Logging on Banner Web

One of your most important web tools at NCCC
is Banner Web. You can access Banner Web by going to the college homepage and clicking
on the tab at the top center of the page labeled Quick Links. This will drop down a menu of
frequently used links. Banner Web is located in the Popular Links column. From here, you
will select Enter Secure Area. The log in page is where you will enter your student
ID number beginning with the @ symbol and your Banner Web password. Initially, it will
be a randomly generated six character PIN. Be careful because your Banner Web PIN is
case-sensitive. Once you log in with your randomly generated PIN, you will be told that
your PIN has expired and you will need to create a new one. It has to be exactly six
characters in length. It can be letters or numbers or a combination of both. Again, just
be careful because it is case-sensitive. You will also be asked to set up a security question.
This is because if you try to log on to Banner Web five times unsuccessfully, you will be
locked out as a safety precaution and asked to answer your security question to reset
your PIN.

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