ve got a baby brother! l’ll call dad on phone and
inform about my baby brother. Give me your phone.
– Okay dear. But it’s hard to get your dad on line.
– l’ll call uncle atleast. Hello uncle, l’ve got a baby brother. l want to tell daddy, where is he? Daddy is on duty, we mustn’t disturb him. Then inform him. What should l tell him? Tell him that my brother resembles him. Do you’ve any sense? l don’t know your whereabouts,
don’t know anything about Bose. Father, brother has gone
out of station on duty. He called me on phone. Why so duty conscious? So much is happening here
and where the hell he is? No father, my brother isn’t
like other officers, he’ll sacrifice his life for his duty. We think he’ll sacrifice life for duty, but people think he’ll take
lives for money. They blamed a honest officer
and attacked a temple like home. l’m missing my son and
he’s missing his son… What the hell is happening here? Come with your brother at any cost. l’ll come. There’s a big plan behind
the killing of your brother. We are not getting any clue. Where have you hidden my daughter? Come on tell me.
– l don’t know. What’s all this sir? Don’t interfere,
you’re not involved in it. Where have you hidden my daughter?
Come on tell me. Didn’t lndu come home?
– Are you playing drama? Stop it! Leave his collar first.
What has he done? He made my daughter to elope with him. My son isn’t like that. ls he also your son?
– Yes. What a great family! One son has decamped with public money. He has kidnapped my daughter
for my money. How did you give birth
to such useless sons? What did you say?
– Stop! Why are you beating him? The mistake is ours. lf we are blamed,
it’s our responsibility to come clean. Go and bring his daughter. Go. No father…
– Why are you hesitating? Go! Your daughter will come home, trust me. Please go now. This locket…? How did this locket come to you? l forgot…my brother gave it
to me before dying. This belongs to Shafi. Shafi’s? Why did my brother gave it to me? Where is Shafi? Where is he? Tell me…who killed my brother? Who else was with you then? Tell me…tell me…
– No…please…tell me! Tell me… l’ll tell…DlG Harinarayan. Section Shankar! No Chandu…please forgive me. A man killing another can be forgiven. But you killed friendship! You killed trust! You killed faith! lf a man killing human values lives,
humans will go extinct. Well done Chandu! You killed one of the
killers of your brother. Brother hasn’t died uncle, he’ll live forever
like Subhash Chandra Bose. Chandu, my father should know this. Control the crowd! Sir, there’s a letter here! Read aloud sir. Please record it! Sir will read it for you. Don’t rush. He’s a student to the world. But he’s a killer who can kill which
even post-mortem can’t find it. He killed Goodwill Bank Chairman. Rs.100 crores from the bank was looted
by him and the gang behind him. Don’t get paniced,
depositors money is safe. l’ll not spare anyone linked to this scam.
Said by: ACP Bose. l never made a mistake in life. How did he survive? You claim never but he has
survived because you did. First we must know what
had happened in that riots. Leave it on me,
l’ll get the video footage. Down with ACP! He…? How did he come there?
– l don’t know sir. Boss, Bose was alive when we dumped
him into the burning bus. Bloody bastard, why didn’t you
tell me earlier? Rewind it! Did Bose’s brother saved him? ls Bose still alive? What are you saying? Just now we got a call from Bose. What?- lt seems next man on his
hit list a top police officer. Top officer is you, sir. No…cut the line. He got shit scared! What? lt seems Bose called the station,
and threatened to kill me. Finished! How to catch Bose? l’ve a plan for it. This is the spot we have decided. This is his house. As soon as leaves home,
uncle will call Venu on phone. Before he reaches office, Venu will come with lndu and stop at a signal. You divert his attention and
get him on to the Kurnool Highway. l’ll wait there. You both secure lndu on the way. Tomorrow l’ll kill him at any cost. You all remember the time, right?
10.30 AM! Tell me… Where is he? Tell us…you saved a dying man
and brought death to us. Where is he? Bose is your death. lt has no address. lt will come searching for you. lf you wish to die soon,
beat me…beat me! Stop! He must be alive to catch Bose. Other than delivering dialogues,
what else can he do? l know how to get the truth from him. Hang him upside down. Come. Tie it. What’s all this daddy? Your marriage. My marriage? l don’t like this marriage.
– l know. You’re getting late to the marriage,
get ready immediately. Go. Oh phone! Where is Chandu? l’m trying since long,
it’s ringing but he’s not picking. You don’t get tensed or worried. l’m not worried about him.
– Then? My father is arranging
my marriage suddenly. Marriage? Do one thing. Where is lndu? Please help to climb this wall, dear! Sorry dear, l’m running away! Sir, we have got a good
opportunity to catch Bose. What is it? You know GV Prasad’s daughter? lndu? l know her. Yes, it’s her.
She loves Bose’s brother Chandu. But her father is forcing her
to marry another man. We have information that Bose
is planning to kidnap lndu. You go sir, l’ll come with our men. Present… Which is better?
Temple or Registrar’s office? Why?
– For your marriage. We feel your marriage
will settle all problems. l feel like we must arrange
your marriage in our college, and reception in my canteen. How do you feel? l feel you’re wrong.
– What about lndu then? You don’t worry about her,
l’ll take care of her. Sit on pillion. Madam! Sir…madam has returned. What are you waiting for?
Come and receive her. Thanks, come lndu.
– Wait. Can you be happy, marrying a girl who
ran away from the marriage? lf you think you can, tell me, lndu for her family and
l for her will give up our love. No son. Neither he nor she or we can live
happily with a forced marriage. He brought her back to you
without eloping with her, for you and your family’s honour, where else can you get a better man
than him for your daughter? lf my son had been in his place,
he wouldn’t have brought her back. Don’t think too much,
get them married. Hey gentle beauty… Give me yourself fully, O stingy girl… Cool down, O bachelor… My way is always the short cut… You gave your heart… You gave your word… Have l given my heart… Have l given a word… When l asked you in necessity… You’re trying to get smart… Stop troubling me… When l ask you to kiss me…
You kiss my shadow… When l ask you for a date… No…no…no… lf you still insist l’ll kiss you… …if you want to go up further… No…… l’ll be happy if we commit ourselves… lf you trouble me,
l’ll say this isn’t good time… Women are always like this… lf l allow you to kiss hand,
you’ll insist on kissing cheeks… lf l allow to kiss cheeks… lf l kiss your lips,
you’ll insist on crossing the line… lf you cross the line… No way, you can never have me… Once you cross the line of shame,
it’s bliss… Men are always like this… Brother-in-law, our life has
turned topsy turvy. Bose has killed DlG too. You’re his next target. l think you must go underground. l’m not any ordinary man
but Section Shankar. DlG’s Office. Excuse me. Has DlG come? Police are always highhanded.
l’ve been waiting here for 30 minutes. New DlG hasn’t come yet. Even if he comes, what will he do? He’ll say l’m new and will take
time to study the case. How can he catch Bose? They are buddies,
they will play drama for few days, and then close the file. He killed the DlG. The new man will fear for his life. That’s why l think he’s afraid to
attend the press meet too. Are you all ready? Has your DlG come? You got your snacks and coffee, right? You take rest. There won’t be anything for him to
say that you can take down. We must know what action
he proposes to take on Bose? What an entire department couldn’t do?
Can he pull it off alone? He has no respect for senior officer. Sir…? You here…? Why are you saluting him sir?
Who is he? He’s our new DlG! Greetings sir. Please sit down. Why did you spring a surprize on us sir? Sitting there has given me an insight
about your genuine concerns. lf l had been sitting here,
would you dare to comment on me? No problem. What’s your next plan? Resigning on the day you joined duty. Not now…but in 24 hours. lf l fail to catch Bose in 24 hours,
l’ll resign. Keep this with you. Do you think can l pull it off
what they had failed? Let me see, what he can do? New DlG has caught in 24 hours Bose,
who ran away with Rs.100 crores. Without any plan,
you can’t achieve anything, That’s why Bose is still at large. l’ve seen many such cases
in my career. l could catch him in 24 hours.
– Can we talk to Bose? l can’t allow anyone to meet him till
l take him to the court tomorrow. Boys! New DlG has arrested Bose. We must kill Bose before
he reaches the court. Even if he manages to reach court, we mustn’t allow him
to say anything there. Take entire family of Bose
into your custody. Go. Where are you going man?
– To fight. – Bloody! l came to fight but you made
me do household chores. Who else has better body than me?
Tell me! – No? lf l fight with you, will l survive? l’ll buy you a chocolate, leave me. Show us ACP Bose! Why did you come here madam?
– l want to meet my husband. Look, this is police station. This is not your home to
talk with your husband. l can’t believe you, l’m worried
about him, show my son to me. l’ll not show you, what will you do? We’ll sit here in protest till death. You’ll be responsible for our deaths. Go ahead..sit. Show us Bose! Silly plan of new DlG has brought
your family to station in protest. To show Bose to them. They are listening to us. Then do as l told you. Go to the press people and
tell them Bose has escaped. l’ll come there now. Madam, Bose has escaped! You go away from here. What’s all this? Sir…Bose has escaped! Really? lt’s as true as you had caught him. Sir, Boses’ family has been kidnapped. l did manage to pull it off! Our people will follow them. l’ll get a phone call in minutes. Be ready with force.
– Okay sir. Brother-in-law, our boys have
abducted Bose’s family. But Bose managed to escape.
He’ll come here and kill you. Money may go waste. Just clearing my doubt. Grandpa! Hey old man! Why did you give birth to them? ls it for me? ls to kill me? l’m killing people when
l was a boy of this age. You know? Your sons have given a run for my money. l swear l’ll kill both of them. Why hasn’t he come for wife or kids? Who is he? Bose’s son? Did he give him birth for me? He did what he could at his age. Even infants are daring in your family! l’ll kill him. Leave him…he’s just an infant,
what has he done to you? His sin is to be born as Bose’s son. Where is he? Uncle! Grandpa, uncle has come. Why did you come?
Where is your brother? l want him. l’m giving you an hour’s time. Come with him. l’ll take a life every 10 minutes you delay. Go. l’m telling you! Nobody in your family will be alive. Go. Uncle, go and bring my father. They will beat you also
like they beat grandpa. They threatened to kill my brother. Mother cried, uncle. l’m scared uncle, get my father. Go uncle. Why did you come back? Can’t you understand me? Shall l kill her?
Shall l kill all of them? Tell me. Won’t he come? ls he scared? Will my son get scared to face a goon? He’s a police man! Younger son, bring my elder son. Don’t worry about my life. l’ll die after seeing his power. Go. Your father may die in shame. Go and bring him. How can he come? Bloody bastard! How can he come? When a father wants to see his son,
how can l bring him here? What are you saying son? These bastards burnt my brother
wrapped like an effigy. They burnt him to death! Look at this little girl! When she called on phone to inform
about her baby brother’s arrival, and wished to talk to her father, how am l to tell that her father is
dead and will not talk to her? Oh my God! How am l to tell her? Kill them! Look at her. She’s waiting for her husband. How can l tell her he’s dead
and will never come? Do you know the hell l had been through? Bloody! You’re smarter than me. Not a man should be alive
who dared to harm your brother. Kill all of them. Kill him! l swear on my blood, not a man from here will go out alive.
Come on, you bastards! Uncle…uncle! Uncle…uncle! Sir…look…how many people
he has killed. Arrest him sir…he killed DlG and Shafi.
He tried to kill me now. He would’ve killed Bose
also for the money. l’ve worked 4 years with Bose. l know his sincerity. l suspected the moment when he didn’t
come out after blamed for stealing. That he’s not alive. lt’s proved that you killed him. That’s why l played this drama. Chandu, l’m giving you 10 minutes time. After that he mustn’t be alive. Please sit…
and enjoy the fight happily. You want Bose? l’ll show you Bose, get up. ls it so easy for you to kill a man? Will you kill for money? Chandu, drop it. Drop the sword. Drop it. Drop it. So many murders in police presence?
Who killed them? Go and take the news to the town. l’ll tell you where the
looted money is, you return it to people
in the name of Bose. But please strike off
my name from the hit list. What we can’t do wearing this uniform,
we’ll do it using Bose’s name. Let’s keep Bose alive!

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