Light the World Each Day, One by One | #LightTheWorld

[MUSIC PLAYING] What if the glow of our screens
lit the hearts of the world? What if the hum
of a notification was music to your
neighbors’ ears? [CAROLERS SINGING] What if a few emojis
triggered a few emotions? What if the devices
we use in isolation helped us connect
with each other? This December, sign
up for daily prompts sent straight to your device. Each day, you’ll
receive a suggestion for one person you can
serve in a unique way. Together, we can each
light the world one by one like Jesus did.

11 thoughts on “Light the World Each Day, One by One | #LightTheWorld

  1. I love the way this initiative helps me be less selfish and point my thoughts more towards others. This is a great way for me to try to follow my Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. What joy to everyday do something to touch a life and do some good in the world. Imagine if everyone did this starting in December to the Light the World with his love. "As I have loved you love one another".

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