Madeline is creating change by promoting global gender equality

Gender equality isn’t just about feminism,
it isn’t just about women’s rights, it isn’t just about women’s issues, it’s
about how these gender roles and these gender structures impact upon the
everyday life of men and women all across Australia, all across the world. My name is Madeline Price and I’m
currently in my sixth year of a Bachelor of Arts and Laws at The University of Queensland.
The One Woman Project is a youth-led non-for-profit organisation dedicated to education
about and advocacy promoting global gender equality. So I’d been seeing issues of
global gender inequality in my daily life and it sort of just pushed me to start
asking that question of why does this exist and how can we do something to
stop it. And I found that if my peers, if students that I went to university with,
were educated in issues of global gender equality we can actually create the
social, political and cultural change to do something about it. Professor Heather Douglas has just been an
inspiration to me. When I came to her with the idea of One Woman Project she was on board.
She’s been a guest speaker for our events and she just fully supports the idea behind
it and the message that we’re sending out to young people I chose to study UQ because of our world-class lecturers, the fact that my degree will be recognised across a number of
different global environments and work places, and the practical learning
experiences that I’ve had the opportunity to take part in. My time at
UQ has basically pushed me in a direction that I never had imagined
before. It’s made me want see the world differently and it’s taught me how to
see the world differently. I feel inspired that a student in my sixth year
of university can actually do something to create change in the world and to
make the world a better place.

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