Legacies 2×06 “That’s Nothing I Had to Remember” Trailer & Promotional Photos Breakdown

In this video, I’ll read the 6th episode’s
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if you wanna make sure you never miss a video, click the bell icon to turn on notifications. Before we get to the synopsis of episode 6
“That’s nothing I had to remember”, which I think might be spoken by Freya, let’s
take a quick look at what happened in the last episode of Legacies. There were many shocking reveals in this episode. If you haven’t watched it yet, be warned,
there will be spoilers for you. So Ryan is disguised as Professor Vardemus. He showed up right after Ryan got out of Malivore
but no one connected Ryan to Vardemus. Vardemus didn’t just eat the Shunka. It seems like Ryan is consuming the Malivore
Monsters, just like his father used to consume supernatural creatures. Where do you think the monsters go when Ryan
consumes them? To Malivore or to some other place? Because frankly? I don’t think Ryan is working for Malivore. He only eats the Malivore Monsters. Sebastian’s body was desiccated beneath
the Salvatore school. He got a little blood from the Blood Fountain
in season 1’s finale, making him able to reach out to weaker minds. He first reached out to Lizzie but when Lizzie
blocked him, he started reaching out to MG and wanted MG to find his body and give him
fresh blood. That’s why he was asking Lizzie for a large
supply of Blood. When MG and Kaleb refused to help him, he
reached out to Wade, killed him, and got out. And that’s why he’ll do what he did in
the Salvatore Kitchen scene, which I read from the leaked script in my “Who is Sebastian”
video. My guess is that scene will take place in
episode 6. Hope and Lizzie are stuck in another Malivore
monster’s video game like labyrinth, and the only option to get out is if one of them
takes the Keeper’s place or both of them will die. At first Lizzie hits Hope on the head, hides
her and goes to take the keeper’s place so Hope could get out, but when she finds
out that Hope would die either way, she outsmarts the Keeper, just like she outsmarted the Gennie(Djinn)
back in season 1. They kill the Minotaur and get out. The more I watch Legacies, the more I Love
Lizzie. She is my favourite character in the show. Lizzie remembers Hope now and she wants her
to get Landon back saying they are made for each other. Lizzie wants Hope to stop Jandon from
taking the next step in their relationship, but Hope decides to let them go. When Lizzie hugs Hope, that was my favourite
moment of this season. Even if Lizzie says she’ll deny it, she
said she was glad to get Hope back. When Josie was waiting for Landon, she finds the spelled book Penelope gave her, which
records everything that’s written in the school by her spy pens. You can see Penelope Park written above
Incendia followed by Not You. Joise sees a song Landon had written about
Hope, and decides not to sleep with Landon. I’ll read the Song “About Those Eyes – The
way they speak when she is about to pick a fight? When we disagree and she knows that she is
right.” “About that Smile she tries to hide cause
that’s what they expect her to. _ when no one is watching it light sup the
room. Something – the Time? You’ve locked your heart up safely. And then something below with right through.” The point is, judging from the song, it feels
like Landon wrote it before he forgot Hope. My guess is, this, combined with Lizzie knowing
the truth might lead Josie to the truth. So that’s what had happened in the last
episode. Let’s take a look at the next episode’s
synopsis now. “That’s Nothing I Had to Remember” – (9:00-10:00
VOELKEL STARS AS FREYA — When a truth-seeking monster arrives in Mystic Falls during Commonwealth
Day, Hope and Lizzie fear that the secrets they’ve each been keeping have made them
targets. Meanwhile, MG , Kaleb and Kym seek out an
unlikely ally, who may have knowledge on how to take down the latest monster. Finally, Freya receives an unexpected visit
from one of the Salvatore Students. Matthew Davis and Kaylee Bryant aka Alaric
and Josie also star. Judging from the trailer and from this synopsis,
the truth seeking monster might bring the truth about Hope in front of everyone, or
at least in front of Josie, who has already found out Landon’s song about Hope. At first we thought Hope might go to Freya,
but now we know it will be Josie. She will go to Rousseau’s and will tell
Freya that they have forgotten about Hope. In the trailer, we can see Josie attacking
Freya. You know Lizzie’s theory about how blasting
everyone with that magic would bring their memories back. If Josie had found out the truth from
Lizzie, then she’d know about this theory too. So she could be trying bring back Freya’s
memory about Hope or maybe she’s trying to bring her back to the Salvatore school. What really worries me is awful voice/scream
that Josie emits when she attacks Freya, like its altering her or something. Do you think using dark magic would change
Josie? Lemme know your thoughts in the comments. MG, Kaleb and Kym would seek out an unlikely
ally. Who do you think this unlikely ally could
be? Sebastian or Vardemus aka Ryan or someone
else? In the promo pictures, we can see them gather
around along with Landon, Raf, Lizzy and Hope. It seems like more than one monster has been
released this time. Or maybe they will think what had happened
with the Keeper was done by another monster when it was done by Ryan. The other monster would be the one in the
black hat, the truth seeking monster. Maybe the truth seeking monster can cast a
spell that would make people say the truth? Maybe that’s hoe Lizzie would tell the truth
to Josie? What do you think? In one of the previous episodes, we saw one
of the red cloaks attack someone. That person will show up in Salvatore school,
with a Malivore sign on his forehead. Do you think he is the other monster? Lemme know your thoughts in the comments. Judging by the promo pictures, it seems like
Sheriff Mac will be investigating the murder of the Keeper, and Alaric would show up to
investigate too. What do you think will happen in the next
episode? The Title for episode 8 is “This Christmas
was Surprisingly Violent.” Episode 6 of Legacies would air on 24th November
2019. So, what do you think of this video, don’t
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8 thoughts on “Legacies 2×06 “That’s Nothing I Had to Remember” Trailer & Promotional Photos Breakdown

  1. Hey guys, where do you think the monsters consumed by Ryan go? Do you think using dark magic would change Josie?

    I'll post Legacies S02E07 Trailer & Promotional Photos Breakdown video soon. So make sure to subscribe to this channel and also click on the bell icon to get notifications for my next videos.

  2. If "Sebastian" is a vampire who's desecrating in the basement nd "Alaric" didn't knew about him from b4 till he was told about him on the previous episode by "Kaleb" nd "Milton", then either of following should've happened:

    1. Y they didn't tell "Alaric" to contact "Damon" to ask him about the latter?
    2. Y "Alaric" didn't told them that he was gonna contact "Damon" to ask him about the latter?

  3. The new head master is different. He is some kinda creature. It look like he is a witch and a vampire in a way. I think he has some kind a relation with malivore. I think he is a monster.

  4. Something just hit me. They say only a powerful witch could summon the monster. And it was immune to the candle cause…like lizzie said only the witch that made him can destroy him. That doesn't ad up. What destroyed it was cassandra 's necklace…so did she summon it? In that case she is alive and in this time. That would blow my lizzie=cassandra theory out of the water. Or they have some plotholes. Who summoned that monster and why was it targetting lizzie?

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