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Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update Some of you know that I have a Digital Marketing company So many people come to me who don’t have marketing strategy clear who don’t know like what to do They are basically stuck in decision making process like what should we do whether I should go into this path or not? Whether its my target audience? How should I do packaging of product? What should be the colour? How should I test it? So there are 36crore problems like this All these can be solved through marketing research So keep watching this video,we will talk about this today So we will divide this research process into 6 steps First is Identifying the problem..what do we have to do? Lets say we are confused with our product How should we make the taste of the product : sweet,salty,puply or anything? So what we do is clear our idea This was first step Now you have made an how to di it? how to make the research plan? With this comes second thing : research will think from where to gather data You wont talk in the air like acc to me it should be chocolaty..I am anjoying it Till the time you dont ask your audience or research on a sample set,how can you say that your product is good? Or my chocolaty flavour is best? I should not work on orangy at all… So this is research you can do surveys here You make sample questions,make your audience taste and ask them which one you like.. You take a sample set..lets say you have asked 500 people so these 500 people is known as sample set So you have taken your sample set as 500 So you will get a basic idea like out of 500,400 are saying chocolate is better So i should go for there must be some idea on research Its not that we take sample set of 6,out of which 2 say this, 3 this..3 is better so we take that.. So take a large sample some people are lazy who search old researches on internet Like any document research done on this before? So they see all that hapened and work acc to that I will advice them..guys your product is different…if you are doing it same.then why will someone take your product? So if your product is different then you cannot take an old set So work hard and do some research then only your product will be well developed Now comes 3rd step where you are collecting data..ther foms that you are getting it filled is the third step Now 4th step is the form that has been filled,the data being collected..take that into excel sheet You can take it in a paper but if you take it in excel sheet then you can execute it propely by applying formula So you took that data and you check how many percent of audience liked which flavour? So you make a small get a basic idea like majority people are saying my flavour should be this With this comes the 5th point : you made this thing final Like I have to work on chocolate or XYZ flavour Now comes the final point i.e executing your plan You have done the research but until you work on it..there is no benefit Some people are there who researchbut do not execute They know that they should make chocolate but orangy is cheap so they make orange flavour They know that market need is chocolate but orange is cheap so they will make orange So I will advice you to do proper research and work on your findings and take propeer decision Its not that done with research and do it later..let it happen as it is going If you want to grow then you have to continuously do research Your product is developed today..again do research and do improvisations You will see that big brands improve their product in a regular interval So they do many places feedback forms are get filled..if you are liking it..there are some deficiency or no? So that thing goes to RnD team,they research and then they work on it So this can be done by your company too..its very easy acc to me And some arketing students must be watching that we have to write this in paper You can score more if you give this example may be So this video ends here,hope you understood If you have any problem then ask me in comments If you have some product and you are thinking how should you go for research…then direct message in facebook..maybe I can be of some help So bye good night shabba khair khuda hafiz..bye

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  1. 6 steps..1) objective specification 2) problem identification 3) prepration of research design 4) collection of data 5) analysis of data 6) interpretation..

  2. hello brother..!! i want to start business but i dont know what business i do..? only one thing which is on my back of mind is i do import from China. but i dont know what product i choose to import. i visited whole sale market but confused what to choose. please help me that how to survey the market to choose the product. thanks.

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  4. I have an innovation plan … want to discuss with u … pls tell me ur mail so that I can msg u

    That plan is first time going to be implemented but if done … all students accross the country shall be benifited

  5. Sir, I want to do research on notebook / copy manufacturing business for Bihar region. What step should I follow to get across the result.

  6. Hey I want to start my wholesale bangles business for that i am confused from where I can buy goods at low prices so can you please guide what to do?

  7. How to do marketing research business and how to get client's for the business please explain in detail

  8. Sir mera business hai home aplynce repair at ur door step toh plz meri help kijiye k mai isko kaise improve kar sakta ho

  9. sir it is very useful video. i need to know about which kind of survey is better for production panels? .. i am having my business just i want to expand it. so please help me in this matter and i am really thankful to you.

  10. Sir mujhe aap se bat Karna Hai.. Main aapke lapaas me kafi call Kiya but koi mere call ka proper reply nhi mil pa raha Hai… So 🙏🙏🙏plz give me ur no or send me Ur contact on my contact no 8709394413

  11. Sir , i want to do research on students part time job … means how can I provide them a part time job …( Jo unhe sach me pese de varna market me sub jan bus students se pese nikal ke chhod dete he …) I want to do something for students… please sir help me in it..

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  13. Hi sahib, first of all let me wish you a Happy appy New year.
    Please accept my thanks for such a nice vedio.
    Dear I am interested in under talking manufacturing of hydraulic jack. Please guide me how should I proceed to conduct a market research for the hydraulic jack. As I am having manufacturing and sales. Please advice and guide to conduct market research for hydraulic jack. I shall be highly grateful
    Bir Raj Bans Singh

  14. Hello sir, kya aap marketing research pe ek series nikal sakte hai kya? It will be beneficial for everyone. Thank you

  15. hello sir i have question i am a trainer of internet network and i have scientifically proven 3 layer methodology to give training to my affiliates but the problem is i can't under how to explain to new student that this is life changing training and increase the number of students our training company conducts the workshops and free demo sessions and all too..pls help me throughout this pls….

  16. Brother how to enter in the market if other players are there and customers are also satisfied with the existing products?

  17. hello sir ,
    please make a video that how big companies like EY , PWC, deloitte these companies do research. what are their strategies , and decision

  18. Mara ko ak issue ata ha study ma converting ka iska solution batain mujhay samjh ma to ate ha bat per converting nh ate

  19. I want to start a Fire extinguisher company how should I do market survey as most of the people are neither using it nor have any idea about fire extinguisher

  20. Sir my name sha, from kerala. Sir mujhe pre cut vegitableka buissnes karna mujhe kis cheeske ooper zyada dhyaan dhena rate or quality

  21. Incomplete n doubtful information. You shared only info not practical methods links website n forms or excel sheet. Don't fool public they r innocent. You r selling your YouTube channel n nothing. Your info is like if any newspaper sales only heading on front page and sale 1 single page not whole 15 page news or link reference then no body will purchase newspaper. Same way your info is not useful for any business. You are talking average Indian discuss n give idea. Don't fool Mr.

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