Life is Strange: Before the Storm Announce Trailer [E3 2017]

Not actual gameplay footage.

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  1. Почему и 1-я часть игры и приквел к ней не поддерживают русский язык? 🙁

  2. Por lo que he podido ver es bastante flojo a nivel de historia con respecto a la primera parte, si a esto le añadimos que el viaje en el tiempo ya no está (lógico por otra parte) es un título que no va ha funcionar igual de bien que el primero.

    Personalmente la primera parte me gustó bastante y a día de hoy este título no me llama la atención ni lo más mínimo si tenemos en cuenta que te lo puedes pasas en 3-4 horas y que como ya es habitual esta completamente en inglés, yo paso. Cuando lo vendan completo y traducido ya veremos.-

  3. daaaamn they replaced the whole cast with new ones. Even her mom joyce, Nathan, stepdad david, every single one.. because of actors strike I believe, insane..

  4. Hey the games crashes on scene teathre before rachel spoke about her mom works on the dress and I can't play from there! Help

  5. My heart and soul are permanently and mortally wounded forever over Rachel Amber.
    I've literally played Episode 1 FOUR times. Each with a different person so I can see their reaction.

  6. please anyone tell me how can I change language in this game ? my game is already installed in Russian language but i want English language setup !!! please help me

  7. I just got episode two and it said update 1. Something update is installed and I went to play and it said purchase / install it's a glitch or something please fix it

  8. The Game Life is Strange is the best Game i ever saw/played/watched, the full game is created so good and everytime when i saw sad moments like the end or when max or cloe cried i feeled with them.
    This game was/is amazing and will be the best game forever

  9. I can't wait, I hope there's a sequel as well or just something else with this franchise because if this is the end I'm gonna miss it allot. <3

  10. Wanna know something?
    Time is odd
    Wanna know the future? life just became meaningless.
    Wanna change the past
    Ha! that's a good one
    Why? Well there's no such thing.

  11. So I have played through the whole game now and I gotta say it's amazing and the graphics are stunning. I doubt you guys will read this or even take it in to consideration, but if you make another Life Is Strange game can it be with Chloe and Rachel? No matter how you do it e.g. maybe it's in another dimension that Max created when she time travelled that even if you saved Arcadia Bay the dimension will still be there, maybe Max decides to use her power to help Chloe and goes to when Rachel dies and stops Nathan, maayyyybbbeee…. No matter what even if you chose to save Chloe she dies maybe in a car crash or something which then she meets Rachel in heaven but not like a heaven of clouds but one quite like earth in which still has it's impurities. No matter what happens I will wait months, years just to play as Chloe again with Rachel. So please even of you don't use these ideas, just think about it. Thank you

  12. Au fait merci pour ton commentaire très mature et bon tu dit que ma chaine devrait être supprimés mais bon tu n a sut que supprimer ton commentaire et je quis venue sur ta chaine pour te le dire et puis merci car tu ma donner un com en plus. Et puis je fait se que je veux non . S est juste un petit conseille comme tu le dirait 😊

  13. Oh god this is so bad for chloe and rachel. Can't you do a ending what lets rachel and Chloe stay together without this shit what will happens to rachel in LiS?

  14. Fuck im so lost in this game, in this world.its a wierd feeling, i finished episode 3 today and I kinda starting to get depressed about not to get more of this world and not beeing a part anymore.

  15. I enjoyed the first life us strange game and loved it.that being said can the creators and square enix make a sequel to life is strange following the events of arcadia bay.the things I would love to see and play are the following:1)a richer deeper and more romantic love interests between cloe and max including flirting options and love kissing freedom options,2)more intense yet rewarding choices and outcomes,3)more episodes a least 6 total that take a good overall time and effort to pass,4)even more amazing music,5)great character development with great story plots and backgrounds,greater overAll visuals,6)more freedom to explore and finally flashbacks and etc from the first life us strange and life is strange before the storm

  16. IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME Chloe is my favorite character in this game y’all should make more games like this with Chloe in it it would be hella awesome

  17. Am I the only one who likes before the storm more than the original? I like it more because each episode are more impeccable although there’s should be more episodes and I like Rachel Amber’s characteristic more than max somehow, and I think Chloe has a better personality when she’s 16..

  18. This is the best game I've ever played! It causes a huge storm of emotions. During the passage sympathize with and understand all the characters. Waiting for the continuation!

  19. I bought this for PS4 and downloading stucks at 99%. ?????? This is the second CD and it does the same. Before the Storm does not start, what is this crap? how should I fix this?? Trying since two hours, It is loading since yesterday. Shitty product, 40 euros thrown away.

  20. This game could’ve been as good as the first if it wasn’t for the change of Chloe’s voice actor. Ashly Birch was so much better

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