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This place is beautiful. It’s like the perfect
holiday card. Snow hides a lot. It’s like the space of weather. You can do a lot worse
than this place, trust me. Tell her that you like her. I’ve known her since I was five.
It’s not that easy. You have to tell her you
want the same relationship, plus boning. -Tobin.
-Yeah? Hey, what’s up? I’m good. See you downstairs
when you find a bra. Christmas Eve bash.
Come one, come all. Boom! He’s gonna break up with me. He’d have to be the dumbest
human being on Earth to do that. Dumber than the people
who blow on ice cream before they eat it. That girl and I have a thing. Have you been with someone and you stay up until 4:00 a.m.
just talking about everything? And you’re like,
“I can’t believe I get to exist
at the same time as you.” No. But, like, I’m really happy for you. I realized life is just a bunch
of stuff you can’t control. But is that a bad thing? Anything can happen. Good, bad, anything. -She’s hooking up with him.
-No, they’re not hooking up. Yet. -Brake.
-Press the brake. -I am pressing–
-Watch the side line. -No!
-No! Dude, I think your nipple’s bleeding.

100 thoughts on “Let It Snow | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. This movie was a letdown, no plot no story, NETFLIX MAN UP!

  2. We get it. Another Hollywood straight to online film of some black dude living in the boondocks with a bunch of whites, and not on black person in sight.

  3. I thought this movie was trash I didn't care about any of the characters, the writing was so bland! There was some good cinematography at parts but that's about it

  4. JP (Matthew Noszka) is hot! And I like the fact that they used the song "The Whole of the Moon" by the Waterboys in the film. Reminds me of the series finale of The Affair.

  5. Started watching this with my daughter, thought we were watching a Christmas movie.
    Didn't take long to realise this was just more Diversity pushing LGBLT propaganda.
    Two girls kissing in the toilets, nobody date the same race…. so Christmassy, so woke.

  6. I actually read the Nobel first and watched the movie. And I don't like it that much. I liked the Nobel a lot than the movie. 🙄🙄

  7. how they have the guy who played ned and then the voice of miles in the same movie lmao there better be some sort of spiderman reference in this movie

  8. i have been so down in the dumps lately and have been super stressed about school but this movie really cheered me up. i'm not really a fan of cheesy rom-coms like these (i've long given them up in my childhood bc now i just find them to be eyeroll-inducing) but this really tugged my heart. i think it mainly has to do with the fact that it's a movie about teenagers of my generation. this is the same way i felt with love, simon and to all the boys i've loved before. i'm really happy about gen z rom-coms coming out!! we need these.

  9. 0:44 – 0:57 is ACTUALLY the story of my life and I've never been so happy?? glad?? that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I love this movie already.

  10. The movie blows. Abomination in the church, a lesbian couple that wasn't even originally in the book, and this devil-worshipping bitch. 2 out of 5 stars. Trash

  11. i've just finished reading the book and now that i'm investigating i find this joy. I LOVE AAAH.

    hope they didn't change much from the book to the film >>

  12. This movie is awful! They literally were so focused on his bloody nipple without any reason! It wasn't even funny. Awful acting and plot. Jesus it is so bad!

  13. So nobody is gonna mention the fact that they portrayed a lesbian relationship in a beautiful and realistic way unlike most movies

  14. This movie has the vibe from New Year’s Eve. How everyone kind of knows each other but have their own story in the move.

  15. This was straight up bad…I mean it doesn't resemble the book at all…jubilee who? And how is stuart a celebrity? I want Stuart's mom and his sister in the movie…and Duke was the one who confessed and her baby talk with carla! And wheres JP's onesie? Tbh I didnt like the 3rd part of the book so idk what to say…but yeah they ruined the book like they always do (fault in our stars is the only exception)

  16. Who read the book?! I read it twice; couldn't remember much because yeah it was good but I've read better books from John Green. It was still a nice movie. I just personally think that the characters don't have chemistry with each other but they were all good in each individual role 🙂

    Edit: they have a good st I must say 🎶

  17. Wasted an hour of data for this crappy movie. Plain and boring. And awkward. Everything is so predictable. Only watched coz of Keirnan lol.

  18. so i want to watch this but i'm not sure because it looks like it didn't stick to the book much and i'm scared its gonna ruin it for me because i remember loving the book and it being wholesome. also YA adaptations are known to be just bad so i don't know i might sit this one out.

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