MARKETING: Hoka Hoka Bento Vs Yoshinoya

Today we are going to review 2 Japanese food restaurant in Indonesia Curious how the strategy marketing in Yoshinoya restaurant So are you ready guys Let’s come in Let’s go Who doesn’t know this Japanese Restaurant? The first restaurant is a Japanese-style restaurant That is familiar with Indonesian people. famous for its domination of the orange which is very eccentric in the eyes of its
customers this Japanese restaurant was originally founded by Japanese people. Yoshinoya’s first restaurant was founded by Eikichi Matsuda in 1899 at the Nihonbashi fish market, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Yoshinoya is a modern take on traditional Japanese
rice bowls in Indonesia mission area once opened a restaurant in Jakarta in
1994 but closed in 1998 to to the financial crisis Yoshino that was back
in Jakarta in July 2010 there are five strategy marketing used by Yoshinoya the first one is Price. The price set by Yoshinoya for it’s product is affordable among the middle until high class Original Beef Bowl and Yakiniku Beef Bowl range from IDR 50,000 And the second one, it’s Product. Some food ingredients use imported products from America, Japan & Singapore. For example beef is from America. The third one is Promotion Promotion is conducted in two directions, internal & external. For internal marketing activities are held such as monthly promos, birthdays, etc. Whereas for external use digital & print media for seasonal campaigns. Ok , and the fourth is Yoshinoya has 3 types of outlets, Stand Alone, Dine-In, & Food Court. For now the location is on the islands of Java & Bali, , in the second quarter of 2019 it will expand on the island of Sumatra. And the last The Service Yoshinoya has a full service concept and has Dine-In, Take Away, & Delivery facilities That’s all from our section Let’s Go to the next restaurant Hello everyone My name is Ara and with my friends here Zulfikar And Rizka After we were done, reviewing Yoshinoya Now we are going to talk about The marketing of Hoka Hoka Bento Or known for its Iconic “Hokben” So.. without further ado Let’s get into this the second Japanese restaurant is Hoka
Hoka bento yes this restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that is very close
to the people of Indonesia 18 April 1985 Hokben was first established
under the auspices of PT. Eka Bogainti Hokben serves Japanese style food
that is diverse hygienic, fast food with affordable prices and convenient comfort
this makes Hokben the largest Japanese fast food restaurant in Indonesia but
strangely many people didn’t know Hoka Hoka Bento is an authentic Indonesian
restaurant When we hear the name Hoka Hoka Bento We might be remainded oh ‘is it a Japanese Restaurant?’ no
it is original from Indonesia and founded in 1985 yeah it was originally
using a Japanese custom to take away a the real inform of Bento box since Indoneisa Custom or use eating while sitting They finally, Hoka Hoka Bento finally adapting.. usual dine in system that is very much custom in Indonesia at this point Succed maintaining its signature dish. the famous menu Salad or Japanese Coleslaw
which is almost always on every menu in a companion to the main dish
them sound if you advance the base of Even though Hokben sells Japanese food it still adjusts the taste that is familiar on Indonesians’ tongue so it is a not exaggerated to say if Hokben is known as “Indonesian-ized Japanese food” Hokben always presents new menu variations for 2-3 times every year. This strategy is used by hokben to remind the existence of Hokben and to attract customers to come and try because in this strategy the new menu may not be continued and being replaced by other new menus. Not many menu choices but it has done many innovations in package menus while also managed to maintain the familiarity customers perceived about Hokben For example, the Omiyagi package is one of Hokben’s innovations that offers a large package so it is more pratical for customers who are confused about what menu to choose. A few moments later

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