Lead Forensics Focus – Become a data master to optimize B2B marketing

Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics educational
video. Elevating your marketing and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing
and sales leaders. In this video, I’ll be teaching you how to become a data master to optimize your B2B marketing. Data is a hot topic right now. After last year’s GDPR changes, it is no
surprise we’ve taken such an interest in how best to use it in business. Used properly, data can unlock incredible
secrets to exceptional B2B marketing. Data-driven marketing is crucial right now. 78% of buyers won’t respond to a marketing
communication unless it uses their name. And, nearly 80% of marketers say they’re
driven by data. But 71% of them are missing data they need
to run effective marketing campaigns. Let’s start by looking at the difficulties
currently data presents. Data changes fast. On average, every 30 minutes… 75 businesses change their phone numbers
120 businesses change their addresses and 30 new businesses are formed. Therefore, regular verification or a data cleansing
cycle is essential to accomplish data mastery. Inaccuracy can cause problems. On average, marketing and sales data has a
very low accuracy level of 10-20%. Care and attention needs to be a priority
for anyone entering data. Compliance is vital. Data regulations don’t want to stop marketers
dead in their path! But, they are there for everyone’s safety. All systems surrounding data need to be compliant
to necessary regulations. If you market to other countries, remember to bear in mind their data regulations, too. Data storage can be a struggle. Finding the perfect storage solution is no
simple feat. It needs to be able to deal with large data
lists. And, allow easy, compliant data sharing between
departments. Now we know the problems faced by those embarking
on their mission to master data. Here’s what to do next. First, you need to give it time. Becoming a data master won’t happen overnight! Make sure you give care and attention to each of the issues at hand. Put time into planning how you will manage
data processes. And, think carefully about who will be doing
it. Then, you should categorize your data. If you’re starting completely fresh with
your data, we would recommend sorting it into categories. This could be by industry, seniority, or position
in your marketing funnel. The more organized you are from the start,
the easier it will be moving forward! Next, know what you need and how to get it! What data do you need? How will you acquire it properly and legally? Once your data is categorized, you’ll be
able to see what you need, and what you don’t. Team up with sales and find out what information
is essential to the qualifying process. Lead Forensics can tell you the name, address
and phone number for the anonymous businesses visiting your website. Now, it’s time to assess your data gathering
processes. Whether it’s third parties, contact forms
or channels like social media, do what you can to ensure accuracy! It can be easy for prospects to accidentally
provide incorrect data. Combat this by making forms as short as possible
to avoid customers rushing. Think about using additional pop-ups to gain
extra information. Once you know their name and email, ask further
questions to tailor content to their business needs. This takes time, but for softer approaches
or warm leads, it’s a great way to get the data you need while keeping audiences engaged. Discover what’s possible The world of tech is moving fast. To make the most of new systems, we need high-quality,
detailed and accurate data. It’s predicted by 2020, most buyers will
expect online experiences fully tailored to them. And that doesn’t just mean knowing their
name. Personalization will step up a notch Utilizing data to create personalized experiences
will become the norm. Personalization is already very effective,
but it will soon offer us even more! The more commonplace it becomes, the better
our data needs to be. Artificial intelligence will continue to develop The ability to automate time-consuming tasks
is already changing marketers’ lives for the better. But, as you might expect, this is just the
beginning. Creating workflows, automating communications
and sharing content based on behavior without any human intervention is an exciting prospect. And that’s already happening. Just think of what will be next! Becoming a data master doesn’t just improve
marketing campaigns and organization. It sets you up for the future. Why not get started today? Lead Forensics can help get you on the road
to mastering data. And generate some hot, sales-ready leads while
you’re at it. All our product data goes through 3 rounds
of verification, and is cleansed annually, so you can be sure it’s top quality! I hope you found this video helpful. Please give this video a like, share and comment
on any future topics you want us to cover. Make sure you follow us on all of our social
media platforms @LeadForensics on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See you next time!

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