Larry King Grills Eric Worre On Network Marketing

Hi folks and welcome to another edition of Communication U. Today’s special guest is Eric Worre. Eric is widely considered the world’s leaving network marketing trainer. He’s built sales organizations totaling more than 500,000 distributors in 60 countries. His book Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Professional has sold more than 1.5 million copies. Eric welcome to Communication U our class is now in session. It’s my pleasure to be here sir. What is network marketing? Network marketing it is a distribution model for companies who have products that they want to sell and they don’t want to go through traditional distribution they set up a network of independent distributors who’s gonna take a good product and move it to the marketplace using word-of-mouth advertising that’s that’s as simple as I can make it how did you get into it I got into it because frankly I had 18 jobs by the time I was 22 years old I didn’t have a lot of talent or education I didn’t go to college I started a family and I needed cash flow and a friend of mine that I respected it was a millionaire said you should maybe check this out I think I would have a way for us to make some extra money and I started back in 1988 and and began a career that continued to this day how big is this industry it’s about almost 200 billion a year in revenue all the companies included 200 billion a year in revenue the Commission’s paid out to the the sales reps and the distributors that are building helping those companies distribute their products they get paid about 200 million dollars a day why what are some of these companies are like Amway mmm-hmm and this Avon calling no sir people consider that a pyramid yeah it’s some pyramid because they say it’s not the product it’s the distributor yeah some people think it’s too good to be true and frankly if I’m honest that part of that reputation is earned and I’ll tell you why the average rep out there just can’t help themselves they’re so excited about the opportunity that they have embellish they exaggerate like crazy they go nuts they say that it’s easy when it’s not easy it’s not reproduce ship stuff they say it’s gonna be fast they say the product sells itself and if all those things were true that companies wouldn’t need the distributors and then they exaggerated on the product too they say the product here’s this and it’s magical that and it sells itself all that nonsense and because of that it sets this crazy expectation the average person’s mind that sounds way too good to be true and when they get involved they try it it didn’t live up to the expectation they go I I guess this thing is just so they get carried away they get carried away but when you’re if your job is to hire more distributor he aren’t you more interested in the distributor than the soap no I mean here’s the thing ultimately the only way anybody gets paid is to move product they got to move product through that distribution system right now you’re the second thing that helps is when you grow a network of people doing the same thing you sell product you make a high commission you build a team of people selling the products you make a lower Commission but on a larger group of people okay so the larger people does give you leverage but nothing happens nobody gets paid for the act of recruiting a team they only get paid when the product moves to a consumer but if I have a thousand distributors I don’t have to sell anything well you you need to lead by example if you want to lead those team need those people right so you’re gonna need to sell something network marketing really is a lot of people doing a little bit you know people making a few extra dollars and for those with big dreams and big ambitions to kind of amp it up why do companies choose to go that route in other words why why didn’t my just make products and put them in stores I think it’s so efficient this method of operation this method of distribution is so efficient income think about what’s online today all the different voices people who are pounding on you in every direction to try to get your attention try to get your eyeballs try to to have you watch their show or listen to whatever it is they’re gonna say and everybody’s tuning it out nobody it’s so fragmented today nobody’s listening but word-of-mouth advertising is more powerful than ever if if I say to you hey there’s something that I tried it it really worked for me that’s gonna work absolutely thousand times better than then 50 ads on the Internet why do people join these companies what is the attraction you know I I think Larry people are ready today more than any other time in history to be their own boss technology is wiping out jobs technology is wiping out industries the human the human value is going down and down and down as technology goes up and up and up and people are saying I don’t want to fit in some other system anymore I want to be my own boss but they don’t know how to do it do they have a good product do they have enough money you know do they have the expertise in order to be able to do it but if there was a way for a person to start their own business without a lot of risk and they could flex that entrepreneur muscles see if they have the chops they’re interested so it’s making a big difference people are taking that step are you fighting the Amazons of the world or your parallel line well Amazon is a unique yeah as you know they’re taken over the world right there’s these few companies that are absolutely changing distribution but what they don’t have is word-of-mouth advertising they don’t have a network of passionate people who believe in the product sharing it with other people we provide a really important educational need in the marketplace we educate people on products that will be valuable to them we don’t really deal with commodities as much we just deal with products that are valuable that we can help to inform somebody else about what communication skills are the most important for the network marketer well communication skills that’s your world right I think in previous decades my mission in inside of this profession is to raise the standards is to take this profession take it to the place where it needs to be professional eyes it as it were we talked about GoPro professionalizing the network marketing field instead of this lottery mentality that’s out there and part of that is for decades people were just trying to get somebody you know I want to go get them I’m gonna go sign them up they’re like hunting people and people fell punted right but professionals today they’re more interested as an ultimate goal of Education and understanding they just want to educate people to the point that they understand what they have and in order to educate them you have to communicate with them you’ve got to connect with a person you have to build rapport build a little bit of trust and through that process you now have an entry point to educate them here’s my product see if there isn’t fit see if there’s a need if there is fantastic if there’s not wonderful some people learn these skills I hope they can yeah I think I mean you you’ve taught how many millions of people have you taught communication skills I mean I I learned from your what may be your first course you ever did 20-plus years ago how to talk to anyone anytime anywhere yes a nightingale conet course I listen to it all the time and one of the big keys I got out of it I used it for social and build of social media business I use it for my network marketing business I used it in everything that I do and I also had it reinforced by a book I read about Frank Capra Frank Capra’s autobiography the name above the title was the book but the the number one commandment is thou shalt not be boring just don’t be boring in your good you know and that you use that principle and I think in communication if you use that principle you’re gonna be fine are you still developing your skills you know what I mean I think today I’m just hitting the tip of the iceberg as far as potential I got a good framework you know I’ve been doing this for 30 years but I’m world-class in my little universe but I’m still only operating at 10% of my potential there’s so much farther I can go to have it down I do but I will tell you there’s two things that I’ve realized specifically in the last five years that make me happy one is growth if I’m growing I’m happy and 2 is contribution if I’m contributing to the lives of somebody else in a positive way I’m happy and I have to have both of those things in place and what growth and improvement of my skills creates for me beyond cash flow beyond growing a business is the ability to influence and contribute to somebody else’s life because I upped my game because I upped my abilities my ability to communicate you wrote this book GoPro seven steps to becoming a network marketing professional what do you mean by pro well most amateur yeah you know if we talk about posers we talk about amateurs and inside a network marking for decades it was filled with pros and amateurs people trying to get something for nothing people crossing their fingers and getting involved like a lottery what I tell them is you know look if you’re gonna do this just decide to be a professional learn some skills give it some time it’s worth it but it’s not going to be easy set proper expectations and go out there and show the world that network marketing isn’t perfect but if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body it’s better it beats any other entrepreneurial venture for the average person for most no question for most people is it a side job yeah I think yeah I mean that that’s one of its great benefits is people don’t have to walk away from their job in order to be able to start this like a traditional business they might have to walk away from their job because on Thursday night a lot of 5 10 15 hours a week do a lot of people start to make money right away some it depends on the person here’s one of the fallacies that that everybody’s gonna win inside of network marking everybody doesn’t win you know a good chunk of people get involved and don’t do anything and that’s true 90% of real estate agents never never sell a single home ok so most people who buy a book don’t read the book they have it it’s sitting there they haven’t read it they paid for it same things true people get involved in network marketing and they don’t take the next step because the price of entry is so low for like under $1,000 a person can start a business you know what it takes to start a real business yeah when you get when you get started I guess most people call their uncle yeah some mother in law’s lawyer you sell your family first sure sure isn’t that logical yeah some of them do you look here’s the thing that’s a starting point for everybody I deal with with professionals high-end professionals in network marketing I coach a lot of those people around the world hundreds and hundreds of people that are my friends that earn over a million dollars a year in network marketing commissions with zero employees zero office zero infrastructure imagine that kind of cash flow okay now it didn’t start there you know it started with a little bit here and a little bit there and they started to grow it they turned it into a profession than they went serious with it but the potential here is just enormous for a person who’s hungry I mean and if I had to define one characteristic of a successful person in this profession is hunger you got to really want where do you study how do you decide who to recruit all right well on the outside everybody can start with the family because there’s trust there and and I recommend a very specific approach which is very low-key to family and friends maybe ask him to support you try the product out see if they like it no long-term commitment take the pressure off take the business off help me yeah just you know support my business is like I was opening up a restaurant but I don’t need you most of the top earners that I that I know like 5% of the people that they recruited into their business they knew the day that they joined their network marketing business the rest they met later they met them on social media they met him living their life they met him at the restaurant they met him at a cocktail party so it’s a skill set to kind of attract the world educate everybody and see if there’s a fit you know if there’s this knock about network marketing is these people are so inappropriate they’re passing out business cards at funerals you know what I mean they’re they’re networking at the wedding and it’s just so annoying yeah and everybody’s just like come on I don’t want to be associated with that nonsense do you have to love you product I’ve seen people succeed without it but it’s such a disconnect because I don’t think you can fool people long term I mean if you don’t really have an emotional connection with your product eventually people are going to sense that and and I think just building it as the products an excuse to be able to make money is a problem Eugene Letterman wrote a book years ago called the sale begins when the customer says know exactly what do you do when someone says no one of my key mentors his name is Sam George’s he taught me that all of businesses conversation and if the conversation is happening your business is alive if the conversation stops happening your business is dead so what I teach and what I’ve done is just keep the conversation going they say no we keep the conversation going we just keep the conversation going my job is just keep it going until they become fully educated and their timing might not be right they might say no but their timing might not be right and six months from now if I stay in contact like our friend Harvey Mackay would say stay find a creative way to stay in touch if I stay in contact and their clock dial hits high noon and all the sudden they’re open I’ll be standing there ready oh he knows everybody’s birthday it’s unbelievable yeah I know what can people in network marketing help other people in different forms of sales here’s that here’s the basics the London salespeople in other industries learned from the marketer yeah in some what I would what we deal with is long-term relationship selling okay it’s not transactional like if somebody’s gonna sell somebody a used car they’re done with them in network marketing we involve somebody and we stay connected with them and we stay in contact with them the conversation keeps going and if more sales people did that they stay in communication with their customers or with their their their clients they’re gonna have better success versus having it feel super transactional you know they only call them when they need them long-term relationship building growing of a network is today it’s one of the most valuable things in the live notice great car dealers do yeah they Gavin touch yeah they just find a way they send an update they send a postcard they start going yeah how exactly that but but they’re rare right yeah one out of a thousand how has social media affected your industry it’s really I will tell you I was skeptical of it because for ten years I’ve been using social media to expand my reach for ten years a big online business yeah since 2009 and in the early days everybody who had a product or an opportunity they were spamming the world they were just posting obnoxious links and sending unrequested messages and friending people up and just being obnoxious but in recent years last three or four years people have really cracked the code they’ve learned how to be professional they’ve learned how to use the platforms and I will tell you it’s been a revolution because you can now reach your natural prospect audience at scale with a click of a button you can find them anywhere in the world you can whatever you if you’re interested in fitness you can go find every fitness group in the world and go have a conversation with those people and see if your product might have a need for them or might have a solution for them or skincare or essential oils or travel or you name it it doesn’t matter they can find their audience even if they’re living in a tiny little town they don’t know anybody and all their friends that family said get away from me I don’t I’m not interested do companies help their marketers yeah yeah big to show you how to product or sell shirts play it the biggest thing that they do the companies take care of all the products they take care of the compensation structure government expansion they they take it around the world they they deal with customer service they deal with compliance they deal with all different kinds of things that the entrepreneur normally would have to do legal everything else all the so all that supports there plus they do events and they provide tools and they provide training all different kinds of things the distributor all they’ve got to do is sell some product and build a team of other people who are selling some product and then improve the productivity of that team based upon their leadership if they’re a decent leader they can get their team to be more productive and the the leaders out there that are growing in network marketing business that can use that platform to create a productive team companies will pay him unlimited dollars what’s the first thing you sold first thing I sold water filters water filter in 1988 these little tiny water filters you put on your sink and you screw them in to have Wasat you pull a little plug in that wood it would come out clear water yeah now that company had to go through radical transformation today they’re a nutrition company but they’re huge company that and they’re expanding around the world that continue to go today you do a lot of public speaking I do I give advice on public speaking I’ll bet you do it’s the most common fear people have I no good to speak I know and to me just make it a happening in other words if you’re nervous tell them you’re nervous yeah they know you know the authentic yeah be authentic why is hard to be assistant yeah I don’t know I found a way early on in my career is very nervous about speaking I was very nervous about getting up in front of people somebody told me the person with the marker makes the money person up on stage they make all the money in network marketing so I’m like okay if that’s the case I got to get up there I got to face my fear got to figure it out and what I learned is that preparation takes care of everything if I’m prepared I’m an introverted person by nature okay so if I’m prepared I’m calm you don’t seem intuitive I know I did but I’m the situational extrovert I was introverted all morning until we got in then until I sat in this chair and then I decided to be an extrovert so a shy person can be a good networker oh there’s a lot of introverted people how many introverted people do you think do you know that are successful oh I know quite a few ton right they’re not some of these natural extroverts I mean you think they’re natural with it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what do most newbies get wrong when they’re trying to build a business what’s the biggest mistake people make they set unrealistic expectations they want they’ll give it three years in a traditional business I don’t have a boss in that well I understand but though they’ll invest 65 grand on average in the United States to start a traditional business they’ll expect it’s gonna take three years to get payback in that traditional business and in network marketing if they’re not getting results in 30 days they’re like suicidal you got to give it some time you got to develop some skills you’ve got to learn some stuff here and and not expect this to be magic beans you drop into the ground and it’s gonna grow up into heaven it’s gonna take some work most people get involved they expect something for nothing or at least expect to do less work and get more results here’s what its gonna give you this professions gonna pay you fairly for what you put into it but it won’t limit how much you can put into it and how much you can get out of it that’s the best-case scenario for an entrepreneur yeah you it’s limitless it is it’s as much as your imagination and I will tell everybody all the time I I’ve been thinking small for 30 years I get around these you know people like yourself people like harvey mackay people like lou holtz and richard branson and tony robbins and all these different people my friends I realize how small I’m thinking I’m thinking really really small if I thought bigger man we could go bigger and and that’s what most entrepreneurs inside of this profession need to realize if they think bigger that the sky’s the limit how do you find a company that’s best for you to represent combination things number one find a product and or a line of products that you can believe in you get emotionally attached to that you can can promote with integrity where do I search this you can find those online you can search the top hundred companies you can do that number two find a company that’s in integrity with you and you feel can stand the test of time because there’s a lot of good products out there and companies screw it up because the company’s not strong enough the company’s strong enough they’ll solve the problems find a compensation structure that’s fair find a support system inside of that organization that will help you leverage your efforts and maybe find a timing situation where you’re your you’ve got a pretty decent timing situation a balance of risk and reward they’ve been around long enough but not you know they’re not the house that’s been for sale for 30 years on the on the you know the corner of the block that makes you nervous to even look at them find a timing situation where you can tell a good story all right you’re gonna be a network marketer yeah first thing you do first thing you do in my opinion is you’ve got to realize what you got involved with that’s what GoPro did is it helped people understand that network marketing isn’t perfect it has its challenges but it’s better than any form of entrepreneurship on earth there is no other form of entrepreneurship for the average person that can beat this no one can debate me on the subject no one can beat me on this subject it is indisputable it’s better so people need to realize what they’re involved in how powerful it is how timely it is it is today to be an entrepreneur then they need to develop some skills they can’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best you got to develop some new skills inside of network marketing because skills build confidence confidence will create have you take some more action more actually to give you some more results and you can start moving there those would be the basic things I would say to an average person to give them the best possible chance to move forward just don’t be one of these boorish amateurs that crosses their fingers buys a network marketing you glorified lottery ticket goes and talks to three or four people hoping that those people will sign up and do something they don’t have to do anything if you are starting all over when you do it the same way yeah I mean if I was starting over I here’s what I used trying to tell you one is I would get my belief stronger faster I would I would believe stronger faster number one number two I would think bigger I would not have these small limiting beliefs at the beginning if I can go back in time and give me give myself some advice is to think bigger kid you’re playing too small I would move faster and I would be stronger I’d put my shoulders back I’d put my chest out I put my chin up and I would just say come on world let’s go I did a piece of that but not to the level you know I had success but not to the level that I think I could I did it again great guest thanks man book is GoPro seven steps to becoming a network marketing professional Thank You mr. King Eric soiree that’s it for this edition of communication you I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together and I hope you learned something that you’ll apply to your life today you’ll never know when you’ll find that single spark of insight that makes the difference for you see you next time pal hey network marketing pro community I just finished a fantastic interview with the one and only legendary mr. Larry King Larry thank you again for the interview my pleasure you were great I I appreciate it so much and we were talking about GoPro and we’re talking about network marketing in general but communication is such an important aspect to building a successful career as an entrepreneur build a successful career as a network marketing entrepreneur and Larry has come out with a program called secrets to great communication he sells it for a lot of money around the world I asked him as a favor to the network marketing pro community would he please make this available to you for a limited time and if possible could he discount this product learning what he’s learned over the course of 60 years in communicating and connecting with other human beings in finding out about other people and building rapport instantly this guy is an absolute pro and why not take 60 years of wisdom and put it into your business it just doesn’t make sense not to take advantage of that now this course which is actually two courses normally sells for six hundred and sixty dollars worth every penny worth a lot more than that actually I asked Larry specifically if he would provide that at a discount he agreed to do that for the network marketing pro community for a limited time for just a hundred and ninety seven dollars and he agreed to do that for a very limited time I don’t know how long that’s gonna last I don’t know how long he’s gonna make it available but as long as he does I hope you and your teams take advantage of it and click on the link connected to this video get your hands on that course I’ve gone through the course I’ve used his principles for the last twenty plus years as far as how to build rapport with people quickly it’s an amazing tool so take advantage of it click on the link and I cannot wait to hear the results as you move forward as a better communicator in network marketing

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  31. Our team is [seeking|looking for} highly motivated [individuals|entrepreneurs] to help us kick off the launch of our new DNA Nutrition company. When you join our team, you will receive $8,000 worth of Eric Worre training included at no cost. If you are interested in learning more, please check out the link or text EZDNA to 313131.

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